The terminal 2004 ending relationship

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the terminal 2004 ending relationship

“The Terminal” is primarily a character study with a number of interesting people. .. However, the relationship between Victor and Amelia was, I think, pushing it. Zeta Jones (the flight attendant) doesn't even go for Tom Hanks in the end. Now Steven Spielberg's Terminal has catapulted him to international stardom - but casts little light on Mon 6 Sep EDT First published on Mon 6 Sep EDT And every single one (except mine) was a romantic comedy with a happy ending. .. He had very normal relations with girls. David Germain, The Associated Press — Jun 18th, His relationships with terminal regulars, while entertaining, are so triangulated that they stretch.

The Terminal

Yet, he doesn't feel afraid and refuses to say he is. Also Amelia, who hopes her married lover will leave his wife for her but can't bring herself to suggest that to him.

the terminal 2004 ending relationship

Viktor finally gets a visa that would allow him to enter New York. Unfortunately for Viktor, Amelia had to go back to her lover. And just when Delores is about to approve it, he finds out he needs approval from Dixon, who threatens to destroy the careers of his friends if he doesn't go home. Victor just wants to get into New York to complete the autograph set of his father's favorite jazz musicians. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: The cranky Indian janitor who likes to watch people who ignore his "slippery floor" signs and throws away Victor's food card turns out to let Victor finish his task by delaying the flight he's supposed to be bound to.

'Terminal' leaves you waiting at the gate

Also Dixon in the ending, where having previously done everything possible to stop Viktor leaving the terminal, decides he's no real threat to anyone and doesn't pursue him after he finally leaves. Just a Stupid Accent Lens Flare: The Russian guy is able to keep the pills for his father when Viktor gets him to say the pills are for "a goat", since medicine for animals doesn't require documentation.

While Dixon has it in for Viktor after this incident, the rest of the airports warms to him. Viktor slowly becomes this, especially after he helps out the Russian man with the pills. At the end of the movie, when Viktor finally leaves to enter the city, everybody in the airport wishes him well and offers him gifts. Amelia, having an on-and-off affair with a married man throughout the movie. Viktor is good with his hands.

He converted an out of order terminal into his own little home, and eventually got a job in the airport for his skill. Never Trust a Trailer: The commercials advertised this film as if it was just a situational comedy about a guy caught in a wacky situation and can't leave the airport. It's really more serious and slice-of-life than that, though there are plenty of comedic portions. No Communities Were Harmed: Victor's native language, Krakozhian, is actually Bulgarian, while Krakozhia itself seems to be loosely based on Yugoslavia.

Despite constantly trying to get Victor arrested and deported, Dixon refuses to do so without Victor actually giving him cause. He also refuses to lie as well. He'll use most any other questionable tactic, though. The entire plot is about a man who is forced to live in the JFK International Airport after his home country suffers a coup, rendering his passport invalid.

The Terminal. Movie review.

Frank Dixon at the end of the film, trying everything he can to keep Victor in out of spite. So he tries to get Navorski to leave but Navorski remains where he is. Navorski makes friends with some of the people who work in the airport and is attracted to a flight attendant he runs into whenever she comes in.

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  • 'Terminal' leaves you waiting at the gate

He makes friends with the airport staff and falls in love with a flight attendant. All air service in and out of Krakozhia has been suspended and thus Viktor cannot even be sent back until Krakozhia's situation is resolved.

the terminal 2004 ending relationship

Dixon gives Viktor enough meal vouchers to last for a day or two, with Dixon expecting Viktor to secretly escape the lounge into the outside world. Viktor, however, wants to be as proper as possible and decides to stay in the lounge.

Viktor poses a problem for Dixon, as Viktor may be the black mark in his promotion to head of the department. Their relationship becomes an antagonistic one, where Dixon will now do whatever he can to prevent Viktor from ever entering the country even if he ever did learn the heartbreaking reason for Viktor's visit. As Viktor stays in the lounge, he only has limited resources on which to live and a limited understanding of the English language.

This is the kind of film that trancends age.

the terminal 2004 ending relationship

There were funny parts, serious parts, and sad parts. A little something for everyone. However, it does need to make emphasis on faith in relationships and in life other than Viktor crossing himself before mealtime.

Hanks character is identifiable as one who is at the mercy of others, but whose influence is positive on those around him.

the terminal 2004 ending relationship

Something we as Christians should strive for more and more. The flaws in the rest of the cast are indicative of society as a whole and can be dealt with in a positive way.

He does it finally! This is the tension in the film. It is a little funny. I was thoroughly impressed. I went expecting a good movie, considering the team of Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg… I was not expecting how wonderful it really was though.

The film really makes us stop and think about how we treat our fellow man.

The Terminal (2004) - (1/1) - Deal

Victor is a humble and strong character, with high moral values. Some may feel that the extra-marital affair that Amelia is involved in may be objectionable, but I think the focus of the movie was how Victor reacted to her. He kept reaching out to her, offering his love and acceptance… as Christ does to us. The effect Victor has on the people around him is profound, making them want to be better people. We as christians should be so influencing of our environment.

One other great thing, he never forgot his purpose for being there, nor did he forget where he was from. So should we be. We are citizens of heaven, so should we behave. This movie will touch you deeply, and teach you a lot. I recommend it to everyone. This is not surprising since many look at this movie in the same way they see life. The moral of the story was not packaged, wrapped and handed to the audience.

Instead, the viewer grows with the characters. As Victor Tom Hanks grew and made the best of his situation by learning English, he quickly overcame his ignorance about his ordeal and the new world he found himself in, and ultimately he even did a very Christian thing: He was selflessly going to sacrifice his ultimate happiness for those he cared about The people he befriended.

To those who were bored: