Relationship between cardcaptor sakura and tsubasa chronicles

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relationship between cardcaptor sakura and tsubasa chronicles

No, it's not the continuation. Tsubasa is a completely different story from CCS. But yes, Tsubasa and CCS' stories are somehow linked. The Sakura Kinomoto. Sakura Kinomoto (木之本桜) is the main character in Cardcaptor Sakura. She also has some brief appearances in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and is. This was the start of a rocky relationship between the two. . In Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, Syaoran is mentioned by Sakura Li as she stated she met her.

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The two have a romantic though not overtly sexual relationship and Terada is allowed to go on dates and spend time alone with his fiance, who isn't old enough to go see a PG movie on her own. Rita and Terada's relationship was significantly toned down in the anime, with their engagement being totally removed.

relationship between cardcaptor sakura and tsubasa chronicles

Any hint of romance between the two was totally removed in the English dub of the show. This extends to even the latest video game consoles. Tetris with Cardcaptor Sakura: Music albums for animated characters are even more popular in Japan, with many popular series receiving numerous records over their run.

Set in an alternate universe, the series features characters from Tsubasa and xxxHolic as students and teachers from the fictional school "Holitsuba". Tsubasa Chronicle is a role-playing game whose gameplay requires the player to navigate the world as Sakura and Syaoran in search of Sakura's memory fragments.

Players can compete with each other wirelessly. Kodansha released two in Japan by between and that contain character illustrations and information, a collection of the theme song videos, and interviews with the voice actors.

World of the Untold Story that also featured as omake to the manga volumes. They contain overviews of the worlds, overviews of characters, fan reports, illustrations, and interviews. Reservoir Chronicle that were published in Japan by Kodansha. Reservoir Chronicle manga series was well received by Japanese readers, and appeared at various times on lists of best-selling volumes.

Reservoir Chronicle was the winner in the category "Best Manga - Action". Reservoir Chronicle was fairly well received by reviewers, who described it as a treat for Clamp fans due to the large number of crossover characters in the series.

Reservoir Chronicle was that it was " Cardcaptor Sakura for guys". Fans speculated that the series would conclude one of Clamp's unfinished series, Xor that it would be a sequel to Cardcaptor Sakura that focused on the character Syaoran Li. This vase was retrieved by Kazahaya and Rikuo of Legal Drug as one of their jobs.

While cleaning Watanuki finds the picture of a cat, when it comes to life, Yuko receives her guest and it's Watanuki's turn to cook for them. Using the ghost lantern given by the Cat, Watanuki and Domeki go to the Hyakkiyoku. There they obtain Manna a drink for Yuko.

Watanuki meets a beautiful woman and starts to see her every day hoping to soothe her loneliness, but somehow he starts to get sick and can't figure out the reason. As Watanuki has more encounters with the mysterious woman, his condition worsens and Doumeki decides to intervene. In a full moon night, Yuko asks Watanuki to run an errand for her. He plays the "phrase connecting game" with Mokona in order to avoid the spirits. Eventually he arrives at the place and gives the old man a "cage with birds that can only be seen under the full moon".

While helping Doumeki at his temple, Watanuki is caught in a large spiderweb. Doumeki loses sight in his right eye.

Yuko explains to Watanuki that the spider took revenge upon Doumeki's destroying his spiderweb by taking his eyesight. Watanuki then makes a wish to Yuko, to return Doumeki's sight in exchange of his own.

To Yuko's shop comes a customer that wishes to get rid of a picture that shows her past. She grants her wish and her price is not to be seen again in the world. Doumeki angered by Watanuki's wish still tries unsuccesfully to restore his eyesight by researching in books.

relationship between cardcaptor sakura and tsubasa chronicles

Although they found one in Doumeki's grandpa library, it gets eaten by a bookworm. Watanuki meets the Cat Girl who tells him his eye is being fought over in her world. After learning that the Zashiki-Warashi disappeared while looking for his right eye's sight, Watanuki rushes to help her.

Upon finding her, he also discovers the creature who possesses his stolen eye- Jorou-Gumo. Watanuki offers himself to save Zashiki-Warashi. When Jorou-Gumo rejects his proposal he threatens her. Then finally he saves her with help of Kudakitsune and Jorou-Gumo eats his eye. After waking in Yuko's bathroom, she gives him Doumeki's half right eye.

relationship between cardcaptor sakura and tsubasa chronicles

Watanuki comes to understand that he mustn't endanger himself to protect the ones who love him from suffering. While shopping with Yuko, Watanuki finds the Thunder Beast. Both comment about how much Watanuki changed from his meetings with people. Also, after seeing the fireworks the Thunder Beast showed them, Domeki realizes he now shares his eyesight with Watanuki.

