What are the relationship stages on sims social

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what are the relationship stages on sims social

There are three basic concepts to relationships in the Sims 3. Long-term Use the "Best Friend Forever" Social and stay above 60 in the relationship. 3. Relationships are a key factor of communication between Sims in The Sims FreePlay. They are also an excellent way to earn XP. There are several stages to . May 19, This is a post of all the options to increase your relationships with other sims, for each age stage. It took me quite a while to complete this but I.

Maxing out the Partner Level adds the action "Propose Marriage" to the selections, so that is obviously your goal. Marriage Once you have reached the Partner Level the next step in the process of relationship building is the obvious one of taking it "to the next level" by moving in together!

what are the relationship stages on sims social

Ideally you should probably max-out the Partner level first just to make things quicker -- or not It is really six of one, half-a-dozen of another, right? You have the option of moving in together as Partners, or you can go the more traditional route and propose marriage prior to moving in together, though your intended will want you to pop the question at your house so that they can see what it looks like before they say yes: Once you select the Propose Marriage action you are presented with a choice of Engagement Rings that you can present to your beloved, which include: Popping the Question with Feeling Following your marriage you have the option of placing a baby cradle and then ordering your first born from the Stork -- a process that costs a large chunk of Life Points!

The best way to build a romance is to work on a friendship and when it is high enough start using Romantic socials. With enough romantic and friendly socials, your Sims will soon have the options to go steady, woo-hoo, get engaged, and eventually get married. Sims with the Commitment Issues trait will react poorly to romantic situations. Sims with the Unflirty trait don't like romantic situations and it is difficult for them to love.

If a romantic social is rejected, the advancing Sim will get the "Awkward" short-term context. Persistent rejected romantic advances will lead to "Odd" or "Creepy" short-term context.

The Sims 4 Romance Guide

These short-term contexts have an effect on the long-term relationship, meaning the long-term relationship will take a hit. To remedy this, try using Friendly or Amusing socials to turn the conversation around.

Getting Serious and Getting Married[ edit ] When two Sims have a high enough long-term relationship, options to take the relationship to the next level will become available. An accepted "Propose Going Steady" when the relationship is Hot for both Sims will result in the Sims becoming partners. Once engaged the Sims can start planning the wedding if they want to.

To get married use the "Get Married" social at a wedding party or just use the "Have Private Marriage" social to enjoy a small ceremony. Sweet Heart You'll be sweetheart status once you've reached relationship level 5 with your romantic interest. You can now kiss, make out or hold hands. Lover You can be lovers once you've reached relationship level 7 with your sweetheart. You can now woohoo with your lover, but you must have the at least the Sleepytime Double.

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Relative These are Sims connected by blood. One good example is your baby.

what are the relationship stages on sims social

You can have baby once you've hit relationship level 8 and lover status. Another requirement is the bassinet. Rival While on relationship level 2, you can declare rivalry with other Sims.