Viking classic swim meet event

Women's swimming hosted Viking Classic -

viking classic swim meet event

Viking Classic Invitational results, teams, top swims, personal best, latest. Varsity Swimming (Boys/Girls). Day (Viking Classic at New Albany HS). Northridge HS (MLK Swim. Meet at Marietta YMCA). Event Information. Meet - HS Swim Meet- State Championships. Share on Twitter · Save to View All. There are currently no comments posted for this event.

Women's Swimming | West Valley College

This is a fantastic source of power, but causes acidity which starts a cascade of events that interfere with muscle contraction. It is anaerobic glycolysis that builds lactic acid. The aerobic system is more complex as it can use glucose, glycogen, and fats for oxidation. The aerobic system can produce 36 molecules of ATP from glucose which is 18 times the contribution from glycolysis, but the hang up is that it is a much more slowly moving system.


The aerobic system can also produce a significantly higher amount from oxidation of fatty acids, with some fats shown to create up to molecules of ATP per molecule of some specific types of fat. This is why the aerobic system can keep you going through those long practices and events. That is a lot of energy.

viking classic swim meet event

That could be a game changer, right? Standard swimming training aims at increasing a few specific parameters, so most of our sets traditionally focus on these variables, in order from least intense to most intense: This is why you swim. Photo courtesy of Ryan Lochte on Instagram Here is the standard chart most USA Swimming coaches tend to follow that guides set design based on these levels.

viking classic swim meet event

Please note that there is some cross-over between these levels and their intended adaptations. This is primarily based on adaptive increases in blood flow capacity and mitochondrial densitythus increasing oxygen delivery to muscle and oxygen metabolism within the muscle, thus enhancing our ability race well, while relying less on anaerobic glycoysis. This defines aerobic training in swimming and is directly tied to improving anaerobic threshold and VO2 max in some way at all of the REC, EN1 and EN intensity levels.

VO2 max measurement has been accepted as defining the limits of the cardiorespiratory systemand obviously increasing your ability to generate power from oxygen would boost swimming performance. I just hope that if you find any of the points I plan to make in following points confuse you, that you will come back here to have a reference to help make sense of it when it starts getting detailed.

Lessons are also offered evenings and Saturday mornings at Sunnyside. The summer is split up into two sessions of four weeks, giving the child the chance to move up into a higher level half way through the summer.

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After each four week session, there are report cards for the children highlighting their strengths and areas for improvement. This year, the first day of lessons is June 25 and the last day is August To register for swimming lessons, sign up your child during one of the following dates: Due to our large number of members, we cannot guarantee that you will get your first pick, but every effort will be made to accommodate as many members as possible.

If your child has been previously enrolled in another type of swimming lesson and you are unsure of what level they should be signed up in, please consult the staff on hand to ensure they will be placed correctly. Not sure what the Olympic Way equivalent is for Red Cross lessons? Swim team is a place where children can improve their strokes while competing competitively against children from the 21 other pools in A.

The Viking coaching staff is diverse and experienced, with coaches ranging from five year veterans to high caliber competitive swimmers, guaranteeing that your child will find a coaching style that suits his or her needs.

Northridge Coed Varsity Swimming

Every Wednesday night, there are friendly competitions between two pools in A. With plenty of pool space and a experienced and passionate coaching staff, your child is certain to be on the path to excellence in no time!

viking classic swim meet event

A very competitive team sport, water polo presents the opportunity to learn leadership and how to work as a team. From lessons for beginners to full team practices, Viking water polo is a great way to learn to play or hone your skills. Viking water polo has four teams; boys 14 and under, boys 16 and under, girls 14 and under and girls 16 and under. S, Viking Pool is thrilled to begin what is sure to be another great synchro season! Viking offers teams, solos and duets for all ages and skill levels.

We encourage everyone to grab a noseplug, put on their best synchro smile and discover what Viking Synchro has to offer. Our experienced, creative and enthusiastic coaches are looking forward to a summer of great music, exciting routines, and big smiles!

Swimmers who wish to participate in our synchro program must be at least 6 years of age and be very comfortable swimming unassisted in deep water. Our team placement day will be taking place in early June. The exact date will be determined shortly. Attendance at team placement day is mandatory for swimmers who wish to participate on a competitive team. Attendance at team placement day is mandatory Purchase of a routine suit is mandatory. The routine suits are ordered at the beginning of the summer and are custom made.

Please pay close attention to the competition dates and schedule your vacations accordingly. Should your child be chosen to compete in the solo or duet event, practices will be held twice a week from 7: Diving The Viking Diving Team is dedicated to helping young people reach their full potential while learning to dive in a safe and friendly environment.

We actively promote a fit, healthy lifestyle through hard work and a commitment to personal excellence.