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23, Texas Thaw Vintage Drags and Car Show, North Star Dragway in Denton, TX . All pre Cars Music by Pushrod - Onsite Tattoos by Ink, Inc - Decatur Swap Meet. For questions or Car Show at the Yellow Belly Drag Strip FLYER. Came from Minnesota to watch. I got to see many things that I don't get to do or see at home. No hel met no seat belts on and Windows down then all people in . and it should be obvious to all here that this is not how to run a race. Yello Belly looks like ZMax compared to Rico (McKenzie Dragstrip) in North Carolina, lol. . I kind of figured that all the regulars had met untimely deaths and the Transport Services Wanted/Offered, Moparts On-Line Swap Meet

Many people react "I don't need to dyno my engine to know it works" and various other comments suggesting you are wasting time and money with a dyno session. Our opinion is completely the opposite, and for many good reasons.

A dyno session will exclude all other variables and will tell you exactly what the engine is doing. There will be no wheel spin, no tyre shake, no transmission woes during a dyno pull. The track is always perfect and the rear end always faultless. No head or sidewind, no driver error The information you obtain is purely to do with the engine - unadulterated, spotless, as pure as a mountain spring.

And you get loads of it. Sheets and sheets which show exactly where the engine is making the power - with clear graphs showing Torque and Horse Power curves that will help you to determine exactly what converter you should use, at what RPM you should launch, when you should shift, not forgetting that when you have your converter custom built ours were built by Munsinger California and - don't ask why - Ray Raaymaker in Australia the builder will ask you for dyno sheet information, as well as all other details of your car ours wanted to know our shoe size too.

The purpose of the dyno is only very marginally to tell you how much power your engine is making - that particular piece of information is almost irrelevant. Whether he has built your engine or not we build our own he takes extreme care in handling your baby, he nurses it through the first start up, listens attentively on the baby monitor well, earphones to make sure no nastiness is detected in any of the cylinders, and gives you his full attention all day, jetting up and down, trying different carburettors, different size headers, timing Of course you can do your homework beforehand and come well equipped with the parts you think will be perfect, and if you get it totally right you can play with your tuning settings for longer.

It took us almost four hours to get to him from London, and four hours to get back - but we thought it was well worth the time and the money, we wouldn't consider any nearer alternatives and we would recommend the whole experience to anyone without hesitation. Our aim for this year was to play with the and try and get good launches and nine-second runs, and we seem to be on target at the moment! This year, due to problems with my business which are taking their toll in terms of stress and time, I decided I would let Rick do the driving until at least the Main Event.

I was thinking of perhaps getting back behind the wheel at the Summernationals, when maybe things would have settled enough for me to be less strained. Right now, I'm starting to regret it, as it seems all fun and no pressure or pain! Despite the setback with the weather, many in the biggest car class in the UK had a good time at the Easter Thunderball. Rick and I had a great time in the Heaven and Hell Camaro. With a well-prepped track the nine-inch slicks really dug in on the launch and we achieved not only our best sixty foot time ever 1.

We went out in the second round with a red light, which in hindsight was perhaps a blessing in disguise, as we were spared the long delays and the rain that followed. Quite a few racers suffered breakage, some managing to fix it in time for the race - for example Champion John Atkinson rebuilt the transmission in the pits helped among others by fellow Pro ET racer Joe Stevens - others not being so lucky, for example Simon Barlow who crashed on the first run.

Fortunately Simon was unhurt and will rebuild and come back. Teething problems prevented John Morris' brand new ride - the ci Animal Magic Probe - from qualifying for the thirty-two car field, Dave Ward in the Monza funny car broke on the first run, and Neil L'Alouette, helped by Sportsman ET champ Rick Denny, kept having fuel delivery problems which prevented the ci powered Chevy C10 pick up from running sub twelve second times and unfortunately did not qualify.

I think Phil Toppin mushroomed a pushrod, and although new supplies were received two breakouts in the last qualifying runs meant Phil did not make the field in the end.

Thirty two teams emerged from the qualifying battles, thirty two survivors who included Neil Hunter in the 7 Year Hitch Capri who pulled in by the skin of his teeth as first alternate when number nineteen qualifier Mark Watts in the ci powered '57 Chevy broke. Neil unfortunately did not get past the first round, Paul Marston treeing him with a 0.

