Power meet 2012 winners

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power meet 2012 winners

Hire Power BY THE EDITORS OF INC. SEARCH LIST. ADVANCED SEARCH. Type: All. Industry: All. State: All. Company Size: All. Metro: All. City: All. Times on . In , Zotos met its goal of using percent green power for its . by purchasing enough renewable energy to meet this goal internally. Previous winners. The Timewise Power 50 list was created in to bust the myth that it wasn't possible to be part-time and senior. Over the past six years.

The company sees RECs as an opportunity to augment these efforts by supporting the development of renewable energy, using its size, scale and influence to make a significant impact. With a mission to protect and restore the environment, MOM's has grown over twenty-five years from a home delivery service to a series of stores located throughout the greater Washington-Baltimore metro region.

power meet 2012 winners

InMOM's purchased more than This was a five million kWh increase from the prior year's purchase and equal to more than percent of the company's own electricity use, providing exceptional support of the voluntary green power market.

MOM's also matches employees' REC purchases and collaborates with a local clean energy supplier to provide gift cards for customers who switch to wind energy at home. MOM's other sustainability initiatives include the company's commitment to selling only percent organic produce and sustainable seafood, conserving energy with LED lighting and efficient closed-door refrigeration units, composting produce clippings and utilizing biodegradable packaging.

MOM's also supports other green businesses by featuring items from manufacturers who use renewable energy to make their products.

In the coming year, MOM's plans to install solar panels at three store locations. By investing in green power, MOM's continues to show other small businesses that converting to percent green power is within reach and can lead to increased brand loyalty and ultimately help the bottom line. The company's exchanges in Europe and the United States trade equities, futures, options, fixed-income and exchange-traded products.

With approximately 8, listed issues excluding European Structured ProductsNYSE Euronext's equities markets represent one-third of the world's equities trading. With its international reach and potential for global impact, NYSE Euronext has committed to minimizing the environmental impacts of its activities and conducting sustainable business practices that are consistent with its commitment to corporate social responsibility.

InNYSE Euronext purchased more than million kilowatt-hours kWh of green power, equivalent to percent of the company's total U. NYSE Euronext plans to continue its annual purchase of percent green power in future years, demonstrating a proactive choice to support cleaner energy alternatives.

The company is a leader in its industry as the only global exchange to achieve carbon neutrality through its purchase of green power and carbon offsets. NYSE Euronext proudly hosted the Carbon Disclosure Project's CDP Spring Workshop, which encouraged current and potential listed companies as well as public and non-profit partners to participate in transparent environmental reporting.

NYSE Euronext is firmly committed to collaborate globally to deliver world class sustainable facilities that are a conduit for customer success. Top of Page Quinnipiac University A private, coeducational university with more than 8, graduate and undergraduate students, Quinnipiac University's three campuses rest in the shadow of Sleeping Giant Mountain in Hamden, Connecticut.

The school is proving to be a giant among its peers with its annual purchase of close to 38 million kilowatt-hours kWh of green power, equivalent to percent of Quinnipiac's electricity use. Quinnipiac's commitment to the environment is demonstrated by fresh initiatives taking place across all three campuses. At the York Hill Campus, wind turbines generate 32, kWh of energy annually, while roof-top photovoltaic panels gather power from the sun, saving anotherkilowatt-hours.

On the North Haven Campus, environmentally-friendly features include: On the Mount Carmel Campus, a community garden yields fresh fruit and vegetables. And, the university's ongoing "Bobcat Bulb Swap" program allows students to trade up to six incandescent light bulbs for greener compact fluorescent models. In addition, hydration stations can be found throughout the campuses, enabling easy refilling of water bottles and reducing plastic waste.

Moving ahead, Quinnipiac looks to build on its recent successes, including its first energy reduction challenge in the residence halls, which resulted in a nine percent reduction in electricity use over the course of two weeks in spring The university plans to continue its purchase of percent green power, and to increase awareness among students, faculty, and staff of their own environmental impacts. With more than 1, stores in 15 states and the District of Columbia, TD takes its responsibility to engage in sustainable business practices seriously.

TD Bank is also the largest U. Annually, TD purchases more than million kilowatt-hours kWh of green power and recently announced that it will reduce its carbon footprint by one metric tonne per employee by The company has also installed on-site solar generation at more 30 U. TD continues to grow its Maine-to-Florida store network while simultaneously reducing its environmental footprint; for example, between and TD increased its real estate square footage by 11 percent while greenhouse gas emissions decreased by 11 percent.

