Power ranger meet metal girls

power ranger meet metal girls

This article is about a/an ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. . Young Aisha met a young girl named Tanya Sloan, and managed to find her zeo. If she were a Power Ranger, she'd be a yellow ranger. the Azumanga Daioh manga and anime, and symphonic metal music. .. SSK: So you could see the Animarium, or so you could eventually meet Taylor herself?. See more ideas about Mighty morphin power rangers, Power rangers samurai Lego Meets Power Rangers cake Power Ranger Cake, 5th Birthday, Birthday.

Kim frets over losing it, and soon has to face the evil flesh-eating-blossom-spewing Spit Flower monster. A monster with such thick hide, the power zords are of no effect.

Life's a Masquerade There's a costume party going on at the Youth Center! Rita uses this distraction to mine a special clay on Earth, from which she'll create a breed of Super Putties. She sends her own version of Frankenstein's Monster to the party, and he's immediately mistaken for Tommy likely due to their similar high foreheads. They have trouble working together, as both are used to sparring one-on-one.

They face a strange metal creature known as Titanus, and must learn teamwork in the face of adversity Kim's grandmother's antique spinning wheel is used as a prop, which leaves it in a position to be captured by Rita's goons, who turn it into the evil Wheel Of Destruction.

Can the Rangers put a stop to the giant wheel without ruining Kim's family heirloom? Island of Illusion, Part I There's an upcoming dance competition, and despite his usual smooth moves, Zack's got a heavy case of self-doubt. Rita is inspired, and aims to send the six Rangers to her very own transdimensional island, where worst fears become reality!

She summons the celestial being known as Lokar to aid in this task, and with his wicked Mutitus creature, is the Megazord any match, or are our heroes island-bound? The island's only inhabitant, an elf named Quagmire, appears and offers them rhyming reminders of self-confidence, but is he friend or foe? Even if they can get off the island, can the team last a second round against Mutitis? A Rockstar monster rounds out the cast. Calamity Kimberly Kimberly wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and begins to have an extremely bad day.

He traps the bad haired, ratted clothed, annoyed Kim inside an urn, connected to another dimension. The Power Rangers race against the clock to free her before she's lost inside it forever.

The Yolk's on You! Finster creates the Fang monster for Rita's birthday. Goldar lies to Fang, pinning the blame on the Rangers, turning his anger toward our heroes. Do they stand a chance without Tommy, who was captured by Putties while on the way to Angel Grove High's big talent show? Using magic wax tied to his morphing energy, she creates the Green Candle, which burns down with every battle he fights, taking with it his powers! To help ignite this scheme, the Zord-mimicking Cyclops monster is sent to Earth.

As the Dragonzord, it rampages through the city, and proves to be quite an opponent against the Rangers! If that wasn't enough, Tommy is drawn into the Dark Dimension for a duel with Goldar! How long can the candle last at this rate? But with Goldar guarding it, and Cyclops once again on the prowl in the city, does he stand a chance of success? With his teammates busy, Tommy must go into battle with Cyclops monster as the Green Ranger.

The fight takes its toll on the Green Candle, which quickly burns down to nearly nothing. Will the Green Ranger powers be lost to Rita? The Rangers face the Hatchasaurus monster, and though he's defeated quickly, he manages to repeatedly regenerate using his inner sentient heart-creature, known as the Cardiatron. They set out to make Angel Grove Park a cleaner place.

Rita sends down the Polluticorn monster, to undo all of their hard work, and destroy the world. These diabolical doubles wreck havoc on our heroes' lives, even framing them into getting detention. The evil doppelgangers attack the city, as the good guys remain stuck at the High School! To get them back, the Rangers have to take on Goldar, who now has his very own evil War Zord to pilot, Cyclopsis!

Not only does the fate of Angel Grove rest in the balance, but the world, and the future of the Rangers themselves! Rita does some gardening of her own, by sending down the Octoplant seed. It blooms into the Octoplant, a monster hung up on its own appearance.