Aidan Kenny and son and Crew Chief Chris had a catalogue of problems throughout the weekend and would like to thank all racers that helped them, so they did manage just to make the thirty-two car field and enjoyed being out there racing with all of their friends again, despite the setbacks making it not their most successful meeting.

Chris would also like to point out that there is a motor shop called Wilmco in Wellingborough High Street which is open pretty much all the time even when Halfords are shutand their service and product range you get is great. So remember them if you have a sudden problem and you need any run of the mill spares.

Pro ET Sponsorship co-ordinator Carl Burton in the English Rose camp missed the Test Day and started the meeting playing with his new carb for the first four runs, then decided to leave it alone and try to qualify instead.

This decision earned them number eight qualifier and allowed them to go past Mark Bracking, evening out the score as Mark beat them last time. The great banter between the crews made it especially enjoyable and fun, and Carl will be back to give battle another day.

Nicky was in good form and having a really good time after modifying a lot of her beautiful '67 Camaro. Everything worked well and she was ready to meet Clive Cox and his very nice '67 in the third round - you cannot have too many Camaros, that's what I say I'll admit I am somewhat biased.

Half of the top ten qualifiers didn't make it past the first round, including Wayne Hiscock who succumbed to John Atkinson's excellent. Two close races were enjoyed by Mike Lacey in the Metamorphosis Camaro and Keith Herbert in the Plymouth Fury, both racers pulling good reactions but Mike being closer on both ends of the track. The Top 11 Best Dragstrip Names -

Half and Half- Half of the first round flopper pairings were upsets! The Blake Alexander win over Matt Hagan was the largest of the upsets as Alexander was in the 12 spot and Hagan was the number two qualifier.

Specifically he bought Beckman a beautifully restored front engine dragster called the Blood, Sweat, and Nitro machine that was restored by John Ewald. Beckaman is huge into the history of drag racing and this thing is sure to make appearances at nostalgia events on the west coast at least. The local favorite made his first runs down New England Dragway at the helm of his street car in the early s.

Tacsa III has certainly come a long way since those days as an enthusiastic hot rodder, climbing the ladder to drive the most powerful race cars on earth. Unfortunately, tire smoke and an expiring engine cost him the round win, much to the disappointment of the crowd. Tasca moved Beckman to the left lane at the last second as he had lane choice, but the move did not prove fruitful. Typically, Sundays are lighter spectator days but not here in pluggy Epping, where the place is once again standing room only.

Ok, not standing room actually as the track is allowing people to sit on the massive hill that rises out of the Earth at the top end of the track. Fans and photographers alike have reported it is probably the best seat in the house. The hill was a staple of viewing races here at NED for decades and it has officially been re-baptized this weekend. Top Fuel upsets make round one interesting — It is not very often that we see a 14 qualifier upend a 3 qualifier in the first round of eliminations, but we saw that this morning when Terry McMillen beat David Grubnic in their match up.

I love this place. Morgan Lucas leapt from the 11 spot and beat 6 JR Todd in round one as well. Matching lights, mis-matched elapsed times: Antron Brown and Bob Vandergriff both left the starting line at the exact same time.

It is rare to see two bracket guys leave the line on a sportsman tree let alone a pair of top fuelers on a pro tree. A weird one for sure. A tall order for sure! Also, Mike is undefeated in final rounds.

Tom Hoosigian takes on Kent Hanley on one side of the ladder. On the other side of the ladder, locals Nick Willard and Ray Fredricks square off in semi-final action. Joe Santangelo and Anthony Bertozzi are going into the semis on one side of the ladder. Hodgson said of the day's results "It was a shame that the anticipated grudge match failed to materialise due to technical issues, but that's the nature of motorsport.

It's great to see Keith got a personal best though, it is obviously a successful result for him and his team. The fact that Mick got a European Record is a fantastic result and this goes to prove that with the correct support both teams can be immensely successful.

Turbo Dynamics sends their congratulations to both teams and will continue to support them through next year's drag racing season. At the time Begley said, "We managed to get a time of 8.

The turbos are absolutely fantastic and they are only running on low boost. We won the Pro Class hands down! A video of that first run can be seen at uk. Julian Hunt has updated his web site at www. You can check it all out at www. Tre Kronor ready to roll. Two years ago I decided to build up the old Funny Car again but not with the old parts.

