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nice to meet you ske

Use InterPals to meet people and travelers from other countries, And I heard a friend of a friend is a member of SKE^o^ nice to meet you ^^. Out of interest (and nosiness), which SKE are you doing? To be eligible for an SKE bursary in addition to course funding, you must meet the above I had been told a month in arrears but nice to know the exact dates!. Skeabost Hotel: second half of our ske trip - See traveler reviews, The rest of the staff were all excellent and a special thank you to the wait staff in the I am very pleased to hear that our staff made your stay pleasant and that your 2 days late and they had rearranged our dates to meet the full booking with no.

A castle similar to the ones shown in anime, on a floating island. The teacher opened the classroom and walked in. Immediately, the large hallway was echoing with the loud voices coming in from the classroom. Rena hesitated outside the door when the teacher waved her in. Was everyone in there going to be really royalty-like, like the school? How would she fit in with the rest of them? She mentally slapped herself for not thinking about this when she applied for this school.

They stared at the door with hidden excitement as they wondered what the new student was going to be like. Rena listened to the voice, it was filled with confidence yet under that confident tone, Rena could definitely pick up a childish feeling coming from the voice.

The class laughed, the teacher did as well. And you will be called Jurina-san. I did come to this school before her! She took a deep breath and walked into the classroom. She could hear someone sucking their breath in as she walked in.

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She smiled at the sounds of those complimenting whispers. Nice to meet you and please look after me from now on! Slowly, from the confidence that was building up inside her from the cheers of her new classmates, she looked up and examined her new class. The way the students acted was almost the same as her old school. Furukawa-san, can you please show the new student her seat?

She quickly took off her glasses and put down her manga and pulled out the empty chair out from the table next to her. Rena walked towards her and thanked the girl as she took a seat. Everyone in the class then quickly returned to their previous activities as if nothing happened as they saw Rena has settled. Well, all except one girl. Rena looked to her left, and saw the previous girl was looking a bit uneasy. Looks like she was no longer the shyest girl in class.

She could definitely see a tint of pink on those cheeks. How did you manage that schedule? I did ballet four times a week on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. I did swimming on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Ballet started at seven at night, so I had time to play with my friends.

That practice has stayed with me, as I still love reading.

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I made a promise with my mom to stretch for thirty minutes a day, so my body got very flexible. So why did you continue ballet? While learning the moves during elementary and middle school I really got the feeling that I wanted to wear pointe shoes quickly. Therefore I wanted to wear them faster than anyone else and I adopted a competitive mindset.

My index toe is long, but if I push downwards with it, it bends outwards. Ballerinas upload pictures of their feet on social media, and you can see that their feet are messed up.

Those who start ballet at a very young age are especially like that. I found it fun to complete the units one at a time. You begin with standing up, then learn how to spin, and eventually become able to do a pas. I felt a sense of accomplishment when I was able to do my first pique tiptoe and twirl while wearing pointe shoes. Therefore when I was finally able to do the movement cleanly I remember feeling extremely good.

The dancers in the center are more noticeable, but during big performances side dancers and soloists are also present. The side dancers hardly move at all during a song. A song lasts around five minutes, and they only move three times. Yes, but doing that part is the way to success. I was entrusted with that role too, but only because I raised my hand. In elementary and middle school you really want to move, so I wanted to practice spinning rather than standing in place.

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But looking back at it I think it was a good experience. You need to experience that before becoming the prima donna of any ballet group, and now I know that ballet productions are propped up by the people who have such roles.

Nice To Meet You

Did you feel a similar thing in SKE48? Archery in middle school and an appearance at the prefectural tournament -It seems like you started kyudo Japanese archery in middle school. Why did you start? During that time I was still doing ballet, so my evenings were very long. I thought about a liberal arts club, or the cooking club. But there were only four circular targets and two hay targets.

Nice to meet you!

First you spread your feet and face forwards, and you follow the same order until you fire the arrow, called the eight steps of archery. For this part we got some thorough coaching. I took part in the prefectural tournament when I was a first grader. Few schools have a kyudo club in middle school, and I won twice at the municipal tournaments, and I went on to the prefectural tournament. First we were picked by our school, and my grades happened to be good so I was picked.

There are a bunch of rules, but when I went we were a team of three competing against other teams, and each person fired at a target six times, with your hits getting you points. Therefore it becomes a competition to see how close to the middle your arrow can land.

When I went to the tournaments it was enough to hit three of your six shots to advance onto the prefectural tournament. I think it was pure luck that I got to the prefectural tournament. I leaned towards ballet over kyudo, so I just tried to enjoy myself when I was practicing the latter. I went to do ballet after the kyudo club. I only remember being bitten a lot by mosquitoes!

The biggest impression I have of that club is how itchy it was.

nice to meet you ske

Starting kendo with aspirations of becoming a police officer -In high school you moved onto the kendo club, correct? At that time I wanted to be a police officer.

nice to meet you ske

In order to become one you need to pass the first dan of a martial art. At the school I went to lots of people wanted to become police officers or JSDF officers, so there was a reference book for that in the club room, and the club was built around that. I planned to do kendo for a long time, but in autumn of my first year I passed the auditions for SKE48 and I was unable to continue the club. However I absolutely wanted to pass the first dan, so I tried my best until I was able to pass it.

I was already in SKE48, so I think it was during my second grade.