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Reedsville Swap Meet. Public. · Hosted by Studebaker Drivers Club, Inc. Interested pin. Mifflin County Fair Grounds, Reedsville PA. #studebaker #studebaker_packard # #studebakermuseum #studebakermetals # classicsdaily reedsville,pa studerbaker flea market flyer is done!. Jul 20, Members at the Spring Meeting chatting after lunch and before the Reedsville flea Mkt & swap meet PA or 25 miles south of I ***.

Great prices on studebaker swap meet south bend and other comparable listings. Studebaker, co-founder and president of the Studebaker wagon, carriage and automobile company. We found it on a private auction in Sioux Falls SD in December 18, Search for: Please see the SDC web site for all the info: Contact Jo Anne Hair at or carljohair embarqmail. We stayed at a motel—actually, a long string of lakeshore cabins—in Find studebaker swap meet york pa available for buying here on the internet.

Event of interest, not an official SCCA event. Be sure to buy that special part before it is gone. I am of the opinion the larger all-Studebaker Swap Meets are worth attending even if no parts are needed or found. Would you revive this Ivy League Studebaker?

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Granted, this is early in the morning. Learn more about Double-Finned Finale: Admission to Members Night is free, but you will need to pay for the Buffet in order to participate in it. Find studebaker swap meet wa available for purchasing today on the internet. From car shows and classic car auctions to swap meets and more, be sure to browse our event center.

After hours show cars can enter through the Vendor and Swap Gate from 8: That is a great meet every year. Since becoming more interested in motor oils, I find the decision making process used by my peers, to be so very interesting. Studebaker Drivers Club Meet. Public entry from 7: Joseph county 4H Fairground. Find unbeatable prices on items and products that you can't find anywhere else. This is a return performance of one of our premier events of the past.

The Studebaker Electric Fountain, a city landmark more than a century ago, is being restored and relocated The elaborate fountain illuminated by colored electric lights was was a gift to the city by John M. Many of our lots are low mileage, unrestored vehicles in original, mint condition, and many include an extensive service history. We will have a swap meet and car display. Here are events that are open to the general public.

As a writer and media relations consultant, her work has appeared in local and national media. Unbelievable prices for studebaker swap meet Auctioneer is preparing additional details. As you might guess from the photos, I spent more than time there. It had been over 10 years since I last attended. As far as parts for the Rockne, there will probably be some there, but will require some sleuthing and asking.

David Thanks for that great picture of my 29 model A pickup with the two very nice woman. This site has compiled a curated selection of products available for shipping today online. We also scored admission to the new Studebaker Museum for the week of the meet.


Open house nightly at Corkins Auto Restorations in Lewistown, 5 miles from meet. SinceAACA has had one goal: The preservation and enjoyment of automotive history of all types. Another great resource for tracking down Studebaker parts is the Studebaker Parts Swap page. Saturday, with judging from 10 a.

This is really the province of our Board Member, James Bell, in the Washington state area where the meet is planned to be held. Our warehouses in South Bend and Hope Indiana have over 75, square feet of ready to ship parts for Studebaker cars and trucks, including Avanti and Avanti II models. Monthly Meeting We meet monthly except for July and August alternating between business meetings and dinner meetings. The accumulated experience and knowledge of those in attendance is palpable.

The story actually started back in when Dave saw the truck for the first time in the parking lot of a local Denver swap meet. The upcoming International Meets are listed below. The drags in the video are in Nashville, Indiana at the Brown County Dragway about 40 miles south of Indianapolis and are held this year on May 21, and The Kern County Swap Meet is a 22 acres facility filled with over vendor spaces.

Shop studebaker swap meet la palma park available for sale here. Vendors from all over U. The single biggest expense, and best savings, was the windshield. Paul and Linda Wold welcome you on a 2-day preliminary tour they have planned in hopes that you will also attend the two-day Zone Meet in Iowa City Coraville. Steve I believe we are a bit premature in speculating and conjecturing on the International Meet at this time.

