Flirt 3 pkp intercity wroclaw

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flirt 3 pkp intercity wroclaw

It is a 3rd generation FLIRT train from the Swiss company Stadler, but built in Poland. PKP Intercity bought not only Swiss Stadler's FLIRT trains but also competing products These locomotives were built by Pafawag in Wroclaw. Ed Flirt 3 Dla Pkp Intercity Prezentacja W Katowicach on WN Network delivers the PKP Intercity is a company of PKP Group responsible for long- distance passenger transport. A PKP Intercity ED Pendolino at Wrocław Main Station. POLAND: PKP Intercity has selected a consortium of Stadler Rail and Newag for a contract to supply 20 Flirt electric multiple-units for long-distance The 3 kV DC units will have a top speed of km/h and be equipped with for use on Jelenia Góra - Wrocław - Łódź - Warszawa - Białystok/Lublin and.

Of course not, and my reason for writing to you is to offer you a few pointers so that you avoid the rapid career change that befell most of them. Seriously, all joking aside, one of the things you should consider is talking to your predecessors — those who are prepared talk.

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There are systemic factors which were outwith their control. Some of the strategies of your predecessors were actually quite good, but they were not given the time to make them work. Here are thumbnail sketches of some of those you should talk to. Jacek Przesluga pointed out that the overall image of railways in Poland depended not just on the quality of the trains, but also on the standard of the stations.

Janusz Malinowski was popular with staff and drew attention to the environmental benefits of travelling by train.

Stadler and Newag win PKP Intercity train order

He was sacked for making senior appointments without consulting his boss, a mistake that I am sure you will not want to repeat. He succeeded — but only partially — in both, however a 5 million plus drop in passenger numbers made his position untenable. Steering the flagship company of the PKP group is a bit like steering a giant oil tanker — there is a considerable delay before any course corrections instituted by the captain are seen to have any effect. The captain has the benefit of training on simulators before he finds himself on the bridge of a real tanker.

Forgive me for being so blunt, but with PKP IC haemorrhaging cash and Parliamentary elections due no later than November, I do not believe that you have got a year before you have to be seen to have turned your ship around. So to help you get your tenure off to a flying start I have prepared the following point crib sheet.

If you manage to implement all these recommendations you should — given a fair wind — outlast your predecessors. Listen to your customers Set up a focus group. Run customer satisfaction surveys. Ride your trains and talk to passengers.

Stadler and Newag win PKP Intercity train order - Railway Gazette

If you need inspiration talk to Anthony Smith at Passenger Focus. Listen to your employees Another excellent way of discovering what your customers think of PKP is to talk to customer-facing employees like train managers and ticketing staff. They hear an enormous amount of complaints at first hand. Actually it is quite a good idea to set up a way of getting feedback from all your employees.

flirt 3 pkp intercity wroclaw

Passengers travelling, say from Lodz to Zakopany and changing at Krakow Plaszow from one TLK train to another, should NOT have to buy two separate tickets thus loosing the through journey discount when purchasing their tickets through the Internet.

It is only possible to buy tickets four weeks in advance. This is something you should be able to sort out quite quickly.

Picture from Swiercze Picture from the Warsaw east station Warszawa Wschodnia 1.

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The bar coach of the same New Pendolino as shown above. This is one of Poland's newest express trains, the ED Picture from Krakow Glowny There it goes now.

flirt 3 pkp intercity wroclaw

And the number of doors - only one single door per coach is also striking. Not even to mention the restaurant coach Picture from Gdansk Glowny Gdansk main station A brand new train.

InterCity (IC)

It is a four coach electric multiple unit train built originally by Pesa in for the regional part of PKP, now called Polregio. However PKP Intercity let totally refurbish and rebuild fourteen of these trains resulting in a brand new express train type.

This is one of the very first examples in commercial use. Picture at Warsaw C The type was first time exhibited at the InnoTrans fair in Berlin in and now it is already in commercial use. It is an eight car long fixed trainset. Picture of a Pesa Dart at Warsaw main station The same Pesa Dart as above, seen from the other side.

flirt 3 pkp intercity wroclaw

Closeup picture of an ED Pesa Dart. Picture from Bialystok Picture at Korsze 3. The company Pesa introduced Gama locomotives in at the Innotrans fair in Germany and the first diesel powered Gama was built in PKP Intercity took in use 10 of them. But although this is a very modern locomotive, the model has suffered from frequent breakdowns and it is not at all popular amongst the locomotive drivers. A very typical Polish InterCity train of ; this is the same train as above, pulled by the Pesa Gama no.

Yet another Pesa Gama locomotive at Korsze. The picture shows quite nicely the fairly special design of the locomotive. Picture from Korsze Picture from Szczecin glowny Stettin main station 6.

PKP InterCity would still need desperately new rolling stock. Notice by the way how both pantographs of the old locomotive need to be used whilst the operating currency in Poland is only the modest 3 kV DC.