New turtles meet old tattoo

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new turtles meet old tattoo

These People Are Huge Fans of the Ninja Turtles – And They Have the TMNT Colorful Manly Old School Tattoo Of Godzilla Destroying City On Guy P Tattoo. Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest. Mutant Ninja Turtles Tattoo Sibling Tattoos, Family Tattoos, Cool Tattoo Drawings, Ninja Turtle .. For Men Traditional Style TattooColor TattooTattoo Old SchoolWater Color Tattoos. Here we have served a bunch of ninja turtle tattoos designs and ideas to let you enhance This detailed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles back tattoo is amazing!.

But his brothers still laughed, ribbing the hothead mercilessly until finally he went up to his room to check on Spike, grumbling all the while. Or at least that was the excuse. Really, he just wanted to get away from the cackling lunatics for a while. Leo licked his lips. Leo held up a hand.

Ah, I mean, maybe it wouldn't be a good idea. Uh," he leaned back. Could you get it on your way down? He had already given Spike some lettuce, but the tiny turtle seemed more interested in sleeping at the moment. He considered telling his brothers where to stuff it, but, really, why the hell not just get the stupid thing?

Trudging over to his brother's room, he shoved the door open, wrinkling his nose at the mess. Luckily he spied the ladel, sitting on the head of one of his action figures. As he reached for it, though, he spied a dark glass bottle halfway under the bed. Picking it up, he turned it over in his head. A type of liquor, he knew. Opening the cap he gave it a sniff and curled his lip. Very sweet liquor, at that. Just then a devilish idea came to his mind. His brothers just got through harassing him, he knew a way to mellow them out.

Smiling to himself he snatched the ladel and the bottle and hopped over to the kitchen. Unscrewing the bottle, he dumped the entire contents into the bowl.

It was sweet enough that it should be masked by the sweetness of the punch itself. Quickly washing the ladel he brought the bowl out and sat on the couch, eager to see the results.

He's had amaretto before, and, fairly sure he could handle it better than his brothers, poured himself a cup. They started to watch the movie. Sure enough, it was The Terminator. Raph grumbled to himself, feeling at least somewhat vindicated for the punch. So, they ate popcorn, drank punch, and watched the movie.

new turtles meet old tattoo

Mike hopped up and down at each action scene, already repeating the quotable moments. The others laughed and enjoyed themselves. The movie was only partway over, not even halfway, when things started to get hazy. They were hardly aware when Splinter joined them, taking a cup of punch himself.

For a brief moment, Raph wondered about the wisdom of the spiked punch, but then again…what's the worst that could happen? Nothing but the steady drip and the strong, steady snoring of several passed out teenage mutants. Raph was the first to wake up. Groggily he opened his eyes. The first thing he was aware of was the intense pounding in his head. Groaning he clutched his head with both hands, fingertips massaging his scalp delicately.

Slowly he got up to one elbow, groaning as he shifted his knee so that it was under him. Sitting up, he swayed as his head spun madly. Blinking hard, he looked around the room. Blinking again, very purposely, it started to clear. The place was a holy mess. Streamers stuck to the walls. Globs of food were everywhere.

new turtles meet old tattoo

Half the couch cushions were ripped to shreds. All sorts of trash littered the floor. Squinting he slowly swiveled his head.

There, by the couch, he spied Leo. He was sprawled on the couch, face down, passed out cold. His arms were hooked over the upper cushions, the rest of his body was lying limply on the floor. But something was off about him. In his intense hangover, Raph couldn't quite put a finger on it. So, slowly, unsteadily, he stood up with the full intention of going over to investigate. With half lidded eyes, he turned to look at his arm… And saw a dozen roaches crawling up his arm.

His unsteadiness, coupled with the debris mad tripping inevitable. He stumbled on a can, crashed face first into the table, thereby flipping the remainder of the cake that was still on the other end high into the air.

It crashed, cake side first, right onto his head. Leaping to his feet, sputtering as cake lodged in every crevice of his face and frosting got in his eyes, he looked down on himself and saw the roaches still there. Get them off me, get them off me! Bright stars danced in his vision amidst the intense, dizzying headache. Ignoring the overwhelming urge to vomit, Leo scrambled to his feet, staggering, he managed to reach his brother. Squinting through his own hazy hangover, he peered at them closer, swaying slightly.

A full sleeve of roaches. Yanking Leo's hand away, he stared hard at his arm, rubbing the skin with his free arm.

April's apartment is located above the Second Time Around antique store which she owns and operates. April serves as the Turtles first true glimpse into human interaction and helps them learn about the outside world.

