Thank you very much dj tr meet remix comps


thank you very much dj tr meet remix comps

10 music - pearls for June via RA for YOU XLR8R Mix N° is online,), named: "tapentum lucidum"(darker electronica + techno) out very soon,): "all in all" Remixed. Thank´s for your patience! . Thank you so much for your patience! Privat Open Air Festival & meeting with my musicfriends / Italy. Upon his visits, Ready Red would visit the Bronx on many occasions to DJ Ready Red with two of the Original members of Ghetto Boys I was like ok, let me hear you rap and he was not bad. . I think that east coast/southern mix is what made the Geto Boys so dope! Thank you for the kind words!. Scandinavian DJ Duo Tungevaag & Raaban have just revealed their latest single "Hey Baby". ever-changing sound as well as their latest accessory: the TR mask. So many great shows, met so many cool people, traveled the world, we´ re living our dreams. Thank you guys so much for the interview.

The most important factor here is to be flexible and familiar with a wide range of gear. Go down to your local bar and offer to play for free.


That means showing up and checking in often to see if anyone needs some help. That will sell a club owner much faster than a nice mixtape and email.

Fill in or open for friends. You are likely next in line for that slot, should it ever come up.

thank you very much dj tr meet remix comps

Here are key parts of a typical week: Going out to other parties to stay visible in the local scene and scrounge up new gigs Preparing and culling the music collection religiously: Since the music is usually fairly diverse, this requires a huge collection of well-managed music.

Most of your days will be spent tuning, cleaning and refilling this critical resource. If well-structured, that can mean a good 50kk per year, with only 20 hours of real outside work — but tack on all the prep and promotion and this rapidly becomes a full time gig. This a good option for regular cash, and a fun, relaxed lifestyle without a lot of travel. Purchasing the best equipment and updating it regularly will be a critical part of growth.

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Mirror for watching yourself scratch Camera and a tripod for recording and watching back routines to fine tune and improve A big calendar for keeping track of the practice routine Practice, practice, practice. No matter what stage you are in your career, you still have to really work hard.

It may seem like all these guys like Hardwell are young and overnight success stories, but they have been putting about ten years in. Hardwell spent ten years DJing and producing. Develop your musical chops through practicing other instruments.


It feels very good. We are very happy with the song and the music video we shot in Hong Kong. View the video here. The video plays in Hong Kong. How did you come up with the idea to the video?

thank you very much dj tr meet remix comps

We actually had a whole different story for the music video, but we had to change just days before we left from home. So when we arrived in Hong Kong we got the new treatment and everything had to be re-arranged, so the video team did a really great job making this video and we really enjoyed recording it!

What made you decide to venture into a bit of a different sound? We like those kind of songs very much! You have experimented with a lot of styles in the past: Where would you like your sound to go and which ones would you like to experiment with?

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We just try to come up with something simple that we like and a sound that we are happy with. You seem to be on a roll these days: What can we expect next? Next single will be about early next year. We have a lot in the making.

thank you very much dj tr meet remix comps

What would you like to accomplish still? To many peoples forgot to live today. And we want to thank every single one of you for listening and supporting our songs and us as artists. Tell us a bit about the origin of it and why you chose to apply it.

thank you very much dj tr meet remix comps

Together with a designer we came up with these masks and thought it would be cool to use it at our shows: We did not use it to hide our faces, but more to use our creativity even more and build a concept around it.

In what way does it help you create music and perform on stage? With masks there are so many opportunities.