Watanuki finds himself in Himawari and Doumeki's dreams, being chased by a monster when Doumeki's grandpa saves him with an arrow. Yuko and Watanuki obtain 6 dream ballons from the Dream Buyer. Watanuki gives one to the Fox at the Oden Stand as gratitude for saving him. While Yuko keeps 3 of the balloons, Watanuki sees Domeki's grandfather in one of his dreams revealing that Domeki used to dress like a girl for endurance. Watanuki meets Kohane Tsuyuri, a little girl who is famous medium, and he discovers that they have much in common.

He leaves his umbrella with her expecting to meet her again soon. Kohane goes back home and tells her mother she already exorcised the spirit in the cherry tree. Syaoran Li arrives at Yuko's shop. Yuko sends him where the "right eye" is. Syaoran and Watanuki exchange glances at each other. The lady in the tree crosses to the other side. The Neko-Musume cat-girl appears and makes a request of Yuuko, giving her an egg in exchange for Watanuki collecting water for her from a well.

Watanuki makes a pinky promise with Himawari. Watanuki meets Haruka Doumeki's grandfather in a dream and they talk about Himawari. He also tells him to bring the other dream balloon next day, as he does he meets Kohane next day. He gives her the balloon. Watanuki's pinky continues to hurt and he becomes more suspicious of Himawari. In the following day, he falls off the window just after she touches him.

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This is later revealed to be Watanuki subconsciously trying to "erase himself", not an effect of Himawari's bad luck. Watanuki hears his parents inside the dream of hell. Haruka brings him back. But thanks to Yuko they will be able to be together without endangering himself. She received Watanuki's scars as a price, and Doumeki paid with his blood. Syaoran's price is not yet known. Sakura's egg retrieved back in Tokyo is given to Watanuki and hatches, since then Himawari can be around Watanuki without putting him in danger.

The bird is called Tanpopo. Ame-Warashi and Zashiki-warashi come to visit Watanuki. Zashiki-warashi is changed by her relationship with Watanuki. Watanuki finally names the Pipe Fox as Mugetsu. Yuuko gives the other egg to Doumeki to keep. Another customer comes and her wish is that her house will no longer be frightnening to her. The Fox of the Oden stand gives food to Watanuki as gratitude for the dream balloon.

He goes with Doumeki to meet him, and gives him mittens. Yuuko notices that her shop's protection is breaking apart. With Maru and Moro sleeping the protection is getting even more fragile. Kohane meets Watanuki again and he gives her mittens too. After meeting again in the park, Kohane's mother appear and takes her away from Watanuki and Doumeki. Watanuki faints for the first time.

Yuko advises him to stay in the shop. Watanuki celebrates his birthday. He falls into the Dream World again, meeting Haruka. He meets Clone Sakura for the first time in this world. Yuko tells Watanuki that Sakura's soul if staying in the dream, won't be able to come back and so she'll die.

He realizes they are both in the Dream World. During a medium show, Kohane is criticized for telling the truth. Meeting Sakura in the Dream World again, she tells Watanuki that she had a dream where Syaoran was stabbed by Fye, to prevent this from happening she entered the dream.

They share the same birthday. After learning that Kohane is being harassed by the public as many believe her powers are a fraud, Watanuki pays a visit to her. He finds her house has been vandalized, and Kohane is wounded by someone who "pushed" her through the stairs. Watanuki tries to comfort her. Kohane's mother comes home and finds Watanuki and Doumeki. She gets angry, yells them to leave, eventually she attacks Watanuki. Back in the shop healing his eyes, Watanuki wonders if he can grant Yuko's wish.

Watanuki meets Sakura again in the Dream World. She tells him about Fye's pain, and how him and Syaoran are so alike. When she mentions their birthdays he realizes he can't remember his parents' names. Watanuki and Domeki get chased by bird-girls but manage to escape.

Watanuki and Himawari have a picnic together. When a hand grabs his sherbet, Himawari asks him about sampling his sherbet but doesn't seem to be able to taste it.

Once more, Watanuki goes into the Dream World where he meets his old friend who passed away. Inside the dream someone calls him telling him "Don't dissapear".