April eventually becomes romantically involved with Casey Jones and even marries him in the series finale. He operates as a vigilante, at first on his own, and then later as a member of the Turtles' extended crew and at times trains with them. While at first being more closely aligned with Raphael, Casey quickly becomes part of the family and a valuable fighter.

When in his full get-up he wears a hockey mask, and utilizes a hockey stick and other sports paraphernalia as his weapons.

He ends up meeting April through the Turtles and takes to her quite quickly. Though she initially dislikes him, April and Casey eventually become romantically involved and even get married in the series finale. A humanoid extraterrestrial living on the planet D'hunib, he was forced to take his current form after he was struck by lightning during a storm which transferred his consciousness into his worker robot.

He invented a transmatter portal device, which gives the user the ability to teleport anywhere in space. Two warring factions called the Federation and the Triceretons seek to gain control of the device.

This makes the professor a fugitive on the run. When the Turtles encounter him, they attempt to help him escape his fate and keep the device away from both factions. Leatherhead — Leatherhead is a mutated green alligator who was taken in by the Utroms when they discovered that their mutagen the same that transformed the Turtles made him sentient. Leatherhead lived with the Utroms peacefully until Shredder's attack forced him into hiding. Some time later Baxter Stockman fooled him into aiding him with a scheme to restore his body.

Ultimately, Leatherhead learned that Stockman had ties to the Shredder and wound up fighting on the side of good.

The Hangover: TMNT edition Chapter 1: The Party, a ninja turtles fanfic | FanFiction

As the series progresses he becomes a semi-regular member of the Turtles' extended family, aiding them in fighting such foes as the Foot and Agent Bishop. Justice Force — A superhero group that is allied with the Turtles. The original members of the Justice Force was a spoof of the Justice Society of America while the second incarnation of the group is a spoof of the Justice League and the Avengers.

He has a metal saucer on his forehead that is capable of smashing through walls and withstanding any blows.

Joey Lastic — The founding member of the original Justice Force that has elastic powers. Zippy Lad — The founding member of the original Justice Force that has super-speed even when his current age has him confined to a wheelchair. He is a parody of Flash. Metal Head — The founding member of the Justice Force who has fluid "metal" hair. Due to his artificial nature, Metal Head hasn't aged in a decade and is even a member of the Justice Force's second incarnation.

Dome — The founding member of the Justice Force. Dome has the ability to control robots called Domeoids. Dome was later revealed to have had a child named Ananda with Battling Bernice. Battling Bernice — A founding member of the Justice Force who appears to have possessed great physical strength.

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She was killed in action and was revealed to have had a child named Ananda with Dr. Silver Sentry — The leader of the second incarnation of the Justice Force who would occasionally be partnered with Michelangelo. In the "Flash Forward" part of the series, it was revealed that Silver Sentry has a grandson who became the second Turtle Titan. He is a parody of Superman.

Ananda — The daughter of Battling Bernice and Dr. Dome who previously blamed the Justice Force for her mother's death. Dome cleared things up with his daughter on why her mother died, Ananda joined up with the second incarnation of the Justice Force. Chrysalis — Member of the second incarnation of the Justice Force who comes from India.

She can create an energy field similar to psychic telekinesis where she can form wings for flight, project energy blasts, and use her mind to manipulate objects. Tsunami — An aquakinetic Japanese superhero who is a member of the second incarnation of the Justice Force. He is somewhat similar to Aquaman and Namor. Nobody — Officer Longe was a police officer who was demoted to archive duty after Ruffington complained to the police commissioner that he was stalking him.

Angered at this, Officer Longe became the superhero Nobody and received help from Michelangelo and Leonardo into stopping Ruffington.

In "Still Nobody," the Turtles helped Nobody when the Turks planned to threaten two elderly witnesses which ended with the Turks disbanding and their leader ending up arrested. He is somewhat similar to Batman. Raptarr — Raptarr is an Avian a race of angel-like creatures with bird feet that were created by the Y'Lyntians from human slaves who met the Turtles when it came to stopping the rogue Avian Mephos.

He is reminiscent of Hawkman. Nanobot — Nanobot was originally a group of small robots with the mind of a 3 year old that were created by Dr. Marion Richards for the government. It later escaped and ran into a street vendor named Harry "The Schlub" Parker and made a body from his broken toys. He fought the Turtles and Casey Jones which ended with him being thrown into the blast furnace.

The Return of Nano," a part of Nano survived and recreated a body which he uses to spring Harry from prison and abduct Dr. Richards in order to make a happy family.

