Cross country meet tips and toes

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Anyway, I got home, took off my shoes and noticed I have blisters at the tip of my middle toe on my right foot!! I this has happened to me before. When you run, think about bringing your foot up to the 12 o'clock position, reaching —Scott Keatley, USA Track and Field Level 1 certified, former cross country .. works for your biomechanics, meets your running goals and budget, and of. Find five great tips for Cross Country Race Strategy here so you can run your You can't expect to be successful if you don't have a plan when you toe the line. One meet we ran with UW-Wisconsin, which is a perennial power in Division 1 .

Make the most of your opportunities now! First off, don't blast off the start line. It will do you no good. You will burn off a ton of energy and get no pay off at the finish line. My old coach said that for every second you go out too hard, you lose three later in the race. Maybe you go out in the first meters about ten seconds faster than your race pace. That might cost you 30 seconds at the finish line.

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Next up is pacing yourself. I had the chance to run in some big college meets. Our team was running right along side their runners for the first mile of the race. Right after the mile mark, it was like a switch went off.

They went, and we faded back. The Wisconsin runners didn't do anything special. They kept the same pace. One trick to running well is that you have to feel like you pick up the pace to stay on the same pace. It is easy to run the first part fast because you have a lot of energy.

After the first part of the race, you feel winded and naturally slow down. You need to consciously make an effort to pick up the pace. Running the hills smart involves using them to your advantage. Hills are obstacles for other runners, not you. Go up a hill smooth and steady. When you get towards the top, pick up the pace. This way you get more bang for your buck. When you sprint up the hill and slow down at the top, you wasted a whole lot of energy.

cross country meet tips and toes

You won't improve your time this way. Stay steady up the hill, and switch gears at the top. You'll fly by the hill chargers with ease. By the way, that is me when I ran in college.

The Best Running Tips of All Time

Oh, the glory days. I was a dominant hill runner because of the tips I just listed.

cross country meet tips and toes

Down hills can work to your advantage too. The key is extending the hill. Near the bottom of a hill really stretch out your stride. Get on your toes and go fast! Use the hills momentum to keep running fast on flat ground.

You won't burn up much energy, and you'll pass a lot of people. Do you know the course? Get a course map from your coach before the day of the race. Where is the mile, the two mile?

cross country meet tips and toes

When will you start your kick? These are all things you should plan in advance for your race strategy. I was lucky enough to be on a great high school team.

How to Choose the Right Cross Country Shoes

I kept moving up and then saw the 2 mile mark. That race strategy worked better than planned! I have to say though. It is one thing to have a strategy. It is entirely another thing to carry it out. That leads me to my next tip. Now examine the sole.

cross country meet tips and toes

Where is the tread most worn? Where is the foam most compressed? Move to the rack and find a likely shoe. Admire its sleek lines, construction and tread. Think of how this is going to cocoon your foot and protect it from harm.

Then grab it by the heel, place the toe against the floor and try to push it through the floor. Does it remain rigid from the midfoot portion to heel? Yes on both counts? If not, put it back.

Trying them on at this time will give you a more accurate fit. Then, try them out by jogging down the aisle of the store.

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If they are comfortable, then answer one simple question: How do they feel? If the answer is yes, then good, they are a viable candidate. Try all brands and styles of shoes that meet your requirements and try them on with your eyes closed. Pick the one that feels the best. Racers sacrifice padding for performance by shedding weight.

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In doing so, runners are able to quicken and lengthen their stride, thus running faster times. They also usually feature interchangeable spikes or rubber stubs that help a runner dig in and gain traction. These differences aside, there are few differences in selecting a trainer versus a racer.