Watanuki meets with Yuko in the Dream World. He asks her if he's inside a dream and when he'll wake up. He can't remember anybody aside from the people he met in the shop. Still in the dream, Yuko tells him about his relationship with Syaoran Li and then Watanuki offers to grant Yuko's wish. After waking up, Watanuki decides to face his reality even if it's a "dream". After meeting with Domeki and Himawari he enters the Dream World again, when he sees Sakura and a hand behind her trying to grab her.

Inside the Dream World, Watanuki meets Syaoran Li again, but leaves before the Clone appears and loses his glasses there. Tired of seeing Kohane being harassed by the media and mistreated by her own mother, Watanuki takes her to the shop. Kohane tells Watanuki about her past. After she started seein ghosts, her mother got her into TV shows, and her father left them. The mother's wish of revenge led to their unhappiness. Kohane makes a wish to stop the rumors on TV in order to be happy, and pays her powers as a price.

Yuko finds out that the power she had came from one of Sakura's feathers, although not all of it, meaning that the time-space is breaking apart. The shop is begging to fade away, while Maru and Moro seem to be unable to keep the shop standing for much longer.

Kohane is brought to live with the Fortune-teller Old Lady, before moving in with Doumeki. Kohane asks Doumeki about his relationship with Watanuki. She pleads to him to take care of him since she lost her powers. Afterwards, Watanuki teaches Kohane to cook. Back at Yuko's shop, a new customer arrives. This customer wants to learn cooking. Watanuki falls into the Dream World once more, and meets Haruka.

They argue about Doumeki and his eating- he'd only eat someting he trusts. Watanuki goes to his customer's place to teach her to cook. Watanuki gives Doumeki some of her dish, but he turns it down, and he feels uneasy about it.

So, he asks Yuko to taste it, but she knows that there's a difference between both dishes- hers and Watanuki's. Watanuki finds out that the girl doesn't like eating her own food and finds it disgusting. Yuko talks about Watanuki's origins, and Sakura's Star Staff. It was his parents who made Watanuki and Syaoran different from each other, by changing their names.

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Thus he was able to live without being used for Fei Wong's purposes. Watanuki felt he didn't want to live, since his parents are dead. He tried to "erase himself" when Syaoran fought his clone in Tokyo. Maru and Moro tell Yuko that they'll do their best to protect the shop, additionally Yuko says that Watanuki's name contains the promise that their parents made to him "to absolutely go and find him".

At this point, the series reach the same plot as Tsubasa in the Nihon Arc, and this is the time where Syaoran tells Watanuki "don't dissapear". Watanuki questions his student why she wouldn't eat her food. The reason is that she finds herself and everything about her disgusting. The fortune teller calls Yuko, meaning to talk with Watanuki but he's not there at the moment. She wanted to tell him that his parents are still alive- but he can't know about it yet, eventually he will once they both meet again.

Yuko meets Haruka in the Dream World, the both talk about the "butterfly's dream" and that everything will come to an end.

relationship between cardcaptor sakura and tsubasa chronicles

Watanuki asks his client to come to the shop to teach her. He also asks her to eat what she made, but she wouldn't; so Watanuki wonders if it's because that cooking implies showing yourself- but this leads to the client running away. Without realizing it, Watanuki falls into the Dream World and meets Yuko there.

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Watanuki wakes up, shocked just to realize he can't meet Yuko anymore. He continues to drop by riceballs to his client, who wouldn't receive him. Himawari makes cookies for Watanuki and Doumeki. One month goes by, and Watanuki doesn't give up on dropping by food to his client, who finally gets his food. At this point, the story reaches Tsubasa's last arc: Watanuki falls into the Dream World and meets both Sakuras and Syaorans. Mother Sakura repeats what Sakura Kinomoto said: He starts calling out for Yuko.

As Watanuki searches for Yuko, the shop starts to dissapear. Watanuki also finds his client, enraged because she actually ate what she made. She realized she was an empty person inside, but still wanted Watanuki to help her. Watanuki is glad about it, and is excited about what Yuko would say. But the client doesn't remember her.

Is Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles connected to Cardcaptor Sakura?

He also meets the twins, who don't remember her either, so he runs towards the shop- only to find himself inside the Dream World once more- and meets Yuko. Yuko is at her point of death, and explains Watanuki that she must have died a long time ago, but she didn't because of someone's emotions- and had to remain until the day that had to come. Watanuki has no memory of these "two futures" so he doesn't care about it.

relationship between cardcaptor sakura and tsubasa chronicles