Prefontaine meet 2012 presidential candidates

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prefontaine meet 2012 presidential candidates

(c) Walt Murphy; used with permission via Race Results Weekly at the Prefontaine Classic in Eugene, Oregon, to break Jim Ryun's year old on the morning talk shows and met with President Bush at the White House. rest of the season (he had to turn down an invitation to the Pre meet). With the presidential election less than two years away, a varied and ambitious group of Republicans has begun jockeying for the party's. Athletes encounter visa issues for Prefontaine meet Republican Greg Gianforte wins Montana''s U.S. House special election after being charged with.

Jesse Williams High jumper Jesse Williams competed in Beijing but finished a disappointing 19th in the qualifying round.

2012 Republican Party presidential candidates

By the end ofthough, he had fought his way back, rising to number six in the world rankings. Then he failed three drug tests in Banned from the track for two years, Merritt hopes the trials will provide a shot at redemption.

Lolo Jones The hurdler from Iowa is perhaps best known for her Twitter enthusiasm and the surprising fact that she is candid about still being virgin at Jones is a world-class hurdler who delivered a disappointing performance in Beijing in The favorite going into the meter hurdle race, Jones tripped and finished seventh.

Prior to that, she had won back-to-back gold medals in the meter hurdles at the and World Indoor Championships. After a difficultshe's won indoor races in New York, Moscow, and Lienz this year. Lomong moved to the US at the age of 16 as one of his native country's Lost Boys. His running career has itself been a sprint sincewhen he qualified for the Olympics in the meter race. He was the flag bearer for the US in Beijing, but was eventually eliminated in the semi-finals of the He's back this year, boasting a new personal best of 3: It was a tremendous disappointment: Gay's personal best time of 9.

Things are looking good for Gay, who had been bedevilled by injuries last year. He ran the in 10 seconds flat, into a headwind, at the recent Adidas Grand Prix. He also set a personal record in the process, one that he has since improved to 9.

He took bronze in thethough, only because two other athletes were disqualified. It was noted that the polls at present indicated that the election would be close. In response to a question posed by Mr. MacAuley, as to outcomes should President Chavez not win, it was put forward that while the future was uncertain, the trend in politics in Venezuela has been for a number of years towards moderance and respect for electoral outcomes.

Ayala put forward that the Venezuelan media and its political parties needed to be strengthened in order to prevent violence in the event of the turnover of a government as the result of an election. The present-day nationalizations ought to, therefore, be viewed as appeasing the desire on the part of the populace to regain control over their economy and key resources.

The meeting concluded with Sen. Ringuette thanking the host and guests, on behalf of the Canadian delegation. She noted that their frank and open perspectives were invaluable to the delegation, as their insights had helped to crystallize policy areas that could be bridged during the forthcoming days of bilateral discussions with Venezuelan parliamentarians.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Rodrigo Cabezas, Deputy and head of the Venezuelan delegation in Parlatino. Also in attendance was Mr. Roy Daza, Deputy; Mr. Walter Gavidia, Deputy; Mr. Delsa Solorzano, Deputy; Ms. The discussions began with Mr. Cabezas greeting the Canadian delegates and providing them with background information on Parlatino.

As an institution first founded inmembers of Parlatino actively promoted the movement towards ever closer integration in South America and the Caribbean. Parliaments, as a requirement for membership in Parlatino, had to have members that had been democratically elected by popular vote.

Cabezas further set out his perspectives on regional integration. He noted that integration in Latin America was dynamic in nature and its goals were long term. It was noted that past economic difficulties had served as a lesson that such problems could not be overcome alone.

It was also made clear that, in their view, a bilateral framework of mutual respect between countries was an important prerequisite to deepening their economic ties. Economic areas where cooperation could be deepened between Canada and Venezuela were also touched upon. A discussion took place about educational exchanges between Canada and Venezuela. Ringette proposed the possibility of retired university professors becoming engaged in teaching in Venezuela; and Mrs.

prefontaine meet 2012 presidential candidates

Ayala put forward the idea of an educational exchange that would allow Venezuelan students to study in Canada. Ringette further noted that, as parliamentarians, they had a shared mandate to improve the equality of opportunity of their citizens.

