After the honeymoon phase of a relationship

after the honeymoon phase of a relationship

Some say the honeymoon phase is the best part of a relationship, others argue that it's the parts after the honeymoon period ends that are the. Your guide to surviving the honeymoon period. When you're caught up in a brand new relationship it's hard to imagine that this could ever. honeymoon period, first 6 months, dating, relationship, romance, as if after six months the spell abruptly breaks and you automatically morph.

Arguing is totally fine, but feeling smothered is definitely not something you need to put up with.

after the honeymoon phase of a relationship

You [should] always think of them first. Ingrid Schnader, a junior at Auburn University, also suggests changing your average date night to something more fun. We find the most interesting things and each trip is unique! Open up to your SO This second phase of your relationship is where you find out all the good stuff.

Revealing your true self is something that only comes with time—and this is when you should do it!

Moving Beyond the Honeymoon Phase: 4 Strategies to Make Love Last

You might not feel right bringing more serious feelings up in the honeymoon stage, but the fact that you are comfortable to put everything on the table means your relationship is strong and growing. But you remember your honeymoon days, so use that to your advantage.

after the honeymoon phase of a relationship

Shelly Adams, a junior at Shenandoah University, says that those feelings actually helped to bring sparks back into her relationship. Carry the feelings that brought you together into this second phase because they come in handy when the real-world invades. Some of the best experiences in your relationship will come after the honeymoon is over.

Denver, CO Psychologist: Moving Beyond the Honeymoon Phase

Dottie Kramer, a senior at Ohio University, says she actually likes the post-honeymoon phase better. Notable to the shift are: These differences can trigger arguments about how you spend your time and organize your life together. Dwindling Sex and Affection The flirting and sweet little gestures subside and sex starts to become a chore. Affection dwindles or becomes non-existent.

What To Do Once the Honeymoon Stage is Over | Her Campus

For example, you prefer nightly phones calls and he communicates throughout the day via text. Or, while you enjoy rehashing the day after work, he likes quiet time. These differences start to contribute to the arguments discussed above.

Chances are, you are also now spending less time with friends. The Relationship Transition After the sparkle of a new partner has worn off and the rush of falling in love has subsided, the real effort begins.

In an effort to maintain a loving connection despite the passage of time, consider the following post-honeymoon relationship strategies: Brittle suggests to try and learn something new about your partner everyday. Observe, inquire, and be intentional with the way you interact each day. Prioritize Intimacy Not necessarily sex, intimacy is a deep connection that includes conversation and physical closeness.

Broaden your experience of intimacy together by sharing quiet moments of meditation, conversation-based dates, or beautiful adventures that connect you with something beyond one another.

after the honeymoon phase of a relationship

Make a conscious effort to add diversity into your life together, as new experiences fuel happiness.