Relationship between od and hrd

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relationship between od and hrd

Any one please assist! What is the difference between Organizational Development and Human Resources Development, because it sounds just alike! 17th. Organization Development has nothing to do with the employees development and training in the organization, and some Saudi organization. Figure 1: HR/OD/line manager relationship and a two-way relationship between OD and HR to keep.

Of course, this type of change affects people, so HR development specialist are often involved in OD.

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OD has a wider scope than HR. HR only one field that OD can utilize to achieve the targeted result. You cannot have organization development without human resource development.

Organization development

HRD focuses on the development of people, enhancing their skills, knowledge, attitudes so that they create value human capital for the organization. HRD seeks to optimize the human potential.

Describe the relationship between OD & HR.

OD on the other hand deals more with the infrastructure, the systems, structures, policies, processes and procedures which ensure that this value is extracted from people in the organization. To me these are different areas but they are very much complementary. I have tried to put down the definitions from various sources but you can also visit the links provided to acquire more details - Simply put, an Organization Development practitioner is to an organization as a physician is to a human body.

The practitioner "diagnoses" or discovers the most important priorities to address in the organization, suggests a change-management plan, and then guides the organization through the necessary change.

These secondary process should also be analyzed avoid to unintended results. This ideal concept involves many different concepts and process that are implemented by personnel.

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The Human Resources Development HRD department should be an interracial part of the overall OD strategy by directing personnel toward the desired outcomes. Human Resource Development entails many concepts that center on the economic value of personnel to an organization. These HRD measurements are seen as a leading indicators rather than lagging indicators such as financial reports.

Describe the relationship between OD & HR.

The HRD measurements are documented to track how well each process is contributing to the overall OD strategy. HRD must define and identify the performance drivers and enablers of the organization that fit into the OD strategy. A performance driver that is identified to increase customer satisfaction may stem from training sales associates to ask customers certain questions that will better describe the customer's needs and desires.

These measurements also allow for the verification of how HRD contributes to the strategy and bottom line of the organization.

relationship between od and hrd

A quality HRD department is a strategic partner and asset to the organization. A major concept in HRD is the process of defining and training personnel in specific competencies.

relationship between od and hrd