Sugarloaf track meet

Fort River PGO: Sugarloaf Youth Track League at ARHS

sugarloaf track meet

Sugarloaf Marathon & 15K Offering team management tools for coaches, meet registration for all, training tools for athletes, unlimited stats for parents & fans. There is an organizational meeting to group teams, meet coaches, and run an Contact Sydney Henthorn, Sugarloaf Track League Director at. SMAC'S YOUTH TRACK PROGRAM MISSION: To foster the development of youth through participation in track and field training to develop.

You can find a Google Map of the route here. Take the track that heads up west behind the old stone house. This trail climbs up and around the west of the old quarry. The track then opens into a large park area. Continue along Kennedys Bush Rd to the very end, where there is a gate and stile. Climb the stile, and continue up the Kennedys Bush Track. The track climbs up to the Summit Road.

Cross the Summit Rd, and follow the track that heads east and along near the Summit Rd, skirting to out near the bluffs, and climbing up the hill alongside the road through the Hoon Hay Scenic Reserve. Cross the Summit Rd here, and follow the track along the western side of the road.

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Sign of the Kiwi. It is difficult to see any traffic coming from either side of the saddle. There are a couple of lookout deviations that are worth checking out. Follow this route east until you reach the Summit Rd again.

Here you rejoin the Crater Rim Walkway. The route then turns towards the north-east generally, climbing the hills just above the Summit Rd. It then climbs up to the top of Mt Vernon, before zig-zagging down to meet the Summit Rd again at another carpark. Runners on the Summit Rd. The Christchurch Trail follows the Gondola Track so that walkers can make use of the Gondola as a means of accessing the trail. Continue up the Gondola Track, up to the Gondola upper station.

Here you can get a ride down the hill to get back into the city, if you wish. Access Points You need not tackle the entire leg in one go, if you do not have the time or the strength. Here are natural segments for the walk, with approximate walking times between these points.

PHOTOS: Sugarloaf Youth Track League keeps jumping in 25th season

There is streetside parking just past the roundabout at the end of Kennedys Bush Rd. There is a small shingle area where cars can pull off the road.

There is no vehicle access here at the moment due to Summit Rd closures to vehicles, but you can walk up the 2. The Christchurch Trail passes alongside some narrow rural roads; keep alert for traffic that may pass by when you are on such roads. There are places where it is necessary to cross roads. The Christchurch City Council will not allow us to promote the Christchurch as a cycling route, because a route promoted as a cycling route might be perceived by some users as having an implied suitability for cycling that could reduce their level of safety awareness, and as the Christchurch Trail does not follow streets that meet standards required for cycleways, cyclists may be exposed to unacceptable risks.

Because of that, we are not permitted to mark or recommend a cycle route option for the Christchurch If you choose of your own initiative to follow the Christchurch on your bike, please ride safely and responsibly, and follow the road rules.

Several points on the trail are subject to the risk of rockfall.

Northampton’s Sugarloaf Youth Team League set for 25th season

The chances of rockfall that could injure you are small, but it would be wise to not linger in areas with rocky bluffs above the trail. Move as swiftly through these areas as you can, and if you are concerned about the risk of rockfall, take an alternate route. The trail passes near bluffs.

There are spectacular vistas from these spots, but please exercise caution around the edges of cliffs, especially when the wind is blustery.

sugarloaf track meet

Some of the trails are shared-use with walkers and cyclists. Check signage to see if cycles or walkers have right-of-way.

There are few opportunities to obtain fluids on the summit of the Port Hills, and it can be especially hot in summer. Ensure you pack sufficient water for the journey. You will rarely be very far from civilisation, so the risk of severe hypothermia is low.

However the weather can change quickly, so carrying a windbreaker or raincoat is sensible. Built init accommodated a dozen men. But in the economic depression of the s, the single men were laid off to give married men employment, resulting in George Withers and his family of eleven living here from to Now an information centre it was reopened after post-earthquake repairs at the beginning of October The road was constructed in to provide access to the bush areas at the heads of Hoon Hay and Lansdowne Valleys.

It was named after Thomas Kennedy, who came to New Zealand in Before he and wife Sophia took up a bush section on the road and set up a business selling fence posts and firewood, he had worked as a whaler, a gardener, labourer and farmer. The fires of February swept up, over and around Mt Ada.

sugarloaf track meet

As its name suggests, the track follows the rim of what was once the Lyttelton Volcano, the harbour now being its flooded crater. It is estimated that the volcanic activity began some 12 million years ago, and became extinct five to six million years ago. The reserve most of which is covenanted under the Queen Elizabeth the Second National Trust now covers hectares.

The Society itself was formed in with its aims including enhancing the natural beauty of the Summit Road on the Port Hills, planting and caring for trees, plants and shrubs within reserves adjacent to the Summit Road and opposing development that would detract from the open space character of the Summit Road.

Hoon Hay Reserve The trail then goes through Hoon Hay Scenic Reserve, including a side track over the summit of Trig V, which provides spectacular views down the harbour. The park takes its name from the Christchurch suburb of the same name. The suburb, in turn, was named after Hoon Hay farm in the Derbyshire village of Hoon, from where early settler Captain Harvey came.

sugarloaf track meet

An alternative route back to the Western Highway is via the Main Mt. Drive down this track - the walk starts and finishes at the junction of Red Rock Track and Cowan's Track. Follow Red Rock Tk to a yellow marker on a tree, turn left up an old loggging track this is a short-cutuntil Cowan's Tk is reached. The summit is up a short steep climb. Superb views from the summit to the north, with Ben Nevis and the Red Rock massif prominent, and the Pinnacles and Pyrenees' Regional Park in the distance.

Maximuy altitude reached m. Follow the signposted Grevillia Track for about m to the Glut Track junction, continue for another 1.

Mount Cole State Forest

Return to Richard's Picnic Ground. The Grevillia Track forms part of the long 17 km Beeripmo Walk. Pleasant hiking through the forest and past lush fern gullies. Proceed along Track, negotiate small weir over Fiery Creek.

Climb steadily through bushland, passing beautiful fern trees and gullies. Go down and up another creek gully. Excellent views across the valley, rugged bushland, former logging area. This is the start of the summit loop. Excellent views from Frees Pt Rd, large granite boulders at the summit.

sugarloaf track meet

The actual summit is about 20 m higher than the track. Return to the junction.

sugarloaf track meet

At the junction, turn right, descend steeply - this is Old Dairy Maid Tk.