Nick mulvey meet me there acoustic research

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nick mulvey meet me there acoustic research

Nick Mulvey's ethnomusicology background allows him to bring by the year- old Mulvey's studies in ethnomusicology (African and oriental sounds) and Cuban music. His album mixes traditional and experimental, acoustic and The sublime Meet Me There finds a beat in Mulvey's gently wearied. Nick Mulvey chats ahead of his new UK tour That way, you have sonic spillage over the microphone, so that there are symbols on the guitar mics experience do we have, so we decided to do some research and do it properly. I have a song called Meet Me There, which was the single that was on the. Fever to the Form and Meet Me There got big cheers from the crowd. He did a.

Nick Mulvey is the kind of singer-songwriter that shows how uninspired most other singer-songwriters are these days. Yes, he might sing hushed folk songs backed by an acoustic guitar, but his musical education began in earnest when he was 19 years old, and he moved from his native London to Havana, Cuba to study music and art. The intensive course exposed him to styles of music from all over the world, and when he returned to London he capitalised on it by taking up an Ethnomusicology course at the School of Oriental And African Studies at the University of London.

While he was there he met the other members of his first band, Portico Quartet. The band officially formed in and developed a sound that was as influenced by world music as it was by pop music.

nick mulvey meet me there acoustic research

After two years of small gigs and busking shows the band signed to the independent jazz record company Babel Label, and their first album was released in November The band saw some legitimate success, as their debut album was nominated for the Mercury Music Award, but comeMulvey was ready to move on.

He left the band in January to start a solo career and released his first E.

nick mulvey meet me there acoustic research

P landed him an E. Live reviews Nick Mulvey Quiet and composed Nick Mulvey sits with such ease onstage you would believe he had been performing his debut 'First Mind' for years. Your new album, Wake Up Now, is out now. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

nick mulvey meet me there acoustic research

The songs look at the role of self-enquiry in our understanding of our predicament. I was ready as a writer to start having a bit more of an outward perspective. My first record was insular, and I think I was ready as a writer to look outwards.

nick mulvey meet me there acoustic research

That feeling was amplified by becoming a dad and having that natural thing where you have a sense of responsibility for your small part of the world. Also, it was a product of the fact of writing an album in - it felt impossible not to talk about some of the big issues going on that are so prevalent right now.

This album is a response to that. Does it differ much from your debut album, First Mind? The songs being more outward-looking is reflected a bit in the recording process as well, which is a difference between the two.

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I realised I needed to record in a very live way, with a group of musicians all in the same room. That way, you have sonic spillage over the microphone, so that there are symbols on the guitar mics and guitar mics on the vocal mics. You have to commit to the structure and you have to go for the take. All of that was enormously helpful for me as an artist. It was a lot of fun; it freed me up just to play music and made it a really exciting journey.

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That sense of joy and wonder is hard to feel if you live in debt or live with chronic pain, for example. The track Myela was born out of the refugee crisis. Can you elaborate on this? It was something I felt very strongly about, as was the cynicism of much of the British media.

nick mulvey meet me there acoustic research

I was confused by that and wanted to write about it. I had this chord sequence that was brewing for many months.

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We were fictionalising these characters. From a year-old kid that was just devastating to read, and that became the song.

nick mulvey - meet me there (lyrics)

It was something I felt like I wanted to write. Last year saw the birth of your son, Inka. That was me from 6.