Find the parts you need to finish your current projects during the winter months! See information further on in this newsletter. We drove around waiting for other vendors in the show area to show up so we could pick up things we had on order and chatted with various vendors. It is the only year or model of Studebaker to get the large Packard v engine from the factory. Fulton, Missouri Hosted by: Although the Itasca Vintage Car Club sponsors and puts on the show and swap meet, no member cars are shown, explained Chapin.

Many non-Studebaker vendors have been invited to this swap meet. Yes we always overpack, but one needs to have the comfort of home, so you bring with you the necessities of life.

Joseph County Fairgrounds, S. Richard Quinn was guest speaker at the banquet with a slide show and talk about the "early horse power" of Studebaker,wheel barrows, surrey's and wagons. Dozens of old vehicles are on display. Events at the St. There will be something for everyone. Gates open from 6: Get studebaker swap meet south bend right now!

Highlighting a lot of studebaker swap meet south bend online. While my items Photos from: Outdoor spaces under pavillion. Check out the Events page to confirm meeting and event locations and times. Swap Meet all four days at the Museum! F or a copy of the latest swap meet flyer, click here. Presenting Studebaker Swap Meet today.

Locate studebaker swap meet south bend in stock and ready to ship today online. Highlighting a bunch of Studebaker Swap Meet available for sale online. Efi Live Dodge 6.

My son Ryan and I got up early on a foggy Saturday morning, a little over a week ago, and headed to Turlock. Free to the public, the swap meet will be held Friday and Saturday, Sept.

Joseph County 4-H Studebaker International is the largest supplier of new-old stock and reproduction Studebaker auto parts. Unless otherwise indicated, all text, photographs, graphics, images and underlying source code contained in this web site are the copyrighted intellectual property of Dave Lindsay and SoCalCarCulture.

The last swap meet of the season is put on by the Roadsters Club, and is in 2 weeks, Sunday October 14, same location. I bot Walt Botjer's last one at a swap meet many moons ago. It would be grand to see this Studebaker revived, but what would you do with this classic box truck? It could be a great advertising piece for a moving company or perhaps the ultimate swap meet hauler for those of you that make it to all of the swap meets each year.

Includes hot breakfast, Hospitality Room. All issues The Roadkill shop truck - Project: So I removed the throttle housings and checked carefully. They are the same except for the choke housing. Cast aluminum is nice and soft the cut. I checked for play in the throttle shaft and it had little. This is good because I understand it is hard to repair worn throttle bodies on Strombergs.

There is a small choke bleeder hole to the left of the throttle shaft. Voila the carb now has a PCV port. The big choke screws are a result of an earlier effort to install a manual choke. After a lot of careful bending I managed to get the choke heater tube into position.

I still need to bend the pressure tube towards the back to connect up with its carb connection. Meanwhile parts cleaning and painting continues. Next — there are issues with my carb setup! The one on the left is the original JT unit. The one on the left is an earlier 2 bbl unit. It is noticeable higher. The bore is the same as the front bore of the original AFB. No racing here just regular driving. I will send an email to Jim to see what he thinks. Ditto for the water manifold.

After this the only big engine items will be the heads and that will be a job all by itself! Hard to keep the corrosion at bay. This part has been together for at least 50 years and still the heater fittings came out easily!

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Looking a whole lot better stripped and sand blasted. All together with a rebuilt water pump not by me.

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I used the Permatex gasket sealer on the water pump and thermostat housing gaskets. I also used Studebaker copper washers on the water pump screws as added protection against leakage. Posted on Pan improvements I cleaned and primed the valve lifter cover from JT, but decided not to go ahead with it. It is an odd setup with a cover adapter, hoses, PCV valve, etc. Just a PCV valve screwed into a welded on fitting. This should make that part of the engine behind the intake manifold a bit neater.

Now back to the pan No Leaks in the pan. So I drained the oil and used a 3M cleaning wheel to take off all the old gasket residue.

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Handy having a wood work surface that can be used to hold the pan while I cleared off the old gasket gunk. I worked only on the side attached to the bench and the bench half of each end. I was concerned that if I put the pan in the sand blast cabinet some sand particles might get lodged behind the windage tray where it is spot welded to the pan.

It would take too many errant bits of sand to do a job on the oil pump gears and walls. So hand sand it was going to be. I used 40 to rip away the old paint and major rust.

I then used to clean up a bit more.