Heroes peter and claire meet

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heroes peter and claire meet

Heroes: Peter and Claire One Shots Someone should rewrite the entire series but with Peter and Claire not related. . But will she meet her special someone?. For Claire Bennet's Heroes Reborn history, see here. .. Peter drives to a parking garage to meet with Nathan, to Claire's disapproval as well. While Claire doesn't make any appearance in Heroes Noah leaves a voicemail for Claire to meet him in Odessa during the Evo Summit on June Petrelli and to a lesser extent his grand-uncle Peter had.

Firm in her belief that they cannot trust him, Claire sneaks out when Peter leaves her in the car to speak with his brother, only for her to run into Angela. Angela and Nathan have plans to leave the city with Claire to Nantucket but when she finds out that they have known about the impending explosion all along and are willing to let it transpire, she jumps out of Nathan's office window after bluffing them that she has accepted the situation. Rapidly healing after her fall, she runs off to Kirby Plaza where she catches up to the scene just when Peter is about to explode.

Bennet hands her a gun to shoot her uncle just as she had promised before, but Claire hesitates, pleading with Peter that there must be another way.

Nathan flies down in between them at that moment and agrees with his daughter. As the first season ends, Claire reconciles with her adoptive father and they make plans to reunite with the rest of their family. Generations[ edit ] Four months lateryear-old Claire and her family have moved to Costa Verde, California, where Claire starts her first day of 11th grade in Costa Verde High School under the last name of "Butler".

She quickly meets Westwho nearly runs her over when she accidentally runs in front of his car. In " Lizards ", Claire, curious about the extent of her abilities and whether they could be used to help others, cuts off her own toe to see if it grows back. It does, but West, watching through the window, catches her in the act. Claire tries to keep him quiet about it, so he reveals his power, the ability to fly, to her. When Claire notices a two-line scar on his neck, he explains that he was "abducted by aliens" just after meeting a man with "horn-rimmed glasses", revealing that he was one of many caught and released by Claire's father.

In " The Kindness of Strangers ", Claire pretends to make the cheerleading squad in order to have time to date West. Though the cheerleading squad leader, Debbie, will not let her join, she and West manage to get Debbie kicked off the team by abusing their respective powers. In " Out of Time ", West comes to Claire's house unannounced to bring breakfast.

Despite her efforts, West discovers the identity of Claire's father and refuses to talk to Claire about it. Claire strongly refuses, saying that she will not go with them. In " Cautionary Tales ", Claire takes a stand against her father's paranoia regarding the Company, claiming that this was all about him.

At school, Bob Bishop broaches the subject of underage drinking to her, but slips up and calls her "Miss Bennet," tipping her off to who he really is. Claire dashes home and discovers the painting that sent Noah into a paranoid frenzy Noah's death before she is abducted.

As Claire and West fly away, Elle zaps them down. Noah shoots Elle, but is shot by Mohinder, devastating Claire, who breaks the news to Sandra and Lyle. After doing so though, she quickly discovers Elle Bishop observing her.

Claire runs up to Elle and tells her that due to what the Company did to her father, she will reveal her power. Claire then punches through Elle's car window and says, "You'll be the ones running" and walks away. In " Powerless ", Claire is confronted by both her mother and West about her decision to reveal her power to the world. She and West fight, she breaks up with him and after he flies off, her father appears, effectively halting her plans.

Villains[ edit ] In " The Second Coming ", Claire, now 17, witnesses the shooting of Nathan on television, and calls Peter to ask about his condition, offering to give Nathan a blood transfusion to save him, though Peter tells her to stay put.

She instead packs a duffel bag, apparently planning to go back to Texas to save him, only to find a newly empowered Sylar outside her bedroom, much to her horror and surprise. After a chase through the house, Sylar slices into her skull and examines Claire's brain. When Claire asks if Sylar will eat it, he states that the very idea is disgusting. After poking around, Sylar finds the source and gains the use of Claire's power. He then simply replaces her disembodied skull cap, which immediately reattaches to her body.

Before Sylar leaves, he says to Claire that she's "different In " The Butterfly Effect ", Claire discovers that she no longer feels pain, which saddens her deeply as she states that pain was the only thing that kept her believing she was human at all. Clearly distressed by this discovery, she resolves to experiment on herself to test her new-found ability.

heroes peter and claire meet

During one scene, Claire begins to videotape herself as she is about to step in front of an oncoming train. By labeling it her "seventh attempt", Claire is picking up where she had left off in "Genesis", where she had initially halted her experimentation at attempt number six.

