Slam nick hornby relationship between sam and alicia

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slam nick hornby relationship between sam and alicia

Everything you ever wanted to know about Sam Jones in Slam, written by masters of this stuff just for you. Slam. by Nick Hornby. Home /; Literature When he first meets Alicia, Sam is so nervous that she's out of his league. And when it We can also tell that their relationship isn't one made of the deep stuff. Sam thinks. Struggling with themes such as Love in Nick Hornby's Slam? We've got the How does Sam's love for Alicia change over the course of the book? Why do you . The novel Slam by Nick Hornby is told in the perspective of a young sixteen year old boy named Sam. and break up, realizing that they're relationship got too serious too quickly. They meet and Sam finds out that Alicia might be pregnant.

slam nick hornby relationship between sam and alicia

She is a Councillor in the Council organisation at which Annie is an employee. She is also teaching drama at college Robert Burns - Alicia's father who is upset about the pregnancy.

Nick Hornby - Slam: Relationship between Tony Hawk and his dad, relationshipbetween Sam and his dad

He is a college professor. Mark - The new boyfriend of Annie. It is revealed in a "flash forward" that Mark and Annie will raise another child together. TH - Tony Hawk, his idol.

slam nick hornby relationship between sam and alicia

Sam always talks to a poster of Tony that hangs in his room and Tony responds with a quote from his book. Tony's advice eventually stops making sense to Sam and discourages him.

Emily - Annie's baby who is born after Rufus. She is Sam's halfsister. Summary[ edit ] The novel's protagonist is a troubled year-old skateboarder, Sam, who lives in London, UK. His mother, Annie, gave birth to him when she was just They therefore have an unconventional relationship.

He has a poster of Tony Hawk in his room that serves as his friend and confidant. He believes he is in love with her and visits her numerous times, almost daily, in which they have sex several times.

However, one time Sam and Alicia try having sex not wearing protection. Sam knows that due to him ejaculating into Alicia, she might be pregnant.

He's just not ready to be a father. After a while, Sam gets bored of his relationship and decides to break up. A while later, Alicia calls him to meet so they can talk. For those who don't already know, Tony Hawk - not be confused with Tony Hawks, whose idea of exercise is to go around Ireland with a fridge or to get a piano to the Pyrenees - is the name in skateboarding. His father founded the National Skateboard Association for him. Sam has TH's poster on his wall and claims to have read the man's autobiography 50 or thousands of times.

In fact, many of the answers that Hawk "gives" Sam are direct quotes from the autobiography, which is why, as Sam is the first to admit, they don't always seem to exactly fit the questions and can be a bit American. The reader very quickly gets a sense of Sam, a young year-old with a mother who had him when she was 16 and who still looks young and pretty enough to be fancied by Sam's mate Rabbit.

slam nick hornby relationship between sam and alicia

Sam, Rabbit and Rubbish skate together. We never say skateboarding. Rabbit a great supporting characteron the other hand, is an OK skater but "such a moron that it sort of went beyond laughing". My first impression of the book was very positive. It was not only the writing style which fascinated me but the main story because Slam is a coming-of-age-novel this is why I could not understand everything from the start. While I continued reading the book I understood more and more the connections behind the main story great feelingfor example the tricky title of the book.

Furthermore the book never became boring because in every chapter there happened something unexpected. Another reason why I liked this book is the fact that it makes it easy for teens to identify with Alicia and Sam.

We all know that kind of problems with parents and the difficult situations Sam and Alicia have to deal with in the book. In the middle of the novel I was surprised because everything seemed to be destroyed and I could not even imagine how the book would be supposed to end. I never expected a happy ending and I was totally astonished that all open questions got cleared up.

Slam by Nick Hornby [HD+]

In addition my opinion of many characters changed completely the more I read the book. A perfect example are Alicia's parents.

As Sam met them for the first time I thought that they were smugly, rich idiots who think that they are something better than all the others. But in the end I understood that they just tried to protect their child. I always thought about Alicia and Sam.

