Obama advisers meet on terror threat

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obama advisers meet on terror threat

President Obama's top counterterrorism adviser says that she believes the United States and its allies are winning the war against ISIS and that. Obama Invited Leader Of Terror Co-Conspirator Group To Meeting meeting with the president and his national security advisers — a meeting that a speech in which he made it seem as if Christians were the real threat. In a letter to the president, advisers say an “exponential” increase in biotechnology has created powerful tools that terrorists could exploit.

Some foreign policy analysts have made the claim that this is "the earliest in any U. Inthen-Secretary of State John Kerry sought to draw greater attention to conflict and humanitarian crisis in DRC and surrounding countries, leading to the appointment of former Senator Russell Feingold to the position of Special Envoy to the Great Lakes Region.

Critics also argue that Section misunderstands and misrepresents the role that minerals play in conflict, resulting in legislation that has produced no notable change in levels of conflict. To this end, as well as to help cut down on terrorist activities and piracy in the region, the United States had deployed special operations forces, drones, air strikes and some military advisers to influence the ongoing Somali civil war and neutralize prominent Al-Shabaab members.

A taskforce for the Horn peninsula had initiated drone strikes against pirates and al-Qaeda affiliates. State Department spokesman Robert Wood warned, "We need to see evidence of good governance and particularly real, true power sharing on the part of Robert Mugabe before we are going to make any kind of commitment" to lifting economic sanctions on the impoverished Southern African country, which has been ruled by Mugabe since independence in State Department expressed condolences to Tsvangirai, who also received minor injuries in the wreck.

Department of Defense disclosed that it had deployed 22 U. Embassy in Bamako ; the U. The Obama administration responded accordingly by placing significantly greater focus on the Arctic and Arctic issues than the Bush administration, achieving a notable first in September by becoming the first sitting President ever to visit the Arctic Circle. The Arctic is divided between 8 Arctic states that serve as permanent members of the Arctic Council.

obama advisers meet on terror threat

After all you are the top counterterrorism official in the country. What's important to understand is there is a process put in place. It's now preserved in statute -- the transition statute. There's a White House Transition Coordinating Council, of which I am a member, and we have had a number of meetings to facilitate the transition. Now that we have the President-elect and his team there are a number of steps they have to take to be ready to receive classified information, not only from the National Security Council but also across the government.

No Trump "landing teams" have gone into any of these agencies while those final steps are being taken. The landing teams -- they would need to have top secret clearances to be briefed? It will vary, depending on what type of information they're receiving, but certainly individuals who come into the National Security Council, the Defense Department, CIA, will have to have appropriate clearances in order to receive information.

And you have no idea who your successor may be?

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Inside the mind of Trump's national security guru Monaco: When you meet with him or her for the first time, what are the most important pieces of advice, or warning, that you would give that person? What's going to be critical for my successor is to make sure you're focused on the very complex and wide-ranging array of threats that we face today.

It's everything from terrorist threats, cyber threats, emerging infectious diseases. It's an extremely complex environment in which we're operating, and so I will be walking my successor through that landscape. But, broadly speaking, I'll also try to impart, the types of things I think they should be focused on: And I would also advise that person to stock up on Vitamin D because, as you know, I occupy a windowless office in the West Wing of the White House, and when I'm not there, I spend the rest of my time in a windowless Situation Room, so he or she will need to get comfortable with that.

From Guantanamo to Mosul Bergen: The Obama administration has not sent prisoners to Guantanamo at all, right? So, there's nothing preventing the new president from sending prisoners to Guantanamo, including American citizens, potentially, as was discussed in the campaign?

Obama Advisers Urge Action Against CRISPR Bioterror Threat

The President-elect has spoken on the campaign trail about keeping Guantanamo open. That's obviously not President Obama's view, it's not this administration's view, and from a policy perspective, there's nothing to stop the next administration from keeping Guantanamo open. Right, and similarly with so-called enhanced interrogation techniques, sometimes referred to as torture, the new head of the CIA could bring back enhanced interrogation?

As a policy matter, I suppose that's possible. President Obama issued an executive order -- one of the first executive orders he issued -- when he came into office banning torture and banning enhanced interrogation techniques and taking the CIA out of the detention business.

obama advisers meet on terror threat

That structure was broadly codified in a statute last year. But, presumably, you could find a lawyer in the White House to write a memo that said certain enhanced interrogation techniques didn't rise to the level of torture. That wouldn't be a lawyer in the White House as a matter of executive branch practice. It would be a lawyer in the Justice Department in the Office of Legal Counsel, which opines on the definitive view of the law for the executive branch. Some have claimed that ISIS is winning.

I disagree with that. I disagree with that pretty profoundly, actually, because, what has distinguished ISIL another acronym for ISIS is that it has operated as a hybrid threat -- an insurgent army; a terror group, directing attacks like we saw in Paris and in Brussels ; and as a social phenomenon, using social media to spew venom.

obama advisers meet on terror threat

On all three dimensions, ISIL is absolutely losing. As a terrorist group, they're on the run. The Defense Department has taken down a number of very senior leaders. And, in the social media space and in the messaging space, we have retooled our approach, whether it's with our counter-messaging tools or by engaging with the private sector.

Companies like Twitter have really scaled up their actions to stop ISIL from exploiting and abusing their platforms. The numbers I've seen recently is over the last year, year and a half; someterrorist accounts, have been disrupted and taken down.

Obama: I will warn of 'specific and credible' terrorist threats against US | US news | The Guardian

That's 1, accounts per day. And places like Google are putting in place very kind of new and innovative ideas to redirect those who are searching for ISIL content to other content. So I think we've got them on the run, for sure. Is the threat level here in the United States and also in Europe declining?

Well I'm always concerned about something happening, and that's pretty much what I get paid for. But I think it's a fair question. And it's one of the reasons we are so focused on a smooth and professional and comprehensive transition.

Because, particularly in the national security, homeland security, counterterrorism space, there needs to be a clear transition of what we know and what we're doing and how we're going about taking the fight to terrorists. We always have to be concerned.

They are relentlessly focused on attacking the United States. We're all vulnerable to ISIS-inspired attacksand that is something we are very concerned about because it's much harder to detect.

obama advisers meet on terror threat

How do you know when something goes wrong in somebody's head and will inspire them to act?