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abbott and costello meet frankenstein dvd beaver

DVD Beaver link Blu-ray ALL America - Universal Pictures - Frankenstein: Complete Legacy Collection "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein" (). Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein AKA Bud Abbott Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein (Blu-ray) (). IMDB link · DVD Beaver link. Two hapless frieght. From on, the team of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello had virtually propped up the flailing fortunes of the .. of Hold That Ghost and the cover image from Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, are credited to DVDBeaver.

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Their last film for universal. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. A good time for their last major movie together solongsuckers 30 July Abbott and Costello meet the Mummy is less of a movie then an episode of the Abbott and Costello show. Marjorie Windsor is a terrifically determined villainess and she helps to give the movie some drama and dark charisma but the movie is too unstructured otherwise.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein dvd beaver

It's more on a final, undisciplined romp for Abbott and Costello. Even though their chemistry is long since gone, they are still brilliant comedians and they fake their way through the movie with a plethora of stand up bits.

The good, clean comedy is a nice breath of fresh air. The cult of Klaris is a major bore, ranging from the incredibly non-Egyptian "Egyptian" Richard Deacon to the cult, itself, that features a man who is clearly either Tibetan or Chinese. The routine that Costello does with the lady is hilarious and high spirted and the bit with the amulet is well timed. The plot point of Costello eating the amulet in pieces and then it appearing intact in his stomach is meaningless here as the whole movie is not for purists.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein dvd beaver

The mummy is a major disappointment as the "bandages" look like a pajama outfit with a bandage pattern. Abbott gets into mummy's "wraps" for pretty much no reason other then to have three mummy's running around at one point. As if sensing that this is their last big blowout together, Costello is very natural with his criticisms of Abbott and Abbott seems almost too real with his abuse of Costello.

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Whatever dysfunction they had in their later years, they do their best here to slug it out. Costello acts like a man ready to jump off ship and he seems to be lightening his load for his journey. He gives a very light and a very funny performance. Abbott is sharper then he has been in years.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein dvd beaver

Abbott was so sharp in his younger days that he looks bad in comparison here but his worst is still better then most people's best. The plot is pretty much garbage and unenthralling and the mummy is completely impotent but the performances of Abbott and Costello and Marie Windsor help move the show. Lamont, is true to its title for a change, considering the comedy team of Abbott and Costello actually using their own names instead of what's listed in the closing credits, Bud Abbott as Pete Patterson and Lou Costello as Freddie Franklin.

Although they do encounter the 4, year old mummy, he's hardly in the story until the final 20 minutes or so. Following the tradition of "Abbott and Costello Meet" titles and the cycle of fright comedies that all began when they met "Frankenstein"with Dracula and the Wolf Man as added bonuses, followed by them meeting "The Invisible Man"all of which they enact character names, their venture with the Mummy was, in fact, long overdue, coming very late in the cycle, yet released at a time when the team was in need of something better than the weak comedies they've been turning out in recent years.

With Universal finding great success with its "Francis the Talking Mule" and the "Ma and Pa Kettle" series in the s, it appears that Universal kept Abbott and Costello on payroll longer than anticipated.

Abbott & Costello’s Monster Movie Mash

As it appears, "Meet the Mummy," demonstrated, too late in fact, that they were still capable of making a good comedy, even when appearing opposite a Universal monster to do it. The monster in question is a mummy named Kharis, now renamed Klaris. This past October, in preparation for my annual Halloween movie listI have mined the mirthful muddle of over 25 movies Abbott and Costello made at Universal Pictures later Universal-International between and — in their earliest and most popular phase, between andputting out films at a blistering pace of 3 or 4 per year — and have winnowed that considerable filmography to 8 representative scareshtick or, more awkwardly, slapterror examples.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein dvd beaver

Mostly, though, this was just an excuse to watch some fun Abbott and Costello movies — like one should even need an excuse — and writing about pop culture pleasure, as always, is my particular form of self-imposed penance: Hold That Ghostdir.

Bud and Lou are Chuck and Ferdie, as if changing their names between films even mattered, and more importantly are their usual and quarrelsome selves as two muggs locked in the eternal conflict between growling impatience and guileless innocence. Bud and Lou are soda jerks with dreams of breaking into the radio business who find their big opportunity to solve a real-life mystery when, while attending a live broadcast of Murder at Midnight, the president of the local network Thomas Gomez is bodily recipient of 10, volts of radio power at the outset of his most popular show.

Impersonating detectives, in a highly questionable scheme to win a place on the show by solving the real crime, the fake pair of investigators are soon pursued by a real detective pair William[s] Bendix and Gargan who suspect the others of posing as would-be officers in order to deflect suspicion of their guilt.

Reality and fantasy further collide only insofar as the lies and impostors mount alongside the deepening pile of corpses; so while there are no supernatural elements for Lou to be scared of or Bud to scoff at in Who Done It?

The Time of Their Livesdir.

Abbott and Costello: The Complete Universal Collection

Burned to its purified ashes on that long ago and fateful night, Danbury is restored to its original state years later by one of its heirs John Sheltonand the ghostly pair see an opportunity in contemporary mids to prove their innocence when a party of curiosity seekers, including famous fright psychologist Dr.

As such, it is however an interesting twist that Bud rather than Lou is here forced to perceive a reality beyond the pale. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankensteindir. First and foremost, the studio persuaded Bela Lugosi to return to the role that had earned him equally literal immortality, and joined by Lon Chaney, Jr.

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Chick Bud and Wilbur Lou are Florida railway package handlers who improbably receive a shipment to a local wax museum that contains the unearthly remains of Count Dracula and the Frankenstein monster. The long-tortured soul of one Lawrence Talbot, AKA the Wolfman, soon arrives on the midnight scene, but his persistent warnings fall on deaf ears as disastrously as his visit is ill-timed with an apparent full week of full moons.

With a fetching femme fatale in Dr. Well, pardon this film fan as he places all objections of sense and reason behind to follow Bud and Lou along on yet another darkly funny screen adventure.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein dvd beaver