Peter merely states that he can't and teleports away, leaving her by herself on the hill. At home, Noah Bennet, greatly relieved to see her still alive, shows Claire some files on several of the Company's escaped villains, stating his knowledge of their abilities and capabilities.

When Claire inquires about the possibility of being attacked by any of these villains at home, Noah tells her he had thought about that idea and then reveals that he and Sandra Bennet had called in Meredith Gordon last seen in Season 1's "Run! Eventually, she forces Claire to reveal the real reason she wants to learn how to fight: Afterwards, a guilt-ridden Meredith apologizes to her at the Bennet household, and Claire leaves for an apparent cheerleader meeting; in reality, she has stolen some Company files that Noah had left on the counter and gone to track down some of the Company's escapees.

In the episode " Angels and Monsters ", Claire has begun her mission to recapture the Level 5 escapees. Using the information from her father's files she tracks down Stephen Canfieldwho has the ability to mentally create powerful energy vortices that act as miniature black holes.

She finds Canfield, stuns him using a Taserand explains to him that he is evil and how he must be brought to justice. However, much to Claire's surprise, Canfield is remorseful about the death of his neighbor whom he accidentally killed after a heated argument over a lawnmower. He states how he just wants to be reunited with his wife and kids.

Upon hearing this, and convincing Canfield that she was not with the Company, Claire agrees to help him locate his family using the information from her father's files.

heroes peter and claire meet

Shortly thereafter, Noah and his newly assigned partner Sylar much to Claire's horror interrupt her mission. Believing that Claire had set him up, Canfield opens up a vortex and escapes; Claire is very nearly sucked in, but is saved at the last minute by Sylar, who attempts to convince her that he is genuinely sorry for what he did; unsurprisingly, she is unwilling to forgive him, and Noah emphatically tells him to shut up and never talk to Claire again.

Claire tells Noah that Canfield is truly sorry for what he had done and that the murder was an accident. Noah assures her that he would not place someone in Level 5 who didn't belong there in the first place, and agrees to talk to Canfield. That night, Claire meets Canfield at an amusement park, where it is revealed that his family never came. At that moment, Noah shows up and attempts to force him to kill Sylar in exchange for his own freedom against Claire's protests.

However, the depressed Canfield uses a vortex to kill himself instead, feeling he has nothing left to live for. Later, Noah and Sylar drop Claire off at home. Sylar tries to sway Claire over to his side by claiming that Noah is a user who doesn't see people with abilities including the two of them as human and never will, but Claire refuses to listen.

Inside the house, a relieved Sandra asks about Claire's well-being, and is relieved that Meredith found her, at which point Claire realizes Meredith went out looking for her and hasn't come back. In " Dying of the Light ", Claire has decided to search for Meredith.

Despite the tension between Claire's mothers, Sandra does not object, and insists that she comes along, reinforcing the Company's "One of Us, One of Them" policy. Using Noah's files, they track down Eric Doyle's location. Sandra creates a diversion to buy Claire some time to rescue Meredith by telling Doyle that she is planning a birthday party for Lyle. However, the plan falls apart, and Sandra and Claire end up captured by Doyle.

Claire is then forced to play a demented version of Russian Roulette ; Doyle has placed the mothers-daughter team under his power and set a gun loaded with only one bullet on a table. After first using his power to control Claire's aim of the gun between both of her mothers, he forces her to shoot Meredith, but the chamber is empty. Meredith pleads to Doyle to release Claire, but he ignores her and continues his game. Next, Sandra is forced to aim the gun at Claire. Doyle releases his power over Claire's mouth and asks her if she has any last words.

She reassures Sandra that everything will be okay and asks her mother to shoot. Her mother pulls the trigger until the live round fires, wounding Claire. Believing Claire to be dead, he releases his control of Sandra, which allows Claire to knock him unconscious, releasing the others. Noah later comes and sedates Doyle and takes him away. Claire is still angry with him over his partnership with Sylar and the Stephen Canfield incident and leaves the puppet emporium, followed by Sandra who attempts to calm her down.

Claire inquires about their situation "We just starred in a human puppet show, my dad's working with a serial killer, and I can't feel pain"but Sandra remains proud of her teenage daughter because of the latter's unwillingness to buckle under pressure.

They exit the vehicle, and their house lights start flickering. Once inside, they discover Lyle on the floor groaning in pain; he alerts the women that "the bitch is back. After a brief showdown between the two in which Elle's power proved useless against Claire's ability, she is stopped by Lyle who short circuits her body by throwing a pail of water on her.

