Subtitle she wants me to meet

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subtitle she wants me to meet

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Below I provide a step-by-step guide on how to do that: Search for an SRT file with subtitles for the movie of your choice from any of the many web sites specializing in subtitles.

I personally like to use a web site called PodNapisi. Please note that downloading a file with subtitles is perfectly legal, because the subtitles have been generated by a user i. If the web site offers you several choices, download the one that is formatted for a single file and for 25 frames per second fps.

Play the movie in the Netflix player for a little bit and mark the timing minutes and seconds for the first few lines of dialogue. This is very important! You will find that many subtitles files that you download from the web are a little off in timing compared to the Netflix movies. This is because the subtitles were meant for a movie that comes from another source e.

You will need the information about timing in the next few steps, so make a note of it somewhere. I personally prefer Jubler and this post is focusing on how to use Jubler.

Run Jubler and open the SRT file with the subtitles that you have downloaded.

subtitle she wants me to meet

For illustrative purposes in this post, I will be using The Perfect Host movie and Spanish subtitles for that movie, which I found on the PodNapisi web site.

A quick look at the first few lines of the subtitles reveals that they are lagging about 1. Remember the timings that I asked you to mark for the first few lines of dialogue in the movie, in Step 2?

subtitle she wants me to meet

You will need to shift the timing a bit. To do that, first select all the lines of the subtitles in Jubler. Now click on the Tools menu and select Shift Time. The subtitles in the SRT file seem to be lagging approximately 1.

subtitle she wants me to meet

Enter that information to adjust the timing. Once time shifting has completed, export the file into the desired DFXP format. Click on the File menu and select Save As to do that. Jubler does not have DFXP as an option. Select UTF-8 as the target encoding. If you fail to export your subtitles under the UTF-8 encoding, it is highly likely your output file will not be properly read by Netflix.

Save the output file using a name of your choice. Note for Mac OS X users: You will have to select Get Info for that file and rename the file from the Get Info window.

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Simply right-clicking on the file and choosing Rename may not work properly, because that affects only the name of the file, but not the real extension of the file.

Note for Windows users: Make sure you can see the extension of the file before doing the rename. By default, Windows hides the extensions of known files. You know, our friendship, my little obsession over you. Mom and dad hate me. I barely passed high school, I have a dead end job, and I'm still living with them.

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subtitle she wants me to meet

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subtitle she wants me to meet

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