Relationship between poverty and environment in kenya

relationship between poverty and environment in kenya

This paper outlines the links between the environmentally sustainable use of land and water resources and sustainable economic development, including poverty reduction. In some parts of the world, both poverty and environmental degradation are increasing. The paper provides. The relationship between poverty and the environment The first and the foremost Sustainable Development goal is to “End Poverty in all forms everywhere”. The Interrelationship between Poverty, Environment and Sustainable Development in Bangladesh: An Overview .. From the experience of Kenya the colonial.

People, whether they be rich or poor, consume water, food, and natural resources in order to remain alive. All economic activities are directly, indirectly or remotely based on natural resources and any pressure on natural resources can cause environmental stress. Environmental damage can prevent people, especially the poor, from having good and hygienic living standards.

relationship between poverty and environment in kenya

As poor people rely more directly on the environment than the rich for their survival, they are mostly on the receiving end of environmental problems Poverty often causes people to put relatively more pressure on the environment which results in larger families due to high death rates and insecurityimproper human waste disposal leading to unhealthy living conditions, more pressure on fragile land to meet their needs, overexploitation of natural resources and more deforestation.

Insufficient knowledge about agricultural practices can also lead to decline in crop yield and productivity etc. On the other hand environmental problems add more to the miseries of poor people. Environmental problems cause more suffering among them as environmental damage increases the impact of floods and other environmental catastrophes.

The relationship between poverty and the environment

Soil erosion, land degradation and deforestation leads to decline in food production along with shortage of wood for fuel contributes to inflation. In short, the worst consequences of environmental deterioration, whether they be economical, social, or related to metal or physical wellbeing, are experienced by the poor people. More rigorous efforts should be undertaken by the governments of all countries to eradicate poverty and in turn, to save deprived people from the dreadful implications of environmental damage.

Costs of conserving some of the the environment. This poorly financed and under-staffed sustainable economic benefits. In real world we are seeing a scenario profits for the management and conservation of these of increased poverty, high levels of environmental resources or for the local communities who live degradation, and reduced livelihoods.

We postulate that beside the resources, the underlying reasons for this are: Yet, because of the significant Sectoral policy papers. This is still an uphill struggle. At environment would have accorded it as a sector to itself the same time we continue to witness environmental in the macroeconomic planning process.

relationship between poverty and environment in kenya

It is essential degradation at alarming levels. Kenya plans to be a Newly Industrialised Country bymainly through growth The recently launched National Poverty Eradication Plan in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. These sets out the strategies for poverty eradication between emerging sectors primarily depend on the natural A Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper PRSP resources raw materials, and on environmental services has been prepared identifying priorities and strategies to cleanse the many by-products.

This has two main implications for environmental management.

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Available information, sectoral policies, than it gains from the resulting growth. Impoverished communities are forced environmental degradation. Sectors gain less and less year rolling plan forms the basis of the Medium Term economic benefits as the natural resource base is Expenditure Framework which will guide the degraded.

relationship between poverty and environment in kenya

It is crucial that the on-going economic and government budgeting for Since independence Kenya has ratified and joined a number of international conventions concerned with environmental conservation. In a National Environmental Action Plan was In line with obligations under the Convention on developed for the country, and on 14 th JanuaryBiological Diversity, the government is in the process of Kenya enacted a new Environment Management and implementing a National Biodiversity and Action Plan Co-ordination Act The NBSAP recognises that population governs the management of environmental resources for growth and poverty issues are the ultimate causes of sustainable development.

This value is not only incomplete, but also leads to the danger that land and resource management systems will focus only on the commercial-level extraction of resources, often at the expense of other, less tangible, values or wider socio- economic development goals. Because it under-values the environment, this definition also means that conservation Project No.

As well as unsustainable, land and resource uses which appear to presenting a more complete picture of the economic yield greater and more immediate returns.

It falls into importance of the environment, it clearly demonstrates the vicious cycle of natural resources under-valuation, the high and wide-ranging economic costs associated with over-consumption and under-funding. Wider definitions, which encompass the total economic This underlines the fact that environmental resources value of the environment, have become increasingly constitute far more than a static reserve.

They form a important over recent years. Total economic value includes stock of natural capital, which if managed sustainably consideration of broader benefits beyond direct, can yield in perpetuity a wide range of direct and indirect commercial uses, including non-marketed values, economic benefits to human populations. The environment at the same time as sustaining economic growth in the continues to be degraded at alarming levels as depicted future.

A broad range of actions will support sound by declining forest cover, land denudation, destruction environmental management, including appropriate of coastal resources to mention but a few. Both policy, legal, institutional and social instruments. It also development and poverty eradication strategies recognise requires appropriate economic, financial and fiscal the role that the environment and natural resources play incentives for the people who engage in economic in ensuring sustainable development.

relationship between poverty and environment in kenya

But if this has been production and consumption to act in a way which will recognised, then where is the problem? The bottom line is that environment and natural The future challenge for Kenya is to continue to achieve resources have not yet been accorded the priority they economic growth and to generate employment and deserve in the national economic planning processes. It makes good economic sense to do this, and will environment in economic policies and development give rise to wide-scale economic costs if not.

If Kenya is plans, and to ensure that markets, prices, private profits to reach the medium and long-term goals for economic and government decisions all take account of both the growth set out in her Development Plans, and if the economic benefits of environmental conservation and the incidence of poverty in the country is to be reduced, economic costs of environmental loss.

relationship between poverty and environment in kenya

The emerging action to conserve environmental resources is not National Poverty Eradication Plan, National and District something that she can afford to delay for much longer.

Development Plans provide an excellent opportunity to reverse these trends and to set environmental concerns firmly onto the agenda of economic planners and decision-makers.

The relationship between poverty and the environment — Voices of Youth

The Kenyan government needs to be proactive in allocating sufficient funds for conservation and management of natural resources in its new Medium Term Expenditure Framework. It is clear that production and consumption activities can lead to a downward spiral of environmental degradation, economic costs, loss of productive opportunities and an increased incidence of poverty. Conversely, environmental conservation can lead to an upward spiral of economic growth and improved welfare. A major challenge is to ensure that sound environmental management systems are set in place, which will enhance Project No.

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