Relationship between bob marley and lucky dube albums

"Bob Marley said

relationship between bob marley and lucky dube albums

Bob Marley and Lucky Dube. likes. I am a huge reggae fan and have been since the beginnings of this riddim, of mento, ska, lovers rock, rocksteady. My relationship with Lucky Dube began the day I walked into a I had gone there hoping to find a copy of Bob Marley's album Uprising. Lucky Dube, the South African reggae singer had been shot dead! His albums were smash hits and he drew massive crowds wherever he toured around the world. Some of this anger spilled on to Bob Marley and in , after coming to . His love-hate relationship with Bob Marley, the darling of most.

Some of this anger spilled on to Bob Marley and inafter coming to blows with Bob Marley several times, Peter Tosh departed from The Wailers, bringing to an end, his membership of the band he co-founded with Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer. Peter Tosh was able to establish a brilliantly successful solo career beginning fromwhen he recorded the pro-marijuana anthem, "Legalize It".

The title track was banned from the radio by the Jamaican Government with harsh sanctions including jail term for defaulters. This was a pattern which followed Tosh's career and other aspects of his life.

His next album inthe militantly brilliant "Equal Rights" was again denied radio play in different parts of the world because of its anti-apartheid stance. By this time, Peter had assembled a thunderous backing band called Word, Sound and Power which comprised the legendary bass and drum duo, Sly and Robbie. Peter toured the world railing against the "shitstem" despite the numerous challenges he faced.

relationship between bob marley and lucky dube albums

A member of The Tamlins, a vocal group who backed Tosh in concert and on his albums said everybody expected the worst to happen at any time, such was the groundswell of resentment and hate felt for Peter Tosh by "Babylon". At the Peace Concert organized by the Jamaican government in to reconcile warring factions amongst the politicians which had led to bloodshed and genocide in the country, Peter Tosh was at his most confrontational.

The Inside Story Of The Influence Of Peter Tosh On Lucky Dube

He lambasted the political elite assembled at the concert including Prime Minister, Michael Manley and Opposition Leader, Edward Seaga, for their policies and actions which had led the country down the path of socio-economic hardship.

A snarling Tosh also denounced the police for their connivance and declared that "if it was left to me, every police station in this country would be closed down". The Prime Minister and his fellow politicians fidgeted nervously on their seats while the police scowled at the singer in angry humiliation.

However, Peter Tosh was untouchable, on that night at least, because over 30, jamaicans at the concert who endlessly cheered Tosh would have rioted if their hero had been in any way aggravated. Even the world media at the concert were not spared the singer's wrath. He growled at the television cameras to switch off their "bloodclot lights" which were "too focus inna me eye" Advancing threateningly, Tosh snarled "what you wanna do?

To many people, it is a tragedy that there is no visual testament of Peter's incendiary performance at the Peace Concert. Peter Tosh's next album in named "Bush Doctor" again received the ban treatment as it again advocated the decriminalization of marijuana.

relationship between bob marley and lucky dube albums

In the UK, major retail stores including Boots refused to stock the album especially because the sleeve gave off the smell of marijuana when scratched. The lead-off single from the album was mischievously titled "Buck-in-Hamm Palace". Indeed, Peter Tosh throughout his career displayed an unrivalled talent for lyricism and wordplay.


His album, "Wanted: Dread and Alive" again note the clever wordplay was one of his most commercially successful as Peter again explored his compelling themes of Rastafarianism, black liberation and anti-colonial mentalities. A very spiritual man, Tosh also included two songs on the album which may have predicted the way he was to die a few years later.

There is no doubt that Tosh faced institutional resistance throughout his career. He once noted that everywhere he saw his name, it was always with a big red "X" a sign of institutional disapproval.

Peter Tosh also suffered from physical abuse and he was beaten almost to death many times by the police and other government agents. Lucia I was always wondering if I would ever get to go to one of Lucky Dube's concerts and yes that happen but instead of one I went to the two concerts that he kept in SK and boy were they great and now hearing that he is dead it feels like he were my family.