The car is nearly an exact copy of the old one but with a new engine design - no iron heads today! We fired up the car for the first time on 18th October and everything is looking really good now. We will race the car at the March Meet at Bakersfield next year. Thanks all of you. In a very short time I will inform you about the driver. Probably one of the most successful race cars in UK drag racing, certainly for its relatively limited life so far, Spencer Tramm's Championship-winning Quantum Leap Volkswagen Corrado is in the hands of a new owner.

I sat out and entered re-energised. Four weeks before Easter I decided to celebrate my thirtieth birthday and my dad's sixtieth with a new ci Jeff Bull engine. We ended up reaching the semis there and doing OK until the summer break. We decided to go to Shakespeare County, got to the semis again and then won the Europen Finals which up until this year's National Finals was my best race ever.

Right after the trophy night I fell ill and couldn't drive the Corrado at Easter. Enter Chris Isaacs - our two teams are more like one big one anyway so his filling in for me was no big deal. Rene Kloss gave me some information about the car.

Chris Isaacs built a very consistent chassis and the price was good. Maybe next year we will come and race at Santa Pod. Chris Isaacs for building such a great car, Jeff Bull for building an engine even I couldn't blow up! Martin and Ruth Curbishley for not only painting my car but for all of their help. Two days late due to a calendar malfunction which was totally your News Editor's fault Sorry - constantly preaching Ed but we would like to say a big Happy Birthday for Sunday to the one and only Sam of Paul Marston Racing who as you can see really hasn't put on a day in years.

Hope you had a great day Sam. Happy Birthday for Sunday also to Phil Brown of Santa Pod's crew who also makes a great photo mole but as a result of this sentence probably now can't get life insurance.

You have a great day Regina and take this big hug with you. Grumpy will be making two passes in the Silverline Tools-backed injected-nitro car. David Lloyd-Jones adds that if you would like to treat your family or reward employees then there are a few VIP and Hospitality packages left for the Flame and Thunder Show.

Included in the package are access to the startline VIP suite and balcony, lunch and refreshments throughout the day, VIP parking with shuttle bus, and the opportunity to meet celebrity guest Shaun Williamson Barry from EastEnders and John Hackney's stunt double - Ed.

Under twelves go half price. More details at www. No sooner said than done, well done Peter! King Racing press release. Once again they found themselves in second place and a mountain to climb after a number of rain-affected events curtailed their chances to make up ground on early Championship leader Rikard Gustafsson from Sweden. Following the capture of the Championship crown at last year's event despite the seemingly greater challenge of needing to win the event, the team knew that the amiable but tough Swedish rider was determined to make the crown his once again, and following his World Record performances the preceding weekend in Denmark it was going to be difficult to gain the necessary points by both out qualifying him by two positions and win one more round of eliminations.

In addition, veteran Top Fuel Bike rider Peter Svensson had made a welcome return to the event after impressive early season performances and was also in with a chance of the crown should he make a significantly better showing than the Anglo-Dutch King Racing team.

The team's slim chance of overcoming Gustafsson seemed to slip away as the gloomy forecast turned into dark clouds and the inevitable rain on the first day of qualifying. Despite the tireless efforts of the hard-working track crew sweeping the water away from the track from 4: The second day and final day of qualifying was no better than the first and the as the team peered out at the torrential rain from inside the dry warmth of the awning supplied by primary sponsor Portable Shade it seemed all was lost.

The Race Director called an emergency riders' and drivers' meeting and explained that the day's activities would once again be cancelled. However, there was a glimmer of hope, a one-shot qualifying session was planned for the morning of race day and the weather forecast was slightly better than the previous two day. The team retired to their beds early, sceptical at the accuracy of the forecast due to the well known 'microclimate' that seems to surround Santa Pod but knowing that if they were to have any chance of a fourth crown they needed to be prepared at the drop of a hat.

Sunday dawned bright and rain free! The Top Fuel dragsters kicked off proceedings at 9. Inexplicably the rain came down. The teams returned to their pits and mulled over packing up and taking the long trip home to their respective countries as the track drier and sweepers came back out. However, the ceaseless optimism and hard work of the track crew prevailed and by early afternoon the proceedings continued with the one-shot qualifiers.