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In growing this way, TD demonstrates that being environmentally responsible parallels its business success. TD also focuses on educating customers about being energy efficient. Using tools such as the bank's interactive Kid's Zone, TD is able to teach even its youngest customers the environmental features of the store, as well as how renewable energy is used to provide electricity to each store. In addition, TD works to encourage renewable energy use in the various communities in which its stores are located.

Looking ahead, TD plans to continue promoting and educating about its use of green power through social media, town hall meetings and annual and quarterly reports. The North Face Since its founding inThe North Face has committed itself to creating technically innovative products that allow outdoor athletes to explore the world and test the limits of human potential.

In order to ensure that future generations "Never Stop Exploring," The North Face recognizes the need to protect the environment and is taking on a leadership role in reducing its emissions and educating others about sustainability and mitigating climate change.

InThe North Face's combined on-site and purchased green power totaled This continues The North Face's commitment to using percent green power for the electricity used in the company's headquarters, all U. By investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency measures, The North Face is on track to meet its five-year goal of a 25 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from its U.

Furthermore, the company recently installed a one megawatt solar project at its Visalia, California distribution center and created its "Hot Planet, Cool Athletes" program that reaches thousands of high school students every year with an empowering, energizing multimedia presentation on climate change and sustainability.

In addition, the company empowers its customers with green power information in its retail store dressing rooms and registers, and provides training to its employees on the company's commitment to operating sustainability.

The North Face also encourages employees to purchase renewable energy certificates for their own electricity use. Carbon neutrality is core to Austin's mission: To be the most livable city in the country.

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Despite the financial downturn, budget cuts, and changes in city management, the City of Austin has stayed the course of strong climate action. This year, Austin set a powerful example for local governments and corporate entities across the nation by becoming the first large U. In doing so, Austin met one of its Climate Protection Plan goals — to power all City facilities with renewable energy by By committing to using percent green power, the city has become its own best customer for GreenChoice.

The City's efforts to reduce its carbon footprint are expansive: Austin's Climate Protection Plan calls for carbon-neutrality for all City-owned facilities, fleet, and buildings by Austin has since developed and implemented departmental climate protection plans, provided climate-action education to all City employees, and in established a new Office of Sustainability which advances local sustainability and climate action by providing leadership and coordination of environmental initiatives across local government operations and the community.

Each of these aggressive goals is linked to outcomes—for example, performance evaluations of all 23 city department directors are tied in part to their departmental carbon footprints. Hilton Worldwide Hilton Worldwide is a global leader with 93 years of experience in the hospitality industry, offering an innovative approach to products, amenities, and service at its hotels and resorts in 91 countries.

In the last year, Hilton Worldwide has added million kilowatt-hours kWh of green power to its U. This represents a percent increase in kWh purchased over and qualifies Hilton as the only Green Power Partner in the hospitality industry to appear on the EPA's National Top 50 list.

Improvements are based on LightStay, Hilton Worldwide's proprietary system that calculates and analyzes environmental impacts by measuring energy and water use, and waste and carbon emissions across operational practices at more than 3, properties around the globe.

Results include a 6. LightStay also includes a meeting calculator to measure the energy use and carbon output of any event held at a Hilton property, which helps to inform potential REC or carbon offset purchases. The company is focused on continual improvement of its sustainability practices, and near-term plans include doubling the number of hotels tracking their sustainability projects and sharing best practices through the LightStay system.

Hilton Worldwide will continue to provide stakeholders with support in performing financial and technical feasibility analyses associated with buying green power, and engage its more thanteam members at managed, owned and franchised properties, more than million guests, and thousands of owners in its efforts.

Microsoft Corporation Microsoft Corporation, headquartered in Redmond, Washington, is one of the world's largest technology and software companies. As part of its commitment to operating sustainably, Microsoft is purchasing more than 1. Microsoft's purchase, along with a combination of energy efficiency measures and an investment in high-quality carbon reduction projects, resulted in the company meeting its goal of reducing carbon emissions by at least 30 percent per unit of revenue below the company's baseline.

Microsoft's green power use will contribute to its recently-announced companywide commitment to achieve carbon neutrality. To achieve this aim, the company created an accountability model which aims to improve efficiencies, increase renewable energy purchases, improve data collection and reporting, and further supports Microsoft's ongoing goal of reducing its environmental impact. The company is quantifying the carbon impact of its operations and driving business decisions around energy use and air travel by setting an internal price on carbon, measuring emissions, and charging a carbon fee to the teams responsible for those emissions.

Funds generated by the fee will be used to support efficiency, renewable energy and carbon offset projects. Microsoft's commitment to carbon neutrality is another step in the company's broader commitment to environmental leadership, from reducing energy consumption in facilities and data centers, to working with partners in the supply chain, to improving the efficiency of its software products and services.

Microsoft also tracks and discloses its emissions through the Carbon Disclosure Project. By sharing its internal strategies and lessons learned, Microsoft is helping its customers, partners and supply chain to carry a similar carbon-free vision forward.

University of Oklahoma The University of Oklahoma OUlocated in Norman, is a regional leader and role model for other large public universities, setting a national example for green power use in states with less experience with renewable energy.

This agreement was critical in enabling the development of the megawatt OU Spirit Wind Farm in Woodward, Oklahoma, which now supplies electricity to the university and to customers across the state. As the first institution in Oklahoma to sign the ACUPCC, the school played a pioneering role in pledging to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Currently, 90 percent of OU's purchased power comes from wind, setting a standard for other large state schools and putting the school well on its way to meeting its goal of percent green power. In conjunction with its green power use, OU is undertaking a myriad of energy efficiency upgrades such as installing occupancy sensors for classroom lighting and retrofitting existing buildings, as well as developing water-efficient restroom facilities and instituting a campus-wide recycling program.

OU has also launched an Advanced Metering Infrastructure program to customize and manage energy demand across campus.

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By Novemberall of OU's electric use will be monitored by smart meters. At the same time, OU is reaching out to stakeholders interested in green power options through its website, press releases, and social media, and the school plans to host green energy tours both on campus and at the Spirit Wind Farm.

power meet 2012 winners

Students, faculty, and staff are engaged in the school's sustainability work through the Crimson and Green campaign, which champions OU's efforts in energy efficiency, wind power, green roofs, recycling, and other environmental actions and encourages campus-wide participation. Green Power Community of the Year Beaverton, Oregon Community As a progressive suburb city of 90, residents, the City of Beaverton, Oregon has established itself as a leader in supporting and purchasing green power.

Annually, the city's government, businesses, institutions, and residents are collectively using more than 93 million kilowatt-hours kWh of green power, equivalent to 5. Alone, the Beaverton government purchases percent green power for its buildings' energy use and for 58 percent of the city's overall operations — including for water pumping and streetlights. Beaverton also has a comprehensive Sustainability Strategy which guides the city in its efforts to reduce energy consumption, increase energy efficiency, and purchase or produce green power for the energy that it uses.

Beaverton's green power leadership is a collective effort. The government has emphasized the educational aspects of on-site generation with the installation of a The system is highly visible to residents and includes an educational kiosk in the library foyer. Additionally, the city has a solar demonstration gazebo, known as the "Hot House," which provides electricity for nearby electric vehicle charging stations and serves as a community booth at the Beaverton Farmers Market.

The city also coordinated the Solar Beaverton program which provides residents with a no-obligation solar site assessment and home energy review.

The program influenced over solar system installations among residents, lowered the purchase price of a complete residential solar system by up to 80 percent and educated the community about renewable energy. The city plans to build off of its greenhouse gas inventory with a follow-up community carbon footprint analysis in Beaverton works closely with its local utility to offer coupons from local businesses for residents who purchase renewable energy.

Reaching beyond its own borders, Beaverton will also share the benefits of its green power efforts with other local governments through its partnership organization, Partners for a Sustainable Washington County Community.

power meet 2012 winners

Beaverton has received extensive recognition for its sustainability initiatives, most recently as the winner of the U. Mayors Climate Protection Award. The hometown of architect Frank Lloyd Wright and author Ernest Hemingway, Oak Park is recognized as a regional leader in green power use both for its Community Choice Aggregation CCA program and for installing the third largest municipal solar array in Illinois. InOak Park set a national precedent with its CCA program by aggregating the community electricity load and purchasing green power from an alternate electricity supplier while still receiving transmission and distribution service from its existing provider.

Oak Park is the first municipality in Illinois to choose a percent green power portfolio standard for its residents and small business operators who participate in the community's CCA program. The program boasts an impressive 95 percent participation rate. Through the CCA program, Oak Park purchases wind renewable energy certificates RECs that will reduce local emissions by approximatelymetric tons of carbon dioxide per year by adding more than million kilowatt-hours kWh of wind energy to the local grid.

The RECs are offered to aggregation members at a rate 25 percent less than the cost of the conventional utility product. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement in The success of the Oak Park program has generated interest from across Illinois and the country. More than Illinois municipalities have created aggregation programs for their residents, some of which also have chosen renewable energy portfolios. Oak Park also began offsetting its own electric use with a kilowatt solar panel array on its municipal parking garage, installed in March and providing approximately 30 percent of the garage's electricity needs.

In addition, Oak Park is working with several state, federal and international entities to create electric smart grid demonstrations on residential and commercial buildings. With its groundbreaking CCA program, expansion of on-site renewable generation and unprecedented level of resident and business participation in the use of green power, the Village of Oak Park is a community to emulate.

Sustained Excellence in Green Power Intel Corporation As the world's largest manufacturer of semiconductors, Intel's electricity consumption accounts for more than 70 percent of the company's Scope 1 and 2 carbon footprint. To reduce its indirect emissions, Intel continues to be the nation's largest voluntary purchaser of green power, a ranking held since And inIntel increased both its purchase of renewable energy certificates RECsand its development of on-site solar projects. This year, Intel increased its REC purchase 12 percent to nearly 2.

In addition to its REC purchases, Intel hosts 15 solar arrays on nine corporate campuses in Arizona, California, New Mexico, Oregon, Israel, and Vietnam, which together supply approximately five million kWh annually for Intel facilities.

Additional facilities are in the final evaluation or initial construction phase. In combination with a robust energy conservation and efficiency program, reduced perfluorocompound emissions, and technological advances in product design, Intel achieved a 60 percent reduction in absolute greenhouse gas emissions below levels. Intel focuses on employee engagement as an important way to reduce the company's environmental impacts and help promote sustainable thinking.

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A portion of each employee's variable compensation is tied to company performance against environmental metrics, which include reducing Intel's carbon footprint. The company also developed "The Blue Guide to Being Green," which offers more than 70 tools for planning low-impact events worldwide, and is piloting initial electric vehicle charging stations at several campuses.

Intel also encourages its suppliers to reduce their environmental impacts, presenting information through conferences, presentations, webinars and seminars. The company shares its green power and sustainability leadership through a variety of media and on the company's internal and external websites. Kohl's Department Stores With more than 1, stores in 49 states, Kohl's continues to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable business practices through its use of green power and dedication to reducing the environmental impacts of its operations.

This year marks the third consecutive year that Kohl's has been using percent renewable energy to meet all of its electricity use, purchasing more than 1. A focus of Kohl's environmental efforts is to achieve sustainable operations, and the company has set several targets in pursuit of this goal.

Kohl's aims to use percent renewable energy for all of its facilities, achieve net zero carbon emissions beginning in throughand host and activate solar arrays on building rooftops by the year Kohl's has met its target of using percent green power for its electricity use and is on track to achieve its other targets. Additionally, inKohl's expanded its green power portfolio to include on-site wind power, installing wind turbines at its Corpus Christi, Texas store and Findlay, Ohio distribution center.

InKohl's also activated its first fully-owned solar arrays on two store rooftops in Arizona. Together, these rooftops host 3, solar panels and generate 1.

As of AprilKohl's boasts an impressive solar locations, a location increase since April Kohl's has topped the Green Power Partnership's Top 20 Retail list since Julysignifying the largest green power users among retail partners within the Partnership. Kohl's leads the industry by example, acting as a resource for other retailers interested in sustainability through its membership in the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. G Adventures An avalanche of positive adjectives tumble from your mountain of praise for Bhu.

Knowledgeable, compassionate, patient, respectful and considerate are just a few. Here is a man whose caring for the travellers in his charge extends way beyond the business of touring. His heart is huge and, frankly, knows no bounds. I commend Bhupendra to you without reservation. What I learned with Bhu armed me with the skills and customs I would need as a lone female travelling in India.

He stayed with her after everyone left, missing his next job to help her through a terrifying ordeal in a Nepali hospital. He is an amazing human being. Exemplifying the word welcome, Bhupendra impressed his guests so much that one hopes to take her children to meet him one day. He has amazing organisational skills in a country full of chaos and answers every question with humour and aplomb. Bhu treats people with the respect reserved for his own family you are either his brother, sister, father or mother and takes them to the heart of the real India.

Simyra provides free tours to scientists and students, funded a year at the Hallo Bay Camp for someone of limited means but boundless passion, and granted the last wishes of a man dying of cancer. Her respect for the wilderness makes her an exceptional guide.

This made a huge difference to our experience. Who else do you know who has a wilderness camp and not one single issue with creatures sneaking around foraging about for food?

Simyra is an unparalleled outdoors-woman and guide who treats everyone the same — like royalty. Bursary plans Simyra is thinking of sharing her bursary between local non-profits groups like the Animal Shelter and the FriendsofKatmai. Dragoman Luca has been a Dragoman driver for six years. His passion for life and for knowledge is contagious and his commitment to giving every single person their trip of a lifetime jumped off the page. This one-man Lonely Planet lets his clients feel like travellers not tourists.

He basically IS his job and he clearly loves it. He had us eating out of his hand — and happy to be doing so! Even the most obstreperous client or official fails to disturb his equanimity, politeness and geniality.