Or will they not even need to this time? Billy's invited, but declines, as this brings up bad memories from his childhood. As a boy, he had a finger-biting experience with a fish!

power ranger meet metal girls

Since then, he's been afraid of aquatic animals. Rita exploits this fear, sending down the Toxic Goo-Fish monster. Can the Blue Ranger manage to overcome his fish phobia, and filet the fiend? Their equally strange trophy gets swiped by Rita, turning it into the evil Goatan, the Stormbringer, a Goat-Lion monster! Can they put a stop to the blizzard-blasting chimera? Meanwhile, Zack finally wins a date with Angela, but will his Ranger duties put a dent in their romance?

Crystal of Nightmares To better cram for a big upcoming test, the Ranger teens head up to Billy's Uncle's cabin up in the mountains. Goldar uses this brain-storming session to his advantage, by manipulating their dreams with the Crystal Of Nightmares.

Their worst fears are played out in their dreams, causing them to be completely paranoid and constantly afraid when they wake up. Can our heroes overcome these self-esteem impairments to seek out and destroy the Crystal? It's not ordinary rash, but an infection by Rita's newest monster, the Fighting Flea.

Can the Rangers find a cure for this itchy menace? Reign of the Jellyfish Angel Grove High School is preparing to bury a time capsule in the park, to be opened in years. Among the items, is a picture of the Power Rangers. She also sends down the Jellyfish Warrior monster to trap our heroes in another dimension. She's unable to grasp the proper motivation for achieving the stances. Rita sends down a Praying Mantis monster to belittle her failure at the technique in battle.

Rita decides to trap the parents in another dimension, and use them as ransom for attaining the Power Coins! To make things worse, Billy is placed under a spell, and steals the Dragon Dagger from the Command Center.

With it, Goldar takes control of the Dragonzord, and sends it on a rampage. But in the process, he takes a jolt from a force field! Will this spell the end for Tommy, or a new beginning for the Green Ranger?

Can the Rangers defeat the Dramole monster and rescue their parents from Rita's clutches? Grumble Bee For the first time in his life, Billy gets a "B" on a test in school!

He's devastated as a result, which once again provides inspiration for Rita. She has Finster create a Grumble Bee monster to attack, exploiting his "B" grade dismay.

With the rest of the team tied up on the basketball court, can Trini help Billy overcome his self-doubts? Their motto for the moms, two heads are better than one. Rita is inspired, as always, and has Finster create a Two-Headed Parrot monster. Teamwork, two-heads times three, plus a Pamango fruit are needed to take out this double-bird brained menace.

Fowl Play Zack puts on a magic show for the kids at the Juice Bar. He's more interested in impressing Angela, and seems to succeed.

Meet n Greet with The Power Rangers

Rita sends down the Peckster monster, causing Zack to pull a disappearing act just when he's about to woo the girl of his dreams. Can Kim manage to win the game and the brand new car, or does Skull have a trick of his own up his sleeve?

This Halloween-themed program inspires Rita to harvest a special monster. The Rangers first must face an army of pumpkin-headed Putties, and then the Pumpkin Rapper monster himself, whose unripe rhymes are just as bad as his attacks!

Meet n Greet with The Power Rangers -

Luckily, he's on speaking terms with the Ranger teens, which means he's going to get special treatment for this injustice! A second tryout will be held, so our heroes help him train for it. Rita sends down the Soccadillo monster to keep with the soccer theme. Rita's annoyed by their friendship, and sends down the Slippery Shark monster. His boomerang-fin weapon casts a spell on the two, causing them to hate each other intensely.

Can their teammates intervene in time, and force some teammwork to help break the spell of hate between the Red and Green Rangers? His karate training messes up his coordination, but Ernie, who used to be an all-star fullback in college, offers to help him out. Rita sends down the Rhinoblaster monster to face the other Power Rangers in a game of full-contact football with a team of Putties!