Elle then reveals that since her firing from the Company by new CEO Angela Petrellishe has nowhere to go and come seeking the assistance of Noah Bennet. She then admits that she is losing control of her ability ever since the Level Five incident and that Pinehearst Industries may have the answers to helping her. Claire, who can identify with power mishaps as her own powers now negate painagrees to go with her. While taking a flight to Pinehearst, Claire taunts Elle over her hatred of heights.

Elle fumes about her life under Primatech and believes Claire is an "idiot" if she wants any part in that life. Elle loses her temper, causing her body to overload uncontrollably, releasing electricity into the plane which nearly causes it to crash. Claire tells her to project all of her excess electricity into her body, knowing that she would not be harmed and thus saving the plane.

Once they arrive outside Pinehearst, Elle apologizes to Claire for being "nothing but a bitch" when Claire was "nothing but sweet;" Claire, however, says she should thank Elle for convincing her not to give up, and Elle expresses her relief that Claire is "just as messed up as [she is]". As they make their way toward the building, they witness Peter Petrelli getting thrown from a seven-story window.

Claire goes to her uncle's aid, and to the shock of the ladies, he had survived the fall, yet his body is not healing.

What epiosde does claire bennet and peter meet in HEROES?

Claire asks Elle to help her carry him to the car, but Elle abandons her and heads inside Pinehearst in hopes of being cured. Claire then calls her biological father Nathan Petrelli at Mohinder Suresh 's laboratory loft formerly Isaac Mendez 's loft and alerts him to the day's events. Later, she and Peter meet with Nathan and Tracy Straussand Claire reveals to him the information "Pinehearst" he needs to track down his father, Arthur Petrelliwhom Peter reveals is still alive.

In " It's Coming ", Peter and Claire get into an argument about the future that Peter witnessed in "I Am Become Death" in which Claire becomes a ruthless killer herself, with Claire trying to prove otherwise.

They are accosted by Knox and Flint who is still unaware that Claire is his niece through Meredith. Believing them to be after Peter, Claire tries to hold them off, until they reveal that they actually came for her.

Claire is surprised that Knox knows her name and ends up captured by the two villains, but she is saved by Peter, who overheard her shouts: Looking at the gas pipe, which was leaking, Peter warned Knox and Flint that he didn't need his powers to stop them, and provoked Flint into unleashing his pyrokinesis, which ignited the airborne gas, buying Peter and Claire time to escape.

The biological uncle-niece team later arrive at Primatech, where Matt Parkman attacks Peter for teleporting him to Africa. After Peter convinces Matt via thoughtspeak that it wasn't him, but rather Future Peter, Matt and Daphne Millbrook take them to Angela Petrelli 's room, where she is awake. Nathan arrives a few moments later, and Angela reveals that even though Pinehearst has both halves of the super-ability formula, a third element is needed; "a catalyst hidden in the blood of a human host," as Angela puts it.

Claire recalls Sylar's attack on her and points out that Sylar had called her "different In " The Eclipse, Part 1 ," Claire is told by Angela that she must go into hiding to avoid Arthur gaining the catalyst, she is taken to Level 5 where she finds Noah Bennet waiting for her, he takes her to the house of Stephen Canfield.

When they arrive there, he starts to teach her how to fight properly, as she struggles to fight him at first.

heroes peter and claire meet

Sylar and Elle are ordered to retrieve Claire for Pinehearst, but when they arrive they find that their powers are not working. Noah easily defeats the now-depowered Sylar and Elle, but Claire is shot by Elle when she throws herself in front of the gun to save Noah.

Claire finds that after she is shot, she is not healing. Angered and worried, Noah takes Claire back to her home where Sandra and Noah try to treat her wound; Noah decides against taking her to a hospital, believing that the wound is not that serious and also because he doesn't want to risk Claire's power being exposed to the public should it return.

Claire remarks that not being able to heal has finally allowed her to feel pain once again, and that even though it "sucks," it feels great. Sandra later returns to Claire's room with dinner on a tray, only to find Claire unconscious on the floor with blood pooling under her, showing that she was more severely injured by Elle's gun than Noah originally thought.

In " The Eclipse, Part 2 ," Claire is rushed to the hospital, where it's discovered that her entire bodily system is battling an infection; due to her ability, Claire has never been sick and possesses a very weak natural immune system.

The nurse suspects Sandra of lying, as the infection is potentially lethal. When she is stabilized, Claire works up an apology to Sandra for everything that has happened since the events of Volume One, also expressing regret for ever wanting to be normal "I'm so stupid. All I ever wanted was this ability gone. And now it is. When police arrive to talk to Sandra calling her "Mrs.