She praised the strides that Venezuela had made to better the health and education of its citizens, while noting that a vibrant business community was required to support social programs.

MacAulay noted that Canada and Venezuela had much to offer each other, and indicated that he was interested in hearing how Venezuelan parliamentarians dealt with issues common to both countries, such as housing and human rights. The Canadian delegates underlined on several occasions that the appointment of a Venezuelan ambassador to Canada would be warmly welcomed and would greatly assist in the continuity of the dialogue between Venezuela and Canada. The meeting concluded with parliamentarians from both countries commenting that such meetings served as excellent opportunities to have direct communication with one another.

On behalf of the Canadian delegation, Sen. Ringuette thanked the Venezuelan members of Parlatino and indicated that she hoped that their meeting would serve as a building block for future meetings. Attending this meeting were Mr. Liris Sol Velasquez, member of the Family Committee. The Canadian delegates were officially welcomed by Mr. In his remarks, he noted that he and his colleagues viewed the meeting as important, as they wished to deepen their relationship with Canada.

He indicated that the President of the National Assembly, Mr. Fernando Soto-Rojas, had made a point of encouraging deputies to form friendship groups and pursue parliamentary diplomacy, as this was viewed as a practical way to represent Venezuelan citizens, foster integration, and engage in discussions that would yield benefits for all countries involved.

On behalf of the Canadian delegates, Sen. Ringuette thanked the deputies for meeting with the delegation. She noted that Canada and Venezuela shared many goals, such as the desire to improve quality of life and access to education.

She also put forward that, as parliamentary counterparts, important issues could be discussed. In order to formalize the continuance of this dialogue, she noted, however, that Canadians hoped a Venezuelan ambassador to Canada would soon be appointed.

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During the discussion that ensued, current issues and common points of interest were raised. First, an increase in the standard of living of Venezuelans had created higher consumption, especially in respect of electric power, and the government was seeking solutions to meet this increased demand. Also, the government had recently initiated plans to build two million houses over the next two years.

In addition to the houses, roads and schools would be built, all of which would require extensive urban planning. Challenges facing Venezuela were also brought up, such as overcrowding in cities, urbanization, and the challenges presented by rising commodity prices. The Venezuelan deputies further noted that, in their view, the challenge for Venezuela was to make economic and social progress, and investments in human capital, in an efficient manner. Successes on these fronts were outlined, such as increased diversity in the National Assembly, as shown by greater involvement of women and aboriginals in important roles, improvements in their health system, increases in university-level graduation, inclusion of the poor and marginalized sectors of society.

They noted that economic justice was not simply a priority among Venezuelan deputies, but one shared by many countries in South America. MacAulay added that Canadians had much to share in terms of experience in the fields of electricity production and distribution, and mining. He noted also that he was interested in hearing their approach to dealing with issues common to both countries, such as housing and human rights.

2012 Republican Presidential Candidates

Ayala noted that Venezuela was presently living a critical period in their history. She noted that Canada had much to offer in terms of technical training, important for building houses and its attendant infrastructure. The meeting concluded with both Venezuelans and Canadians evincing a desire to see that a number of the items discussed during the meeting be furthered into concrete details at a diplomatic level.

Ringuette thanked the deputies for having taken the time to meet with the Canadian delegates.

prefontaine meet 2012 presidential candidates

She stated that Canadians had much to offer Venezuelans, as well as much to learn from them. As was the case with Canada, she noted that sound management of resources and wealth in Venezuela was crucial for the prosperity of future generations. The delegates were greeted by Mr. Karina Ochoa, senior teacher for chamber music programs; Mr.

Rodrigo Guerrero, deputy director international affairs and institutional development; and Ms. The program principally targeted very poor neighbourhoods, offering youth music as an option to counter the potential allure of involvement in gangs and crime. In this regard, El Sistema, beyond musical instruction, fostered pride and confidence in its participants, and provided them with a better sense of community. During the site tour, it was proudly noted that a number of past students had returned to become teachers.