An Oyster Stew Zack seeks to impress Angela by getting her pearl earrings for her birthday. Little does he know, they're actually the evil Pearls of Stillness!

By putting them on, she and all but Zack and Tommy are frozen solid. To restore them, the Black and Green Rangers must take on the Oysterizer monster. But a Thunderzord upgrade, along with a new White Ranger helps turn the tide Part 1 The Ranger teens take part in a charity 4-wheeler race on Earth. But up on the moon, things are far from routine. For her repeated failures, he has Rita banished to drift in space. Zedd takes over the Lunar Palace gives the Putty Patrollers an overpowered overhaul!

The Z-armored Putties are sent to face the Power Rangers, and prove to be more than formidable foe. Can our heroes find their weakspot in time? Part 2 Lord Zedd's first monster, Pirahntishead, now has control of the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord and the Dragonzord, commanding them to destroy the city. The Rangers watch helplessly, but all is not yet lost.

Before they can fully bring these new Thunderzords to life, they must regain their old ones! Part 3 The only hope of regaining control of the Dinozords from Pirahntishead is Billy's latest invention. If they can get it to work, Zordon will then infuse each of the main five Dinozords with a lightning charge, causing them to morph into the mighty new Thunderzords!

But will it be enough to defeat the power of Lord Zedd's Pirahntishead? Lord Zedd exploits this by creating the Primator monster out of a white gorilla suit of Zack's.

Primator can transform himself into an exact double of anyone, and uses that ability to confuse the Rangers by mimicking them. Meanwhile, Alpha 5 teleports out of the Command Center for a day, and winds up activating his self-destruct sequence when confronted by the monster.

Putty on the Brain Lord Zedd zaps a pair of special sunglasses Billy's invented. If that wasn't bad enough, the fire-breathing Saliguana monster is created. Bloom of Doom The Youth Center hosts a sign-up session for various after-school clubs.

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Predictablly, each of the Ranger teens has their own club. Kim's gardening club proves unpopular, getting no one to sign up. Lord Zedd puts Kim under a spell, causing her to become violently jealous of Trini for having a successful club.

He then sends down the Bloom Of Doom, but can Kim overcome her bitterness, alien-inflicted and otherwise, to work together to defeat it? The Green Dream Tommy keeps having the same depressing dream lately, where he loses his powers in the middle of battle.

Power Rangers: From Mighty Morphin to Lost Galaxy

Lord Zedd creates the Robo-Goat monster, and uses him to capture Tommy and turn him evil again! The Rangers attempt to regain it, while Tommy, released from evil, finds his Green Ranger powers are running dangerously low to the point he can't even summon the Dragonzord.

But, Lord Zedd has plans of his own and decides to create the Octophantom to capture the Rangers in a magic jar and drain them of their powers. Now, the Rangers face a battle to keep their powers and save Tommy. When they come to save her, Lord Zedd plans to ransom her for the price of the Green Ranger.

Green Ranger discovers that by playing his flute, he can stay in control. Part 1 Tommy learns his powers are at their very end and that he may only have one fight left. Meanwhile, Lord Zedd is using a green crystal to siphon off Tommy's powers to claim them for himself.

He creates Turbanshell to force Tommy into action, so he can claim the last of his powers for his new Dark Rangers. Part 2 Tommy learns his powers are at their very end and that he may only have one fight left. Missing Green Jason is down about Tommy's absence and the others try to help him cope by trying to find Tommy. But, on their way, our heroes stumble into an ambush and are captured by Goldar. Now, Jason must find a way to save his friends from the same fate as Tommy. Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park Lord Zedd has his putties steal a trumpet so that he can turn it into a bewitching monster.

Beauty and the Beast Depressed about Tommy's departure from the team, Kimberly seeks out the advice of a Fortune Teller, Madam Swampy, despite Billy's claims that such practitioners are likely frauds. Meanwhile, Lord Zedd reveals a desire to have Kimberly as his Queen. Part 1 Zordon and Alpha 5 embark on a secret mission and shut down the Command Center.