10 years after his death, Lucky Dube's music is still a topic of debate

Forget about power and self. Stand up as one people. There should be no Christian, no Muslim, no tribe and no nationality. Lucky Dube was as many have stated a Son of Africa! Do not let his message and his life be one that is silenced. Make this tragedy a focal point to enact change not only in SA but in Africa! Lucky's Music will live on like those of Bob Marley, Joseph Hill culture and all the great reggae icons who have gone.

Edison Francis, Grenada Since I was a 15 year old boy I have loved Lucky Dube's music and generally reggae music and the news of his death is a really hard blow to me, my community and my country in the Caribbean. Until this violence stops, there will be no peace. I hope they catch the perpretrators of this wicked act. We will miss you Lucky Dube!! I am listening to his music right now Hope his son can continue the legacy. Lucky Dube was one of the most talented artists I know next to our Bob Marley.

It is so ironic that a Freedom Fighter like him who had a strong message of peace would die in this undeserving way. I send my deepest condolences to his family and the people of South Africa,the world has lost another bright shining star!

Bob Marley, Lucky Dube, Alpha Blondy Greatest Hits(Full ABum) - Best Reggae Songs Of All Time

His message will live on, and I pray for peace in South Africa, as I pray for my own country Jamaica which is said to have the 3rd highest murder rate in the world. The last time I saw him, he visited Antigua where I live now after leaving my country Kenya.

I missed a chance to talk to him and tell him how much I admire him and his music but hoped to meet him later, but now he is dead I am left empty.

It hurts so much to know that what he preaches every day against violence has been the cause of his death. Though the circumstances surrounding his death may seem normal in some quarters of the world, I find it to be senseless and cruel. What human being could want to rob so desperately that they has no regard for even the young ones among us?

Lucky touched my life at a very early stage with his words of wisdom, what some may even called conscious lyrics. Is freedom going back to a House of Exile? Johns, Antigua My heart has a hole and there is not much that I can say but I wish his family all the best and my heart goes out to then. May his soul rest in peace. | Caribbean tributes to Lucky Dube

Opal, Anguilla It is really sad that our dear song star has been shot. Right now in Dominica, only reggae music, including his and all those who have gone before him, is playing. Some of his songs were really cool I think people should learn to work hard for what they want, and do not covet that of other persons. My dad adored him and we the kids also developed that love and appreciation for his music. Recently he was in the Caribbean for World Cup Cricket and was here in Antigua, we enjoyed his show to the fullest.

It was my first time seeing him live in concert and I was looking forward to many more live shows but alas! John's, Antigua I am shocked and saddened by Lucky's death.

relationship between bob marley and lucky dube albums

I got my first Lucky Dube tape in the early 90s. His music was moving, and his lyrics spoke to the soul. Thank you Lucky for your gifts to the world. You will live on through your music. Always listen to his song which spoke about the reality and facts of the world as a whole.

I wished he could have come back to Belize to perform as he did once when I was still a child. I Was always looking forward for his new album and his songs. Javier, Belize He will surely be miss in the Caribbean. He is dead but a part of him still leaves on.

We all were waiting. I will miss him an his music. Tabby, St Lucia An inspirational figure who spoke reality in his songs.

Nigeria: (un)Lucky Dube and Peter's Touch

The predicament of the oppressed outlined but given motivational teachings to be persistent in the struggle for victory. He sang just what the people needed to hear.

His creative juices, inventiveness and enthusiasm in his various genres of music ever keep on growing. My relationship with Lucky Dube began the day I walked into a small music shop called Ziyaduma. I had gone there hoping to find a copy of Bob Marley's album Uprising. The year was and Dube had just released his album Think About the Children. The title track was blaring from loudspeakers on each side of the door, and I had no clue what genre of music it was.

But the voice seemed familiar. The music had a tinge of reggae fused with sounds of mbaqanga with echoes of Jimmy Cliff and a bit of Peter Tosh. It was reggae with just the right amount of zest to appeal to non-reggae fans.