Butler," as they are still living under the assumed surnameClaire falls into septic shock and ultimately dies of the infection. The hospital staff cover her body. Sandra uncovers Claire's face just as the sun pours in, and she is startled when Claire's wound heals and she abruptly wakes up.

At home, Claire is still very angry with Noah for abandoning her again in her time of need, and explains that Noah still sees her as an "assignment. When they explain their mission, Claire hastily agrees to go with them so that they will leave the family alone.

He then returns and teleports himself and Claire to Manhattan, 16 years ago. Claire reads the words in the comic's speech bubbles out loud "I don't think I'd be a very good father;" "Once again, not a request;" "Don't get too close" and hears them repeated back in Japanese by Noah and Kaito. She realizes that they teleported back to the day that Kaito Nakamura gave month-old Claire to Noah on the Deveaux building rooftop—a scene first shown as a flashback in season 1's " Company Man ".

In " Our Father ", while in the past, Hiro and Claire make their plans; Hiro is going to try to get his mother to heal him and gain the catalyst from her in the process, while Claire is going to try to convince Noah not to take the phone call from Kaito Nakamura.

They lay out their plans to each other together in a rather humorous exchange, as neither of them understands what the other is saying. When Claire sees a slightly-younger Sandra struggling to support everything outside the Bennets' apartment, she introduces herself as "Bonnie, the neighbor's niece" and offers to help her. Claire proves to be very adept at handling her month-old self, and tells Sandra to never let the baby out of sight.

Claire's ruse is exposed by Noah, who is immediately suspicious of her. When the phone rings Claire, knowing who is calling, stops Noah from answering. She tells Noah that the Company will need to "borrow her for a bit," knowing that they plan to instill the catalyst into her past self.

While fighting back tears, she tells him that the baby—his "Claire-Bear"is "fine just the way she is. That night, on the Deveaux building rooftop, Claire meets again with Hiro, who, in English, tells her that he has been instilled with the catalyst.

At that very moment, Arthur Petrelli appears behind Hiro and absorbs Hiro's powers as well as the catalyst, then telekinetically throws him off the roof.

heroes peter and claire meet

Arthur approaches Claire next and, before sending her back to the present day, tells her to relay the following message to Angela: Sylar attempts to strike a deal with Claire, agreeing to let her, Noah, and Meredith go if she kills Angela, but Claire refuses and, after helping Noah escape from a trap, "kills" Sylar by stabbing him in the back of the head with a piece of broken glass.

Claire goes back for Meredith, who has lost control of her pyrokinesis after being injected with adrenaline by Sylar, but is persuaded to leave her behind, telling Meredith she loves her and escaping with Noah and Angela as the building goes up in flames. She is then comforted by Noah as she mourns her biological mother's apparent death. Angela enters the room and presses that getting an elite college education is Claire's best shot at a normal life; an agitated Claire disagrees, as she has a gut feeling that Sylar is still alive.

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Angela counters this argument by telling her granddaughter that they were witnesses to the destruction of Primatech, and Sylar most likely didn't survive.

Claire tells Angela of Noah's recent so-called "business trips" and of a news article she found of a man in Memphis who went missing and vows to go after Sylar herself. Later on, as she is leaving the mansion with her stuff, Claire overhears Angela on the phone. Picking up a nearby cordless, she eavesdrops and discovers Angela is talking to Nathan; she is telling him about Claire's suspicions of Nathan's plan to round up and capture people with abilities when Nathan names Peter and Matt as two of his next targets.

After being spotted by Angela, Claire hangs up and dashes out.

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She calls Peter to warn him of these plans, then dashes over to Matt's apartment to warn him as well. Matt shows Claire some drawings he made using his newly discovered power. They are examining a drawing of themselves when Matt is tranquilized from behind.

A team comes in to apprehend them. At an airplane hangar, Claire, who is hooded, drugged becoming semi-conscious as she is seen moving her head which the other prisoners seem incapable of doing when she is brought to Nathanand in an orange jumpsuit which has one button unputis brought to Nathan, who puts her in a car out of the hangar, but on the way out she regains her composure and knocks out the driver before exiting the car and making a mad dash for the plane.

She sneaks on board and unmasks Hiro, and then Peter, Mohinder, Tracy, an unknown female fugitive and Matt. Peter then distracts the guards to buy her time to get to the cockpit.