This change in energy alerts Lord Zedd in the Lunar Palace on the moon, and he decides that now is the time to destroy the Rangers, so he alters the Sentinel Statue in Angel Grove Park—a statue of a giant fist—with his magic.

When matured, the statue will transform into his strongest monster, Nimrod the Scarlet Sentinel. Part 2 Alpha and Zordon restore full power to the systems and summon the Rangers. Zordon gives the Rangers a speech about the Green Ranger powers being completely destroyed and then introduces the new addition to their team—the White Ranger.

Tommy is the new leader of the team.

Power Rangers Meets Metal

Two for One A day at the park for Tommy and Kimberly turns into putty pandemonium. Then, while Kimberly and Tommy deal with the putties, Lord Zedd uses his evil powers to create two new outrageous monsters.

Opposites Attract When Billy gathers scientific data, it shows a severe storm is brewing. But, Lord Zedd has plans of his own as he turns Billy's polarizer into a wicked monster. Meanwhile, Kimberly and a young troop of Angelettes are unaware of impending danger. Then, as Tommy takes some kids trick-or-treating, Goldar kidnaps him to a secret location to battle the most vicious Halloween monster. Later that week, they watched the newcomers win a ninja tournament against a team of undefeated, yet cocky champions.

Part 3 Rocky, Adam, and Aisha learn of the identities of the rangers and take an oath to never reveal the Power Rangers' identities. But, Zedd sends Goldar and the putties to kidnap their international guests. But, Zedd interrupts the event by using one of his monsters to hypnotize the crowd into submission.

Even the Power Rangers struggle against Zedd's power. This means the Power Rangers are going to need a trio of replacements. But first, in order to transfer the powers to anyone else, our six heroes must travel across the galaxy, to a place called the Deserted Planet. Their first mission comes instantly, as Zedd sends his latest monster, Silver Horns, down to attack the city. The twosome capture Adam and Aisha, binding them to a tree, and plan to use them as bait to trap the other Rangers.

Mirror of Regret Adam helps a young karate student believe in himself. But, Lord Zedd is about to destroy Adam's confidence when he sends Goldar to Angel Grove with the Mirror of Regret to bring back Adam's childhood memories to drain his energy. When is a Ranger Not a Ranger?

Our heroes learn how a kaleidoscope works while Lord Zedd makes plans to turn the kaleidoscope into a terrible monster.

Now the Rangers must use their knowledge and power to defeat Zedd's newest creature. But, Lord Zedd has a little game of his own to play when he casts a spell over Rocky, causing him to only want to play. Lights, Camera, Action The Power Rangers take the special message of the power of education to the airwaves. And, Lord Zedd becomes interested in fire too, when he sends the Flamehead monster to Angel Grove to turn the city into one big hotspot.

Scavenger Hunt The kids go on a scavenger hunt. But, then Lord Zedd has other ideas to ruin the kids' game once and for all. The Great Bookala Escape An unusual crash landing creates a mystery for our heroes.

The Rangers decide to investigate the spacecraft further and they discover it's amazing cargo. But, Lord Zedd prepares to lay claim to the craft.

While our heroes plan to rescue their friends, Zedd sends the Jaws of Destruction to battle them. Rangers Back in Time, Part 1 Inspired by the Ranger teens' class assignment of bringing in photographs from their childhood, Lord Zedd comes up with a plan to exploit this trip down memory lane.

Using the Rock Of Time, he reverses the Earth's rotation, causing everyone on the planet to revert in age by about 10 years! No longer teens, and no longer possessing memory of being Rangers, the Powerless Kids are seemingly defenseless against Zedd's Putties.

power ranger meet metal girls

But are they still a great team beyond their years? Can Alpha 5 find a way to restore the kids, and convince them that they're an alien-fighting superhero team? Even if they get back to their normal age, the Rangers will have to deal with the Zord-copying Photomare, and a horde of revived monsters guarding the Rock of Time!

