Voice of india 2015 meet jain battle round sawyer

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voice of india 2015 meet jain battle round sawyer

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The Battle rounds Each team of singers is then mentored and developed by their coach in the second stage, called the Battle Round.

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The team coaches help to develop their artists by giving them advice, and sharing the secrets of their success in the music industry. The coaches have two of their own team members battle each other by singing the same song. The coach chooses which team member will advance to the next stage.

The judges then have to choose from the individual "battles" which artists to take to the Live Round.

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After Round 1, each of the coaches can save three contestants to progress. After Rounds 2 and 3, each coach can save two contestants to progress.

voice of india 2015 meet jain battle round sawyer

After Round 4, each coach can save one contestant to progress to the semi-final round. The remaining contestants progress, or not, based on a public vote conducted after each round. Semi Final In the Semi Finals, the final two contestants from each team face off against each other.

The judges then split points between the two performers of their team. Contestants who won their battles or saved by their coaches will advance to the Playoffs. Each coach has only one Save in entire battles rounds. A coach has to ask and gets consent from both contestants. After getting consent, two contestants were retained and would become a duo they were not a solo-contestantcombined together throughout the rest of the competition; if a coach does not get consent, they must choose only one to advance to the knockouts as the original format.

voice of india 2015 meet jain battle round sawyer

After the first 3 contestants perform a song of his or her choice, they will all sit in the three chairs. However, after these contestants perform, the fate of the fourth artist will be decided based on whether his or her coach would like to switch out an artist already seated in favor of this performer.

In the case of a switch-out, the artist that was switched out will be eliminated, and this performer will sit down. If the coach would instead like to keep the performers already seated and thus not give a seat to this performer, he or she will be immediately eliminated. After all contestants have performed, those who end up seated will advance to the Live Shows.

voice of india 2015 meet jain battle round sawyer

Most versions do not feature "Steal" buttons when using this method. Normally, The Voice have Knockout round come after Battle round.

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However, the sixth season of Australian version have the rounds swapped Knockout round come before Battle round. However, later, The Voice Brasil dropped this twist on its seventh season. In the fourteenth season of U. Each coach has three turns to "challenge" another coach by sending an act from their team into a battle, while the other act from the challenged team is selected randomly.

No steals are available. As a result, the number of contestants advancing to the Playoffs might not be the same among four teams. Live Shows Twists[ edit ] In some versions, all contestants perform each week and only the public's vote determines which contestants advance in the competition, a format similar to both Idols and The X Factor.

This means that any contestant can be eliminated and no coach is guaranteed a spot in the finals.

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Along with this elimination method, there is an Instant Save in certain versions, most notably the US versionIsraeli versionand Australian versionwhere contestants usually two or three who are in danger of elimination have to perform again and another vote is conducted to save one of those contestants.

Some versions of The Voice applied a new rule called Wildcard, which will give one previously eliminated contestant a second chance to advance to the finals based on the public's vote on a distinct portal. The third season of the Australian Version was the first to conduct a Wildcard round to give one eliminated artist in the semi-final a fifth spot in the grand finale. The Wildcard was then applied in seventh season of the U.

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The seventh season of the Australian version brought back the Wildcard, with a slight change: The Cross-battle was introduced as one of the live rounds in the fourth season of The Voice of Holland. The Cross-battles returned in the fifth season of the Dutch version, but later dropped in the succeeding seasons. The seventh season of The Voice Brasil intended to feature a instant save vote, to save one of the losing contestants in the Cross-battle, [11] but that twist was abandoned before the phase begins.