She threatens the pilot with an "unexpected landing", only to discover Noah is also in the cockpit. However, the "unexpected landing" comes to pass after Peter accidentally unlocks Tracy's power and freezes a hole in the plane. In " Trust and Blood ", after the crash, Claire and Peter attempt an escape while she reveals Noah Bennet's involvement in Nathan's plans.

They are accosted by Noah right then, but he lets Peter go and takes Claire to Nathan with plans to get her home. Daphne is then shot by The Hunter, and Claire is riddled with bullets until Matt manipulates one of the men to turn on his comrades. The Hunter then threatens Claire with a shot to the back of the head, but Nathan angrily stops him and takes her to Noah, who puts her in a car to take her home to Costa Verde and "live that normal life" that she used to long for. She has a drinking contest with a man to get more money for her and her father, Nathan.

She drinks over 20 shots and does not demonstrate any signs of being intoxicated. She pretends to be drunk to hide her ability from the man. She later points out to Nathan that her tissue regeneration extends to internal organs like her liver.

Thanks to her power, she has an incredibly high pain tolerance; Claire states that, when injured, she feels pain just as severe as anyone else who was injured in such a way, but her power quickly deadens the pain. She is immortal because she cannot be killed on injuries or diseases, this makes her still exist on future timeline.

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Trivia Edit Claire gave birth to a set of twins. Its unknown who the father is, though it can be implied from the final episode of Heroes Reborn that he is evil. Later, she visits Brody in his room and tells him that even though what he did was wrong, so was what she did. He insists he doesn't know who she is or why she's calling him Brody, thanks to her father's mysterious assistant. Better Halves Claire's father tells her he has arranged a meeting with her birth parents, Hank and Lisa.

After discussing with Zach how she might broach the topic of her powersshe meets with her biological parents. She asks if there's anything she should know about their medical histories, but to her disappointment they only mention normal medical conditions. Later, while discussing the visit with her motherClaire learns that an earlier attempt to locate her birth parents when her parents believed she had a genetic disorder ended in frustration. Nothing to Hide When Claire's mom takes Mr. Muggles to a dog show, she leaves Claire in charge of her brother Lyle.

Zach shows up, to let her know he's found the tape. She stashes the tape and while she and Zach help her mother load her car, Lyle discovers it and watches it.

Claire claims it's all special effects but Lyle suspects otherwise, and drives a staple into her hand. When the wound heals before his eyes, he grabs the tape and runs. Zach and Claire chase after him, but he locks himself in his parent's SUV. On the verge of tears, Claire pleads with him not to tell anyone about what he's seen because she's afraid it means their parents will regret adopting her and they won't be a family any more. In the end, Lyle relents and gives her back the tape, and she hugs him.

Seven Minutes to Midnight Mr. Bennet tells Isaac the truth about Claire's birth parents: About fourteen years ago, a situation arose with one of the people they were monitoring which orphaned her young daughter.

The Bennets were having trouble conceiving a child of their own, so they adopted Claire. Later, Claire visits her father at the Primatech Paper Co. Peter regenerates near Claire. Jackie taunts her about her unpopularity since injuring Brodybut then discovers that Claire won, thanks to the unpopular majority. Zach admits that he campaigned for Claire, and gives her a copy of Activating Evolution that he found on the internet.

Jackie comes up to them and teases Zach about his sexuality, and Claire punches her in the face, knocking her down. Bennet grounds her and says she's not to leave the house, even though it means missing her chance to be Homecoming Queen. Zach sneaks into her room through the window, however, and convinces her to sneak out. At school, Claire runs into Peter Petrelli on the way to the locker room. He claims he's an alumnus and asks her about a newspaper clipping showing Jackie winning an award for rescuing the man from the train wreck.

She tells him Jackie will be on the field shortly for the halftime show, since she's a cheerleader. In the locker room, Jackie holds Claire back after the other girls leave to tell her that she thinks she's a menace. Claire confronts her about taking credit for the rescue of the train wreck victim. Just then, the lights go out. As they leave, Sylar grabs Jackie and begins to kill her, slicing her head open telekinetically. Claire tries to stop him and he tosses her across the room, smashing her into a bloody mess.

When he sees her begin to regenerate, he drops Jackie and chases Claire out into the hall. Claire bumps into Peter, who tries to stall Sylar before following her out to the stone bleachers.

Peter tells her to head for the stadium and that Sylar doesn't want to be seen. Later, Claire returns to the gym to find Peter mangled on the ground, though he is regenerating. He sends her for help, but before she leaves, they ask for each other's name. Peter asks her, "Are you the one?