Describe the relationship between janie and joe

describe the relationship between janie and joe

What is Janie's most noticeable physical characteristic? She had . What happened to Joe and Janie's relationship during the 7th year of their marriage?. They never shared what they were feeling with each other and were not open to what they wanted in the relationship, similar to Janie and Joe's. Joe Starks is a fortune driven man. He sweet talks Janie into running away with him. Janie is still young naive. Joe needs to control everything.

Tea Cake shows Janie affection which is something that is missing in her marriage with Joe and Logan. Tea Cake is now the one concerned about Janie. The sincere and sweet gesture of stroking her hair calms her down and reassures her that he is not going anywhere.

Making Janie happy shows that he loves her because he is not happy unless she is. Joe does not care if Janie is happy or not.

describe the relationship between janie and joe

He is the one that puts Janie down about her age to make himself feel better about himself. Joe thinks that Janie should be happy because he provides for her and because he puts her on a high chair for the community to see, but these are not the things that Janie needs to be happy. With Tea Cake his company, affection, and love is all she needs. Janie is comfortable enough in her marriage with Tea Cake that she is able to speak what she feels.

She does not hold anything back and does not bite her tongue when she has something to say to Tea Cake. She feels free to express her thoughts and concerns.

Janie is expressing violent thoughts which show another side of Janie since she is never abusive in her previous marriages. Janie has no problem speaking up to Tea Cake because she is in a relationship where she wants her feelings to be known and addressed.

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With Joe, Janie silenced her voice so as not to upset him and for fear that she would be struck. Janie and Tea Cake communicate to each other which make their marriage stand out from her other marriages. Janie develops further animosity over her isolation when the mule dies and the town conducts a ceremony she is forbidden to attend. Thus, their relationship suffers. Machismo causes Joe to abuse Janie, leading to the complete failure of their relationship.

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At the opening of the store, Joe stops wife from giving a speech. This disrespect damages the marriage because Janie feels jilted out of her right to speak. Joe consistently feels the need to dominate his wife, and this jars his relationship with Janie further.

In fact, it puts an informal end to it. When Janie makes a clumsy mistake cutting tobacco for a customer one day, her dissatisfaction with his machismo explodes.

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This revolt successfully ends any pretence Joe and Janie may have of being happily married; Joe moves to a room downstairs, not even sleeping with his wife any longer. Joe contracts a kidney illness that will kill him, and while he is on his deathbed, Janie tells Joe exactly what her problems are in their marriage. She complains about how he is self-centered and neglects her. Janie specifically complains about how Jody forces her into the image he wants.

Janie is referring to how Joe tries to turn her into the dignified aristocrat he is, rather than accepting her for who she is.

describe the relationship between janie and joe

She basically is complaining about his machismo and how he dominates her. Joe is a self-centered bigot. Janie wants a pear-tree, or someone to be her true love.

describe the relationship between janie and joe

Joe cannot be her pear tree because he is stubborn, macho, and too concerned with his personal status. Joe is more concerned with himself and dominating those around him than with love and Janie.