The team made their way nervously to the start line and prepared for their run. King made a strong burnout and went into stage. Conscious that a strong showing was required King let his opponent in the other lane the luxury of leaving first and nailed the throttle. A personal best 6. The challenge was back on! The outlook became better for the team when the unfortunate Gustafsson's usual consistency failed him and gearbox maladies saw him roll to the end of the track unqualified and out of the title race.

King had qualified in third place out of a bumper entry of sixteen bikes and the promise of a first round against Dutch rider Rene van den Berg which he had to win to ensure Peter Svensson could not take the crown.

In the first round King made sure of his round win with a strong personal best 6. The team had defied the odds and all that the European weather had thrown at them in An ecstatic King said "What a season!

After the failure to qualify for the first round of the year I thought we had little chance, but the team and our fantastic sponsors gave me belief that all was not lost and to keep on even after the Norway event was rained off and with it our chance to make up points on Rikard.

I'm overwhelmed at the hard work put in by my team of Mick Beaumont, Marius van der Zijden, Chris Powell, Martin Brookman and Gerard Willemse, and the fantastic products and services supplied by our team of associates.

Portable Shade The world's premier awning and modular exhibition product company JE Pistons The world's premier manufacturer of high performance forged pistons Kibblewhite Precision Machining, Inc The highest quality valves and components for motorsport Swecomposite The leading supplier of carbon fibre parts to the racing, performance and custom markets Craft Safety Helmets The ultimate in safety and unique in design Del West Engineering, Inc Pioneers in valve train design Torco Oils The only oil recommended by engine manufacturers Puma Engineering.

Goedhals Precision specialist gear cutting and engineering. Mickey Thompson Tyres The best drag race tyres in the world bar none.

Goodridge UK The original and the best in fluid transfer systems. Gates The world's most trusted name in drive belts, hoses and hydraulics.

Vanson Leathers Thirty years producing the best quality track-tested motorcycle apparel. Performance Machine The leader in aftermarket custom wheels, brakes and components. Kent Cams Specialists in motorsport camshaft manufacture, short runs and one-offs.

Pro Alloy The UK's leader in fabrication of alloy racing tanks, intercoolers and radiators. PsycleWorkz The UK's best custom and race fabricators and innovators. House of Kolor Manufacturers of the world's most stunning specialist paints. Cannon Engineering Gear cutting and precision engineering services. Zodiac Europe's largest supplier of performance and aftermarket HD parts. Pixeleye Innovative graphic and website design. MRE Leaders in trackside support for drag race components and air shifting systems.

Customize Premier sign makers and vinyl sign and design services. Turboville Your one stop drag racing resource. I have read most of the tributes for John Price and Graham Beckwith regarding their retirement from commentating at Santa Pod Raceway, after what seems a lifetime to so many of us. However I wanted to put my own tribute to both of them, as I have been their employer and boss if you like for some twelve years now.

Firstly like all professional people who are good at their job, John and Graham made commentating from the tower on any drag racing, or classes, look very easy. It is anything but easy and something that many people do not fully appreciate. To commentate eight hours a day oops, first boo boo So much so that sometimes they did not even realise just how good they can be.

Robert Glenn Bell, Sr.

In fact often asking or looking for confirmation "Were we good enough? I think their past history and experience answers that and speaks for itself. They were also the stars of Santa Pod along with the drivers and teams. I have had the pleasure of working with both them on many projects and both were always the consummate professional and there is no doubt that John Price, as far as televised drag racing goes, was and is the Voice of Drag Racing.

Both are going to be a very hard act to follow, that I know better than most. I know that the spectators and the racers had all come to just accept that John and Graham would always be there able to cover that area of the event with ease and in a total professional manner and that is exactly how I had come to view it too: Again a sign of true professionals at work. Many people especially the racers thought that the tenure of John and Graham would never come to an end.

I guess it would have seemed quite natural for both of them to just pass away in the tower, while commentating on a major international drag race meeting, or finally have become so old and worn out that a more tna eight hour shift at the microphone would finally finish them off. In fact I myself was hoping that is how their tenure at Santa Pod would end, two old men worked to death in the Tower with me standing over their bodies saying "Boys, you were good today John, Graham are you OK, what's wrong?

Get up, you've still got two hours to go".