Relationship between china and uganda

Highlights Of China Uganda Relations

relationship between china and uganda

Keywords: China; Africa; Uganda; mutual benefits; economic The relations between China and African countries are conditioned on a. Present at the meeting were Ugandan MPs including Parliamentary in maintaining close relations with the CPPCC, saying that China has. Mr Museveni and Mr Wang Yang commissioned the Kampala-Entebbe Expressway, one of the signature projects in China-Uganda relations.

The soil fertility level decreases and hence to add more 'strength' to it, fertilizer application is needed. Other measures to sustain the productivity level such as quality seeds are put in place to reduce food insecurity saga. Built within the parameters of Uganda-China Guangdong Free Zone of International Cooperation, that was unveiled on Thursday, the fertilizer manufacturing plant will as well create jobs for the citizens.

Close to Ugandans will benefit from the venture, adding to the productivity of the nation. With the population rising, employment security remains an issue at risk. More citizens can contribute to the general welfare of the economy and build a better country.

China–Uganda relations

German firm funds Uganda to protect small energy projects The manufacturing plant adds impetus to the industrialization sector in the country and expansion of other business opportunities. Industrial zones have been a primary target for big companies and potential investors to venture into.

China's contribution to such facilities has increased foreign investments in the economies and enhanced business environment to breed and expand more businesses. Uganda seeks to use the opportunity to increase fertilizer use locally and for exports.

China-Uganda relations grow

This will come in handy to increase forex revenues for developing the nation. It would strengthen the local currency to be competitive in the global market. Investments The Chinese government has made significant investments in Uganda mainly in the areas of infrastructural development such as road construction, hospitals, railway, electrical power and communications development.

China imports leather, coffee, fish and food products from Uganda and exports light industry products, farm tools, textiles, pharmaceutical products, garments, ceramics to Uganda. Economic ties between China and Africa have grown steadily as reflected in the increasing aid to Africa in recent years. Project Assistance For decades, the Chinese Government has continued to provide project aid to Uganda in forms of interest-free loans and grants to construct some of those projects which are at the best need of Uganda.

The Government of Uganda has in return, reciprocated by offering China projects such as the construction of the MW Karuma Hydropower Dam and the Mandela Stadium at Namboole Uganda has continued to shine in the sports arena due to Namboole.

relationship between china and uganda

Completed in after three years of construction, the 40, capacity stadium has signaled the relationship and support from China. The facility also has a bed hotel, two outdoor tennis courts, two volley ball training grounds, two basketball training grounds and a football training ground. For 16 years, the Chinese Government has been sending experts to the stadium to train the local technicians, maintain the facilities, and provide technical support.

Kibimba Rice Scheme Joseph Mukholi a rice farmer in Bugiri can never hide his excitement following the revamping of Kibimba rice scheme with a Chinese grant. Kibimba is the largest of the rice schemes in the Uganda supplying the bulk of the rice needed in the country. It has also provided numerous employment opportunities to residents from surrounding districts.

He says with the capacity of handling over 40 tons per day, rice farming has enabled residents of Bugiri lead a comfortable life.

The Kibimba Tilda RiceDoho, and Buniaoli rice schemes have not only promoted the diversity of Uganda's agriculture and enriched the food variety of the people, but also made Uganda one of the important rice producers in Africa. Bamboo project at the Uganda Industrial Research Institute For several years thebagisu from Mbale and the slopes of Mountain Elgon have enjoyed Kamalea bamboo shoots as a nice delicacy sauce. But new innovations emerging from China indicate that Kamalea is not just food but has a wide range of use.

New Vision has established that Uganda will soon stop the importation of toothpicks from China, one of the products of bamboo.

relationship between china and uganda

Environment State Minister Flavia Munaaba who led a team of technicians to China last year to learn the intricacies of the modern technology said bamboo would cease being a waste. She said from uses of bamboo range from edible bamboo shoots to construction, medicine, bamboo fabric or biofuel. Bamboo fiber for the garment and automotive industries, and flooring boards.

Munaaba said bamboo panels, especially floors, are in demand all over the world, because they have the texture of marble and the elegance of wood. He said UIRI had so far made over meters of mat from bamboo. Liquids from bamboo can be used to treat infections due to its important nutrients. The Chinese side constructed another 20 biogas projects in Kampala, Entebbe etc. These projects at this regard have helped Uganda to diversify her energy utilization and protect the environment.