The Wedding, Part 1 Hoping to reclaim her throne, Rita plans to spike Zedd with a love potion while he is sleeping, destroy the Power Rangers, and give them as a wedding gift before sealing Zedd in a dumpster and ruling the universe herself.

Return of the Green Ranger, Part 3 The Rangers must discover how to return to their own time, while saving their past. Storybook Rangers, Part 1 Everyone finds a favorite book at the school book fair but Rita's got her own story to write. Three Rangers beceome trapped in a storybook, and it's up to Billy, Adam, and Aisha to rescue their friends.

Storybook Rangers, Part 2 Everyone finds a favorite book at the school book fair but Rita's got her own story to write. Trouble begins when the kids notice Billy acting weird. Then, he renders the Rangers powerless when he takes their morphers.

power ranger meet metal girls

The competition heats up when Lord Zedd and Rita cast an evil spell on both candidates to turn the Power Rangers against each other and crush them. Wild West Rangers, Part 1 When Kimberly is accidentally sent back in time to the yearduring Angel Grove's Wild West period, she finds that she is not the only one from her time who has gone back. Goldar, Needlenose, and a platoon of Putties have also come back in time to destroy Angel Grove's past.

With their help and the aid of the White Stranger, Kimberly is able to drive Lord Zedd's forces back to the present. Although they fought off the Putties, Goldar recaptured them, and then set a snake on them, whose bite would turn them evil. The Blue Ranger got the snake away from them, but at the cost of it squeezing his neck, and he was forced to remove his helmet to breathe, revealing his identity - that of the teens' new friend, Billy.

Aisha and her friends witnessed this, so Tommy and Kimberly revealed themselves as well. Afterwards, they all became close friends to the Rangers and would help in several occasions.

Once, when Zedd's Beamcaster monster put everyone, even the Rangers, in a trance, Zordon and Alpha were able to retrieve her, Rocky and Adam before they succumbed to the same signal, allowing Aisha to use her technical experience from working at a radio station to repair a device Billy had created that canceled the monster's brainwashing signal, the machine having been dropped and damaged before Billy could use it himself.

Becoming a Ranger "Sabertooth Tiger! Subsequently, the new members of the team transferred to Angel Grove High and began to regularly hang out with the other Rangers. During her time on the team, Aisha played a particularly crucial role in the defeat of the powerful monster Hate Masteras she was the only Ranger to escape his initial attack to turn the other Rangers against each other and even managed to resist a direct assault against her when she was alone.

Aisha as the Yellow Ninja Ranger. I knew I was making the right choice. Somehow, I feel like this is where I belong. This is my quest. When Rita Repulsa 's father, Master Vilereverted time and transformed the Rangers into kids again sans Kimberly, who left to train for the Pan Globals in Floridathe Rangers were sent into different time periods in different parts of the world to find the parts of the Zeo Crystal.

On Aisha's quest, she was sent to a village in Africa that was in a state of destruction after the surrounding wildlife had began to attack the villagers. Young Aisha met a young girl named Tanya Sloanand managed to find her zeo sub-crystal. However, rather than return to the team, Aisha stayed in Africa, offering to use her veterinary knowledge to try and help cure the aggressive wildlife.

Young Aisha sent young Tanya back to the Command Centerin the state that they were then in, with the Zeo sub-crystal in her place, aware that she would alter the course of her family's history by doing so. Aisha regained her adult form when the crystal was reformed. The next and last time Aisha would be heard from was when she sent a letter and the tiki Auric to Tanya, who was living with the current Pink Ranger, Aisha's friend Katherine Hillardmuch the same way Kimberly lived with her before.

Legacy of Power Aisha was featured in a chronicle of Power Ranger history compiled by Tommy Oliver shortly after he formed the Dino Rangerswhich was found by the nascent Ranger team in the Dino Lab.