Ren 96 graded meet me in st

City of Glasgow Swim Team

ren 96 graded meet me in st

; ¡ I The above rates apply only to consecutive insertion orders. Diamonds, watches Watch Hospital 14th Street, Guliport. Wanted Rent Real EiUU For Wale SHELVING for grocery store.?2 hr.c»: foot,. .. Apply GRANDMA, Meet me at Colonial Cafe. City of Glasgow; South Ayrshire; Ren96; M & B; North Ayrshire; Inverclyde SOUTH AYRSHIRE SWIM TEAM The Sue McClure GRADED MEET Sunday 5th October Citadel Leisure Centre, South Harbour St, Ayr, KA7 1JB because it absolutely helped me prepare for my life as an athlete and beyond it as well". Ren 96 Graded Meet (/03/18), closed. Arbroath St Thomas Spring Sprints ( 25/03/18) . To have your meet advertised, email me a Word (or RTF) file.

These meets will usually have a cap on the times which a swimmer would enter with, so if the swimmer's times are 'too fast' they will not get a form for these meets.

ren 96 graded meet me in st

Open meets are at a slightly higher level and will sometimes set 'consideration times' which means that a swimmer must be faster than this time in order to receive a form for the meet.

When the entry secretaries produce the forms, they will give them to the squad coaches to distribute to the swimmers. Please make sure that your form and payment is returned to the appropriate entry secretary by the closing date given on the form.

City of Glasgow Swim Team

We cannot accept late entries as we have to make sure the entry file for our club is sent in to the host club by their closing date otherwise none of our swimmers would be able to enter. Please do not give your form to your coach or to the child of an entry secretary or send it to the club office as there is no guarantee that we will receive them on time!

For the same reason, do not use 'registered' or 'signed for' mail, as there may be no-one at the entry secretary's address to sign for the letter and we do not have time to go to sorting offices to collect mail. When a swimmer is entered for a meet this does not mean they will definitely swim at it. The host club will produce a draft programme, usually a week or two before the date of the meet. The forms will then be returned to the coaches to distribute to the swimmers.

ren 96 graded meet me in st

Remember that if a swimmer does not attend training regularly they are likely to miss forms being given out. Draft Programmes are usually available on the Members Section on our website. To access this you will need to register on the website. If a swimmer is rejected for an event, they will receive a refund of the entry fee for that event. If they are not offered a swim, the entry fee will be refunded.

If a reserve swimmer does not attend the meet and would have been given the chance to swim, the host club will not refund the entry fee. Once the meet is over, the host club will send us a refund cheque to cover all rejected swimmers.

ren 96 graded meet me in st

Our club administrator will then send out refund cheques to our swimmers. You should usually have received any refunds by a month after the date of the meet. How do I know when my child will be swimming? The events will be listed on the entry form in numerical order.

Most meets will be over 2 days at the weekend and will have four sessions. Events, etc will be in Session 1, Saturday morning; events, etc will be Session 2, Saturday afternoon; events etc, Session 3, Sunday morning and etc, Session 4, Sunday afternoon.

All swimmers should be there in time for the start of the warm up for the session in which they are swimming. Details are on the front of the entry form.

ren 96 graded meet me in st

What should my child take to a swim meet? Fantastic team spirit for the most part of the whole weekend, and some top quality swimming especially with no rest during a period of hard training. Every swimmer swam at least one very good swim, and there were a multitude of PB's aswell. Stuart proved that training is paying off, taking his fly down to a 1. Lucy finally decided that she could go out fast in the first half of a race and went out on her 50 pb for the back, finishing in a fantastic time of 1.

COGST Weekly Newsletter

She also was put up against Stuart Mackintosh in the bc leg of the medley relay, and swam a pb of Morgan proved how determined she was to earn a place on the 4x50 free relay team in the 50 free event on sunday afternoon, beating her pb to go Abbie just swam the one race, the first event on saturday morning, in which she swam extremely well having had a hypo in the morning before hand and feeling rather nervous!

Owen has been training seriously hard recently, and it showed as he posted a massive PB in the back to go 2. Brodie has also been training hard and again proved himself in free posting a 2. Still posted an excellent time of 5. Kate showed that even though she had a lot of things to work on in her races, she was still managing to PB posting a 2 second PB in her fly, and also posting a solid 5.

Forthcoming Meet Information

Nicole proved she has a determined spirit, posting times bang on her PB's after having not trained very much recently, a feeling i know all to well myself Dominic turned up on the Saturday afternoon although i was then informed he wasn't actually swimming till Sunday afternoon!

However he turned up on Sunday and swam absolutely amazingly, getting a 19 second pb in his free to post a 1. Really great swimming guys, lets keep up the hard work under Sean, Lauren, Rob and Stu, and it was an absolute pleasure coaching such an enthusiastic bunch of kids that all got on so well with eachother, it made me proud to represent Dyce the entire weekend and made me even more excited to get back into the pool racing again!

Ythan…… A good few exceptional swims occured on Saturday from our J3 representatives and singular J2 representative, Eden with a few medals into the bargain: Today we had a team of 16 swimmers representing Dyce from across the club, with a special mention for Fay Cruickshank as it was her first competition with the club, yet stayed the whole day to support her team mates. A huge number of PB's were posted over the course of the day, showing that their hard work is definitely paying off.

We also had a number of medals acquired across the day, including a fantastic 4 x 50 free relay to finish, comfortably swimming to gold medal position. Notable medalling individual swims were as follows: Excellent performance from everyone this weekend guys, excellent ambassadors for Dyce.

ren 96 graded meet me in st

Additionally, excellent team spirit too, fantastic to see: Onwards and upwards guys! Just wanted to congratulate everyone for a fantastic day at the pool. Before we even mention the swimmers I think its best to start by thanking everyone involved in the running and the organising of the meet as I'm sure that we will all agree that they did an amazing job catering for not only our swimmers but the SDS swimmers as well.

In the pool it was a brilliant day for Dyce. Whether it was the seasoned veterans or those new to swimming long course everyone performed really well with some fantastic times on show. We also had a fair few medals in both the individual swims and relays which is great to see especially at our own meet.

  • Lanark ASC take another medals haul from the REN96 Graded Meet

A special thank you to our swimmers within the UoA program that came along to not only support their team mates but swim some good times and help win some medals in the relays.