This time, an electronic pulse from a roller coaster at Coney Island was able to defeat Nano. Baxter Stockman placed a control microchip on one of the nanobots in order to control it.

It caused an internal conflict that sent Nano on a rampage. In a new body, Nano fought the Turtles and the Justice Force until Michelangelo used Moleculo's shrinking belt to remove the rogue nanite. Afterwards, Nano built a new body and joined up with the Justice Force.

Green Mantle — Al Gordon found a superpowered cape made by an alien tailor and used to fight crime as the Green Mantle. During a fight with Mechazoid, Green Mantle's cape was knocked off him and was founded by a comic book fan. Malignus from stealing the Green Mantle cape. He is a spoof of Green Lantern. He made himself known to the Turtles when he came to Earth to reclaim his son Ultimate Ninja after he was defeated by Leonardo.

Sadly, his son proved to have villainous tendencies, and his apparent demise greatly affected the Daimyo. Fortunately, he was later reunited with his son, who had been turned into a child again by Lord Simultaneous.

Miyamoto Usagi — Miyamoto Usagi is a samurai rabbit and master swordsman from an alternative universe's 16th century Edo Period in Japan, where anthropomorphic animals are the dominant species and humans appear to be nonexistent. He became a friend and close ally of the turtles, especially developing a strong friendship with Leonardo, since both are swordsmen.

This led Splinter to summon Usagi when Leonardo was wracked by guilt following the Turtles' near demise at the hands of the Utrom Shredder. Prior to this, Leonardo also ended up in Usagi's dimension when Ultimate Drako scattered the five mutants to different parts of the multiverse, and the pair teamed up to battle the evil Lord Hebi before facing Ultimate Drako to rescue the multiverse.

Unlike Usagi, Gen is primarily motivated by money, entering the Battle Nexus tournament and betting money on himself to win before being defeated by Kluh. He joined Usagi in aiding the Turtles on other occasions, though his friendship with them isn't quite as close as Usagi's.

A human character based on her also appeared in the Utrom simulation of feudal Japan, and was defended from Foot Ninja by the Turtles. He once had an apprentice named Savanti Romero who tried to steal Lord Simultaneous' Time Scepter which also has a mind of its own and was banished to the 15th Century.

Lord Simultaneous later took on another apprentice named Renet, who proved to be somewhat of a scatterbrain. Simultaneous often appears as a large, glowing bald human head-reminiscent of Zordon from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers -but has a humanoid form resembling a short human male with white robes and a horned helmet.

While Simultaneous is benevolent, he evidently gets tired of "cleaning up after megalomaniacs. Something of a scatterbrain, she managed to lose Simultaneous' Time Scepter to Ultimate Drako and later to Savanti Romero, and briefly became stranded in the Cretaceous Period with the Turtles. He also adopted Tang Shen as a daughter, and was thus bereaved when Mashimi murdered her for favoring Yoshi over him. However, he remained close to Yoshi and later Splinter, and mentored Leonardo following Ch'rell's defeat.

In the end, he joined his own masters, the Ninja Tribunal, after the Tengu Shredder was defeated. The Ancient One was a very short, fat Japanese man with a healthy appetite, a tendency to be insulting, and persistent loud flatulence. Ninja Tribunal — A group of four ninjitsu masters who gathered the Turtles and four others to be their acolytes in order to combat the growing threat of the Tengu Shredder.

The Tribunal were once part of a group known as the Five Dragons, with their membership including Oroku Saki in ancient Japan. Unfortunately, Saki made a bargain with a demon creature, whose essence merged with him and gave him dark powers that he used to conquer Japan. As such, the four traveled to other parts of the world to learn mystical and martial arts in order to defeat him, which they managed to accomplish after a battle in which both they and their former comrade assumed Dragon form.

Unable to destroy him, they removed his gauntlet and helmet and separated them from his body, which was contained in a sarcophagus. Knowing that he would return, they kept watch over his resting place in their monastery, the so-called Lap of the Gods, and later recruited the eight acolytes. Knowing that Yoshi's death would play an essential role in the demise of Oroku Saki, they refrained from aiding in the war with the Utrom Shredder Ch'rell.

new turtles meet old tattoo

After the Foot Mystics invaded the monastery, the Tribunal were thought to have been destroyed, but later returned after their students succeeded in destroying the Tengu Shredder.

They then departed in company of the Ancient One, but would return in a story written by Splinter and Cody Jones to teach the Turtles a lesson about trying to learn about their futures.

