Relationship between left handedness and homosexuality the bible

Blaming People for Being Gay is Like Blaming Them for Being Left-Handed

relationship between left handedness and homosexuality the bible

(Left-handedness has evoked something of the same response in Likewise, the relationships Paul describes are heavy with lust; they are not. The Bible's emphasis on 'the right hand' is a reflection of reality. . A 'left-handed marriage' is not a marriage but an adulterous sexual liaison, as in a In 19th century Europe, homosexuals were referred to as 'left-handed' whilst in protestant . If you're going to ban homosexuals because of the Bible, you should also scorn to be in a passionate relationship with a man and then rejected it. Being left- handed, they told him, was obviously a choice since the Bible.

Still—biology, neurochemicals, chromosomes—throw it all aside. Here are the facts that matter most: The vast majority of homosexuals know they were born gay. Large numbers report they had same-sex attractions when in middle school, some before they even knew homosexuality was a thing.

Many of the heterosexuals who insist homosexuality is a choice are basing that judgment on a few sentences in the Bible, a 2,year-old book that most of them never bother to read.


And all of those types deserve to die, it says—check out Romans 1: Contrary to what biblical frauds claim, homosexuality is not given highlighted significance over other sins. In fact, all you women who attend church in your Sunday best, bedizened in jewels and pearls while listening to sermons vomiting hellfire about homosexuals?

Exposing the silliness of these legal arguments misses the real point: It is obscene that our society thinks it has the right to dictate whether consenting adults can lawfully marry. The question should not be how the Supreme Court will rule on whether gays have the right to wed; the true issue, the true measure of our hard-heartedness and hypocrisy, is that this has been placed before a court at all.

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Politicians, judges, voters, you, me—none of us has the moral right to decide which adult should love whom when there is no true societal interest. Most living Americans—including me—owe a collective apology that it took us decades to recognize the indecency of blithely ignoring the desire of loving gay couples to marry and our continuing belief that we should have any input into this.

relationship between left handedness and homosexuality the bible

Gay marriage opponents must argue that being gay is a choice—against all evidence, science and logic—because otherwise they have to confront this: Either God is a monster, condemning people to eternal torture for being what he made them, or the Bible—with its endless contradictions, its magicians turning sticks into snakes, its celebration of slavery and genocide—was not handed down by a deity.

Or, most likely, they avoid reading the Bible and proclaim themselves righteous. Too many pick option three, then whine about how they are religiously oppressed because they might have to cater a gay wedding Imagine how these crybabies would have handled real Christian persecution in the early fourth century, when the faithful were burned alive rather than just required to put a dessert in the oven?

There is a simple solution for Christians and other religious sects who feel oppressed by gay marriage: If they want to refuse to provide services for a gay wedding—or for gays at all—let them. Except first, they have to take a quiz about their religion and then deny services to every sinner identified in their Holy Scriptures—otherwise, they are using faith as a front for bigotry.

Then no cakes for second marriages of divorced women Matthew 5: In other words, these bakers have to close their businesses since, by their own scriptures, everyone is a sinner.

We are better at multitasking. A study published in Neuropsychology claims that we process language in both brain hemispheres, whereas right-handed people typically process it in the left hemisphere. We are more easily frightened.

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Or so claims one study. We are more easily angered. We live in a world that was not designed for us. Schooldesks, scissors, power saws, tools, sporting equipment, steak knives, checkbooks, and stringed instruments were all designed with right-handers in mind. We are more likely to be male, homosexual, and perverted. Women are slightly more likely than men to be right-handed.

relationship between left handedness and homosexuality the bible

Male homosexuals are more likely to be left-handed, but lesbians are even more likely to be left-handed than are gay men. Languages are biased against us. No further explanation needed. Folklore is biased against us.

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Oral traditions worldwide associate left-handedness with evil. Occultic traditions throughout Europe dictate that curses and spells be cast with the left hand. Religions are biased against us. According to The Left-Hander Syndrome: The Causes and Consequences of Left-Handedness, the Bible mentions the right hand positively times, whereas it mentions the left hand 25 times—negatively in every instance.

relationship between left handedness and homosexuality the bible

Catholic and Anglican priests are instructed to distribute Holy Communion with their right hands.