Nm state xc meet 2013

New Mexico XC 4A

nm state xc meet 2013

Also won the at the New Mexico District 5 - 3A Meet. Placed ninth at the New Mexico Cross Country State Championship and fourth at the. NCAA DI Mountain Regional Cross Country Championships Ogden, UT | Weber State University New Mexico, , Meet Reports: Race Results & Notes La Cueva XC Course - All Time Performances (Updated ) · State State Championships Info.

They have their work cut out for them in a serious way, but we'll take a look at a two or three teams showing some promise from the latter stages of this year's season.

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First on that list would be Belen. The Eagles finished third at this year's state meet and return a very good front three in Dontae Vigil, Aaron Romero, and Jared Garcia.

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Projecting a reasonable development from these three and a solid two joining them leaves you staring down a very good team next fall. But both pieces--reasonable development and a solid two joining--must happen for Belen to close ranks on LA and AA. Nothing short of that will get them there. Piedra Vista is another upwardly mobile 4A team of late. The Panthers lose one key piece of this year's team in Brandon Levi, but bring back the second key piece in Harrison Fleming.

Like Belen, PV has to know that nothing short of five solid gets it done when you must bang heads at the state meet with Los Alamos and Albuquerque Academy. If they're willing to pay the dues between now and next fall, the kind of progress you can expect from sophomore-to-junior or freshman-to-sophomore years leaves a lot of room for optimism in Sampson Sage's camp.

If there is a team with the potential to explode onto the scene next fall and disrupt the happy little LA-AA party, Piedra Vista has the look of just such a team. I'm guessing Coach Sage has already told his star returning runner that the time to lead fearlessly has arrived, but, if not, I'll be the bearer of that news here and now.

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And, then there is Gallup. Gallup's level has slipped a little in recent years from the high tide of a decade or so ago, but they still run some solid cross country. I have Alexander Taylor as a junior in some results, and as a senior in others. I went with junior, but it's possible he's not back next fall.

The Bengals never seem to be too far away.

nm state xc meet 2013

Truthfully, I don't think Los Alamos and Albuquerque Academy would mind in the least if a couple of new 4A teams joined them at the level of excellence they've established in 4A. Girls The recap here is pretty much identical to the one for the boys. Los Alamos wins, Albuquerque Academy chases. There was, however, another major player in the form of St. And you kind of suspect there might be a freshman or two on the way up.

That seems to be the way things go. So, the road to the top in is a road with an incline.

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Nobody will get to the top simply by staying where they were this year. Last I checked, though, Albuquerque Academy was on an incline all season long. Assuming both are healthy next fall, there are very few teams in the state, regardless of classification, that can answer to the of Claire and Erin Archibeck.

And what we don't know about next fall's freshman class at Los Alamos, we already know about AA's freshman class. That's not good news for the rest of 4A. Ellie Wynn should be a proven sophomore next fall.

That could bode well for a long and productive career of high school cross country. At the moment, she has to figure at the top of the list for the same honor next fall.

As she was at the state meet, Desert Academy sophomore Taylor Bacon is the only one close at all in the rankings. And, in a race with only four teams there are a bunch of folks hoping for bigger numbers next fall now that this 1A thing is off the groundthe point margin of victory for Jemez Valley is a pretty big deal.

Jemez Valley looks like a serious contender to repeat the title again next fall.

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If, however, Desert Academy can extend their depth to four or five runners, maybe there will be two teams in green battling it out for next year's team title. It's worth reminding ourselves, however, that 1A dynasties are not yet established.

With the new classification, there are several schools doing their first serious spreading of the wings in cross country. That, in turn, implies that it shouldn't be thought too surprising if a couple of schools within the ranks show marked improvement next year over this. The answer to the latter question is, well, yes and no. It's always relevant when you graduate talent like that. But, there's an old adage in the coaching community that tradition never graduates. A well-coached team has a way of being good from one year to the next regardless of who graduates.

As good as this year's team? That's hard to say; it's way too soon to see how good Laguna-Acoma could be next year. Just don't get hopeful that the Hawks are going away any time soon.

By the way, it's not just Laguna-Acoma that loses some top-end talent off their roster to graduation. Names like Alonzo Chavez, Eric Eridon, and Mckenz Leekya will also be gone--leaving spaces to be filled by names not quite as familiar to us--yet.

Team-wise, Navajo Prep, who finished third this year has some cross country tradition and all of their top guys coming back next year.

nm state xc meet 2013

That more or less makes them an instant team of interest. Zuni always seems to have some fledglings on the nest ready to become full-fledged Thunderbirds. Ty Pinto figures to be taking over at the front of the pack at Zuni.

Kyle Evaldson figures to lead a Santa Fe Prep squad with no small potential for next year's season. My hunch is that it will be a good deal closer next year than this, but I'm not ready to kick Laguna-Acoma out of the driver's seat yet. Individually, Leandrew Daily Navajo Prep and Isaiah Kelsey bring back the top two returning finishes from state, but look for the list of candidates to change a lot between now and next November due, at least in part, to the massive exodus of graduating seniors from this year's group of leaders.

Zuni wasn't far out of the mix, either.

nm state xc meet 2013

There's no obvious reason why any or all of these teams couldn't be back in the mix again next year.