State the relationship between history and sociology

Essay on the Relationship Between Sociology and History

state the relationship between history and sociology

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state the relationship between history and sociology

The historians need social background for writing and analyzing history and this is provided by the sociologists. The study of History would be meaningless without the appreciation of sociological significance. History becomes meaningful in the social content. Difference between Sociology and History: The two social sciences History and Sociology are different. The points of difference between the two may be noted.

Sociology is interested in the study of the present social phenomena with all their complexities. But History deals with the past events of man. It is silent regarding the present. Sociology is relatively a young social science.

It has very short history of its own. It is not even two centuries old. But history is an age-old social science.

Historical sociology

It has a long story of years or even more. Sociology is an analytical science. But history is a descriptive science. Sociology is abstract in nature. It studies mostly regular, the recurrent and the universal.

For example, the sociologist does not study all the wars or battles Waged by the mankind. But History is concrete. The historian is interested in the unique, the particular and the individual. For example, the historian studies all the wars waged by mankind in the past-the wars, the world wars, the Indo-Pak war, etc.

For him each war is unique and significant. Sociology is a generalizing science.

state the relationship between history and sociology

Sociology seeks to establish generalizations after a careful study of the social phenomena. But History is an individualizing science.

What is the relationship between Sociology and History?

History rarely makes generalizations. It is said that history is the microscope of the past, the horoscope of the present and the telescope of the future. Sociology as a science of society, on the other hand is interested in the present. It tries to analyse human interactions and interrelations with all their complexity and diversity.

  • What is the relationship between Sociology and History?

It also studies the historical development of societies. It studies various stages of human life, modes of living, customs, manners and their expression in the form of social institutions and associations.

Sociology has thus to depend upon history for its material. History with its record of various social events of the past offers data and facts to sociologists. History Supplies Information to Sociology: History is a storehouse of records, a treasury of knowledge. It supplies materials various social sciences including sociology. History contains records even with regard to social matters. This information about the past is of great help to a sociologist.

Essay on the Relationship Between Sociology and History

A sociologist has to make use of the historical records. For example, if he wants to study marriage and family as social institutions, he must study their historical development also.

state the relationship between history and sociology

Similarly, if he wants to know the impact of Islamic culture on the Hindu culture, he has to refer to the Muslim conquests of India, for which he has to depend on history. A sociologist is, no doubt, concerned with the present-day society. But the present-day society can be better understood from the knowledge of its past because what people are today is because of what they had been in the past.

Further, sociologists often make use of comparative method, in their studies for which they depend on history for data. It is true that the sociologist must sometimes be his own historian, amassing information from all the available sources. Sociology Helps History Too: