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pongo meet perdita

It is first seen as the place where Pongo and Roger Radcliffe meet Perdita and Anita Radcliffe. It was also here, when the Dalmatians puppies are dognapped. Pongo and Perdita pretty much have the cutest meeting ever. One Hundred and One Dalmatians, often abbreviated as Dalmatians, is a American Their parents, Pongo and Perdita, set out to save their children from Cruella, all the while rescuing 84 additional puppies that were He quickly gets Roger out of the house and drags him through the park to arrange a meeting .

His collar is tight around his neck with his fat bunched up around it. Mickey Maga as Patch, a puppy who loves Thunderbolt and has a spot on his eye. Patch is aggressive, barking and growling, but is often frightened by Cruella de Vil. He is the star of the animated sequel, Dalmatians II: Sandra Abbott as Penny, the only puppy not named for her appearance or habits. She is one of only two female pups, the other being Freckles.

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Mary Wickes as Freckles, a puppy who has a pattern of spots over the bridge of her nose resembling freckles on a human child. Freckles is shown very tired, or asking many questions. Tudor Owen as Towser, a bloodhound who aids Pongo and Perdita in finding the puppies.

Queenie Leonard as Princess, one of the three cows who help the puppies when seeking shelter from the cold. Marjorie Bennett as Duchess, one of the three cows who help the puppies when seeking shelter from the cold.

Barbara Luddy as Rover, one of the 84 Dalmatian puppies that Cruella kidnapped.

pongo meet perdita

Rickie Sorensen as Spotty, one of the 84 Dalmatian puppies that Cruella kidnapped. Tom Conway as Collie, who offers the Dalmatians shelter for the night at a dairy farm. Conway also voiced the Quizmaster, the host of "What's My Crime?

When Walt Disney read it init immediately grabbed his attention, and he promptly obtained the rights. Smith had always secretly hoped that Disney would make it into a film. Because Peet never learned to use a typewriter, he wrote the initial draft by hand on large yellow tablets. The scene was reworked to be less religious with Roger and Anita dressed in formal clothes. Walt said the script was "great stuff" and commissioned Peet to begin storyboarding.

Additionally, Peet was charged with the recording of the voice-over process. Byhe had modified a Xerox camera to transfer drawings by animators directly to animation celseliminating the inking process, thus saving time and money while preserving the spontaneity of the penciled elements. According to Chuck JonesDisney was able to complete the film for about half of what it would have cost if they had had to animate all the dogs and spots.

In addition to the character animation, Anderson also sought to use Xerography on "the background painting because I was going to apply the same technique to the whole picture. As Anderson recalled in an interview: He looked very sick, I said "Gee it's great to see you Walt", and he said "You know that thing you did on Dalmatians".

He didn't say anything else, but he just gave me this look and I knew that all was forgiven and in his opinion maybe what I did on Dalmatians wasn't so bad.

That was the last time I ever saw him. Then, a few weeks later, I learned he was gone. Actress Helene Stanley performed the live-action reference for the character of Anita. During production, Davis claimed her character was partly inspired by Bette Davis no relationRosalind Russelland Tallulah Bankhead.

He took further influence from her voice actress, Betty Lou Gersonwith whom he added her cheekbones to the character. He later complimented "[t]hat [her] voice was the greatest thing I've ever had a chance to work with. A voice like Betty Lou's gives you something to do.

You get a performance going there, and if you don't take advantage of it, you're off your rocker. The filmmakers deliberately cast dogs with deeper voices than their human owners so they had more power.

Disney agreed with her after the two of them read the script for a second time. However, Gerson disputed, "Well, I didn't intentionally imitate her Dearly looks for a canine wet nurseand finds an abandoned liver-spotted Dalmatian in the middle of the road in the pouring rain.

She has the dog treated by a vet, learns that she has recently given birth, and names her Perdita meaning "lost". Perdita helps to nurse the pups and becomes a member of the family, later telling Pongo about her lost love Prince and the resulting litter of puppies which were sold by her owner, and that she had run away looking for those puppies.

pongo meet perdita

One day, while walking Pongo and Missis, Mr. Dearly have a chance meeting with an old schoolmate of Mrs. Cruella de Vil, a very wealthy woman so fixated on fur clothing that she married a furrier and forces him to keep his fur collection in their home so she can wear the pieces whenever she likes. She admires the two dogs and expresses a desire to have a Dalmatian-skin coat.

The Dearlys are disconcerted a few days later when she stops by their home to see the puppies and offers to buy them all. They refuse, and shortly after that the puppies disappear. The humans fail to trace them but through the "Twilight Barking", a forum of communication in which dogs can relay messages to each other across the country, the dogs track them down to "Hell Hall", the ancestral home of the de Vil family in Suffolk.

Pongo and Missis try to tell the Dearlys where the puppies are but fail: Pongo tried to say the human word "Suffolk" but could not hiss to make the necessary "s" sound. The dogs decide to find the puppies themselves, leaving Perdita to look after the Dearlys.

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After an eventful journey across the English countryside, with food and accommodation along the way arranged by dogs through the Barking Network, they meet the Colonel, an Old English Sheepdog at Withermarsh in Suffolk; he shows them Hell Hall and tells them its history.

They get inside the mansion and discover that there are 97 puppies in Hell Hall, including Pongo and Missis' own Cruella de Vil arrives and tells the two crooks in charge of Hell Hall that they must slaughter and skin the dogs as soon as possible because of the publicity surrounding the theft of the Dearlys' puppies.

Perdita appears as a supporting character being that her pups take over as the stars. Here she and Pongo serve minor roles and act as regular parents, and are often seen with Roger and Anita. Some have speculated that she is a much stricter parent than Pongo but this is arguable as both she and Pongo have penalized the pups for being disrespectful or noncompliant in the series.

In the episode "The Making Of In "Lucky To Be Alone", Perdita is the one who comes up with the idea for Lucky to visit the Vandercreams, seemingly assured that Lucky will begin missing his family within just a few days if she knew the Vandercreams right. This has speculated that Perdita is in some form related to either Coco or Beamer. In the sequel, Perdita and the rest of the family move to the farmlands where she and her puppies can roam freely and, to her biggest relief, be far away from Cruella De Vil.

pongo meet perdita

However, unbeknown to Perdita, her son Patch is feeling insignificant. She tries to help Patch during this time but is too busy taking care of the other 98 puppies.

After speaking with the half-asleep Pongo, Patch ran away from home in a self-finding search. When Perdita learns of Patch's missing, later on, she is devastated, and quickly rallies Pongo, Roger, and Anita to travel back to London to find him. During their absence, Cruella, Jasper, and Horace kidnap the puppies yet again.

Meanwhile, Patch meets and befriends his hero Thunderbolt, who gladly helps the pup rescue his siblings. In the end, Cruella is arrested, and Perdita and Pongo reunite with her children, as well as befriend Thunderbolt. Perdita and Pongo in House of Mouse. Perdita makes several appearances in the series House of Mouse.

In the episode " House of Crime ", Perdita's puppies briefly went missing, resulting in Perdita framing Cruella for once again stealing their puppies. In the episode " The Stolen Cartoons ", Perdita was seen with her family as Daisy Duck ordered for a table for one hundred and one. In " The Mouse Who Came to Dinner ", Goofy demanded that the magic brooms ensure that the club was "spotless" in time for a critic's arrival, resulting in the brooms wiping away the spots of Perdita and the other Dalmatians.

pongo meet perdita

Perdita can be seen at the end of Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse during the finale song. Live-action appearances Dalmatians Perdita in the live-action remake.

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In the live-action remake of the original animated film, Perdita is featured as a non-speaking dog, but still retains her role as the main deuteragonist. Like the original, Perdita resides with Anita in London.