As Sam goes to Hastings in chapter seven, I on one hand was disappointed by Sam's reaction but on the other hand I directly thought of Alicia's behaviour and feelings, too. Is she doing well? The same things happened in my head when Alicia did something that hurt Sam or if Sam had problems with his mother, Rabbit, whoever. Nevertheless I do not feel different after I have read the book. After reading the book I surely think differentiated of the topic growing up and becoming parents but I knew before that it is a very difficult topic which nobody should underrate.

In the end I would read the book again because there are still some questions which might be answered by reading it twice. And one of the biggest is, no one's going to mug you for your baby. I chose this quote because it explains how valuable a baby is. It never does what you want it to. I chose this quote because it is a fact that time passes by faster if you are in a situation which you enjoy and of which you think that it should last forever. On the contrary, time passes by slower when you are in an awkward situation.

Not because they're ugly, but because they're mad". I chose this quote because it shows my point of view of this topic. But I didn't think of anything else apart from being with Alicia, and the only time I felt like I was where I wanted to be was when I was with her. I mean, that may as well be love, mightn't it? I chose this quote because it shows how we teenagers feel.

We often have very strong emotions but the grown ups do not take us seriously and treat us like small children. I know that sounds stupid and babyishbut I couldn't help it. On my sixteenth birthday, I didn't want to be sixteen, or fifteen or anyteen.

I wanted to be three or four, and too young to make any kind of mess I chose this quote because it reminds me about the way I sometimes feel if I am confronted with situations I can't manage. I do not like to be one of the characters of the book because all the main characters have so many problems that I do not want to deal with.

I mean if I, for example, was Sam then I would have problems in form of the baby, my girlfriend, my family, my future baby, school, the parents and many other things.

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Basically I think that the whole situation in the book is very complicated and I am happy with my life and how it is. If I had to change roles with one of the characters then I would choose a secondary character like Rabbit. His life seems to be more usual than Sam's life. The book does not tell much about Rabbit's character or his living conditions, therefore there are not too many things that disturb me.

I guess he is as friendly as I am so I could imagine that I would be happy to take his place. Basically I have no questions concerning the content of the book itself because the last two chapters answer all my important questions.

The only thing where I am really interested in is how he got the idea of the story. I mean such a complex and detailed story is not invented by nobody without any help. The topic of the book "Slam is very difficult and in my opinion he describes the whole situation very realistic.

Especially the monologues of Sam are very well written and would match with my thoughts in such a situation. So where does he have the information from? Are this his own experiences or maybe those of a friend? I do not think that I am able to answer the questions by reading more about the authors life and work because these are very private information and I do not think that Nick Hornby talks about his youth in the media.

The book did not change me personally but first I learned that Nick Hornby is a very good writer. Then I learned that I have to take responsibility for the things which I do and that childhood is over faster as you think. I already knew this thinks but this book realized me again how difficult this topic is so that Emotions 3.

Heading for a fall

The book invokes many different emotions in me because I was able to identify myself with the characters very well. Especially with Sam the narrator and main character. I was sad in situations like chapter seven because Sam does not face but forget and ignore his problems. Especially Sam's first reaction towards Alicia's pregnancy disappoints me because I believe that a boy has to stand by his girl no matter what kind of situation.

Nevertheless I often laughed, too because Nick Hornby never forgets the humour, for example how Sam and Alicia explain to Alicia's family that she is pregnant.

Most of the time I laughed about Sam's crazy and funny point of view, thoughts and monologues which deals with the serious and difficult topic of teenager pregnancy and becoming an adult, in a funny way. So it was easier to read about this difficult problems. In some situations I was very surprised about the plot because it happens a bunch of times that the story develops in a way I would have never expected.

In between two pages of the book the story changes in an unexpected and different way, so the that the reader could never know what's going to happen next. In addition I was really irritated in the moments when he travelled into the future of the story.

I was also torn between my emotions. Especially in the situations in the end of the story like in chapter 18 where Alicia and Sam struggle about the baby.

slam nick hornby relationship between sam and alicia

I mean I can understand Sam: