Relationship between nucleotide and molecule of nucleic acid

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relationship between nucleotide and molecule of nucleic acid

A nucleotide is a building block to DNA. The DNA contains genes, which are located on individual chromosomes. They are related, and you can't really have. There is a pentose sugar molecule, a nitrogenous base, and the phosphate group/s. What is the main difference between a nucleotide and a nucleic acid?. Nucleic acids are condensation polymers of nucleotides. functions you will find it helpful to look at how their molecules are built up and the structures of these molecules. Hydrogen bonding between base pairs holds the strand in shape.

Well scientists first observed this in the nucleus of cells and so that's where you get the nucleic part. And it has some acidic properties and so that's where you get the acid part.

relationship between nucleotide and molecule of nucleic acid

And perhaps the most famous of the nucleic acids is deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA for short. And we'll go into some depth in this as we go through our journey in biology, but you might already know that this is the molecule that stores our hereditary information.

This DNA, to a large degree, makes you you. And it's known as a macro molecule, and we've talked about macro molecules in other videos, we've talked about carbohydrates, and we have talked about proteins.

And DNA is a macro molecule because it can be made of many millions of atoms. Just to get a sense of it, you can see right over here, the double helix of DNA, where you have one side of your helix right over there and then another one right over here and then you kind of have these rungs of this twisted ladder.

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And they can have on the order of a hundred million rungs to this ladder. Now another thing to appreciate like many other macro molecules, DNA, or nucleic acids in general, they are polymers in that they're made up of building block molecules and those building blocks for nucleic acids and DNA is the most famous nucleic acid and RNA, Ribonucleic acid would be a close second.

relationship between nucleotide and molecule of nucleic acid

But the building blocks of them are known as nucleotides. And we see some examples of nucleotides over here. This is deoxyadenosine monophosphate, which would be a nucleotide found in DNA.

Nucleic acids

You can see the various parts of it. You have a phosphate group right over here. You have a five carbon sugar, which in this case, is ribose. They serve three crucial functions in cells.

DNA: Complementary Base Pairing

Some are energy carriers, other are co-enzymes and still others are carriers of hereditary information genetic code. Structurally, a nucleotide can be regarded as a phosphoester of a nucleoside.

In turn, a nucleoside is a N-glycoside in which the sugar component is ribose or deoxyribose and aglucon is a pyrimidine or purine base.

Relation among Nucleic Acids, Nucleotides and Nucleosides

Thus, nucleotide is composed of three units: The general structure of single nucleotide is shown above diagrammatically. A nucleotide is formed by the reaction of the sugar portion of a nucleoside with phosphoric acid through dehydration synthesis.

relationship between nucleotide and molecule of nucleic acid

Nucleic acids are involved in gene expression as well as the storage of genetic information. Conclusion Nucleotides are the monomers of nucleic acids. Nucleotides consist of a nitrogenous base and a phosphate group attached to a pentose sugar. Two types of nucleic acids can be found depending on the type of the pentose sugar in the nucleic acid backbone. When the pentose sugar is ribose, the forming nucleic acid is RNA.

On the other hand, when the pentose sugar is deoxyribose, the resultant nucleic acid is DNA. DNA is the most widely used nucleic acid in storing of genetic information in the cell.

relationship between nucleotide and molecule of nucleic acid

According to the nucleotide sequence on the DNA molecule, the genetic information can be stored in written form. RNA is involved in the process of gene expression.

relationship between nucleotide and molecule of nucleic acid

Therefore, the main difference between nucleotide and nucleic acid is in their relationship between monomers and polymers of each other. National Library of Medicine, 01 Jan. Public Domain via Commons Wikimedia 2.