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Joint Conference on Lexical and Computational Semantics and co-located with The Conference .. Montague Meets Markov: Deep Semantics with Probabilistic Logical Form with a prefix, a hyphen and a suffix. but such recognition does not confer any particular rights and is relevant only to Hyphenate identities have not hitherto been legitimate in Britain in the same meet in a standardized relationship happens to be of a different complexion. Summary of Pre-Conference Agreements Reached. Self-Sustaining . SECOND MEETING OF INTERGOVERNMENTAL AGENCIES. Amsterdam Hyphenation is not used in IFAD documents to divide words at line ends.

My husband and I really enjoyed the scientific programme, the positive international atmosphere and the welcoming spirit. We will recommend your coming conferences to our colleagues. Best wishes and good luck with future work. Ylva Vladic Stjernholm Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden The Conference Series llc LTD meeting "Translational Medicine " has been a very great meeting providing a comprehensive view on ongoing international clinical developments and gave me the option to make a lot of novel contacts to start collaborative research with people from all over the world.

Discussion directly with almost all peoples in a familial atmosphere is very fruitful as well as the venue, time frame and organization has been very convenient Andreas Weinhaeusel AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria This Conference was one of the best and even brilliant I have ever attended. There was very nice to have a mix between theory, basic science, sharing best practices and practical recommendations. The quality of the panels was outstanding, and I think you arranged a great cross-section of topics!

I will help recruit speakers to the next meeting as an organizer member of the conference committee Shabaan Abdallah University of Cincinnati, USA It was a great pleasure for me to attend the conference. It was perfectly organized, I met many nice people and listen to many valuable talks. Elzbieta Jarzebowska Warsaw University of Technology, Poland Thanks for your kindly help and service during the conference.

The conference was very interesting and also very useful for my academic research.

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So I will attend the Biostatistics next year if I have time. It was just excellent in all aspects. Annette Bentley President, American Celiac Society, USA Thank you for your email and for your well done job in organizing the Food TechnologyAll subjects in this conference was in depth knowledge from your good selections of international speakers and I expect conference will be in the same level of performers.

I had a great time and thought the program was really nicely put together Trine N Jorgensen Cleveland Clinic Foundation, USA The recent Stem Cell Congress in Chicago, from the scientific standpoint, the highest quality and most useful of the three ConferenceSeries-sponsored conferences that I have attended. The presentations I heard were uniformly good. I would seriously consider participating in the Sept.

My wife and me keep Endocrinology firmly in our hearts. The third battalion of the Parachute Regiment is best written as 3 Para - ie contrary to our usual rule, the cardinal number is expressed as a digit, whatever it is the form "3rd Bn" should be avoided, given that we sometimes abbreviate "billion" to "bn". The officer commanding a battalion is a lieutenant colonel: Lt Col when accompanied by a name Col at second referencebut spelt out when no name is attached.

A troop is a group of soldiers, normally about Do not refer to individuals as troops - to say: But you can use the term in a generic sense eg: The UK has sent more troops to Helmand province. The word "arrest" is a legal term, where someone has formally been taken into custody - usually the first step towards being charged.

  • Hyphen or No Hyphen: That is the Question?
  • Hyphen or No Hyphen: That is the Question?

Sometimes, it is more appropriate to say held or questioned. Is not synonymous with "round" - eg: It may drive you round the bend if you work around the clock.

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Asbo ie follows our usual rule of upper and lower case for pronounced acronyms. It stands for Anti-social Behaviour Order.

Ashkenazi Jewish people of European descent ie with upper case "A". Assembly members in Wales are AMs. In Belfast, they are MLAs members of the legislative assembly. This is not the same thing as killing someone who cannot do it for themselves - sometimes described as a so-called mercy killing.

This is an emotive phrase which should be used sparingly. The light phenomenon when an asteroid or meteoroid enters the Earth's atmosphere is called a meteor. The lump of rock that hits the Earth's surface is called a meteorite. Never refer to "bogus asylum seekers" unless you are quoting someone. Budget at-a-glancewith initial upper case if you choose to introduce it with a colon eg: Hyphenated, too, if used adjectivally eg: An at-a-glance guide to the United Nations.

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In an ordinary news story, drop the hyphens eg: He told the court he had taken in the murder scene at a glance. After that, switch to a more compact style eg: Our numbers convention is ignored in events where times below 10 seconds are regularly achieved, such as the m. X took gold with a time of 9. In second place was Y, on 9. And the bronze medal went to Z, on 9.

Note that portions of seconds are expressed as decimals, rather than being written out as fractions.