All four also appeared as guests at Casey and April's wedding, where they helped engage the forces of the Cyber Shredder. He was the first of the Ninja Tribunal to reveal his true form to the Turtles and the other Acolytes. While teaching the acolytes to do likewise, he was astonished to see that Leonardo-like himself and the other members of the tribunal-could project the astral form of a Dragon and transform into one, considering Leo's youth.

Juto-Shisho — The Ninjitsu Master of Weapons, who is similar in temperament to a stereotypical drill instructor. He was the second of the Ninja Tribunal to reveal his true form to the Turtles and the other Acolytes. Of all the Turtles, he was most impressed by Raphael, who was the first to gain a mystical weapon for use against the Demon forces. Perhaps the harshest and least sympathetic of any of the masters, her best pupil was Donatello.

In Cody and Splinter's fictitious reproduction of April and Casey's diary, she was depicted as ejecting Leonardo after the account suggested that he would attack Karai out of suspicion, not realizing she was trying to make amends for her past. He doesn't speak as he embodies the three pillars of ninjitsu that consist of stealth, silence, and secrecy. Michelangelo was the closest of the Turtles to him, having displayed a surprising adeptness when it came to Hisomi's teachings.

He wielded a pair of fans in battle, and while speed was his discipline he was also quite strong, demonstrated when he helped Leatherhead hold up a collapsing barn roof. Ninja Tribunal Acolytes — Besides the Ninja Turtles, four humans were gathered by the Ninja Tribunal to be their acolytes and to train them for the fight against the Tengu Shredder.

They trained alongside the Turtles in preparation for the battle with the Tengu Shredder, but seemingly perished along with the Tribunal when the Lap of the Gods was apparently destroyed by the Foot Mystics.

They later returned to help the turtles during the final battle with the Demon Shredder. Adam is shown to wield a war hammer and a ball and chain.

Adam is good friends with Donatello and contributed ideas for the design of the Turtle Taxi. His avatar is the bearand he had something of a crush on Chikara-Shisho.

Faraji's weapon of choice is an African Blade and has become good friends with Leonardo. His avatar is the lionand he received a magical katana that he passed to Leonardo when he believed he was dying, but later had returned upon his return. Joi Reynard — A female Japanese human who is one of the Acolytes of the Ninja Tribunal, and the only female student amongst the Turtles and her fellow humans.

Joi's weapons of choice are a rope dart and a staff. Joi is good friends with Raphael, and her avatar is the hawk. He is good friends with Michelangelo despite not usually getting his sense of humor, and wields a pair of sickles in battle. His avatar is the wolf. He was the one who accidentally brought the Ninja Turtles and Splinter to Serling — A robot butler who acts as the caretaker of Cody Jones.

Serling is often annoyed by the Turtles' antics, but still comes to their aid. While he is rather proper and usually against getting involved in violence, his consideration for Cody led him to take to the field, and he was later modified into a new version of the Turtle X battle suit.

During the "Back to the Sewer" season, Viral took over Serling causing him to end up in the present day. He proved instrumental in the final defeat of the Cyber Shredder, who had been born from his recurring possessor and foe Viral, but was curiously absent during the events of "Turtles Forever", possibly indicating that he had somehow returned to his own time.

Starlee is a recurring ally of Cody and the Turtles, responsible for helping the Turtles create their futuristic weapons. Not a fighter like her friends, she is nevertheless willing to come to their aid when they're in trouble, particularly if it concerns Cody.

Her greatest annoyances are Cody's tendencies to try to get out of their dates and her family, especially given her mother's objections to her living on Earth. He often clashed with the turtles due to their tendency to get involved in stopping criminals such as the Street Phantoms, but demonstrated a willingness to forgive their antics whenever they helped him capture a criminal.

Antagonists and villains[ edit ] The Foot Clan — A secret ninja organization that seeks to take control of the city through criminal activity. A wealthy businessman and philanthropist, he is secretly the leader of the Foot Clanan organization of ninja that seek to take control of the city through criminal activity. The Shredder's empire was functioning at its peak until the arrival of the Turtles; soon after their arrival and interference, the Turtles become the Shredder's main focus. The Shredder then focuses his efforts on ridding himself of the Turtles using his Foot Ninja to aid him.

During the course of the series the Shredder is first revealed to be the killer of Splinter's former master Hamato Yoshi and later an alien posing as human. He is in truth an Utrom war criminal named Ch'rell who was responsible for causing numerous deaths throughout the galaxy under numerous other aliases like Torrinon, Kako Naso, and Duke Acureds. The Utroms except for Ch'rell are a peaceful alien race who crash-landed on earth during the feudal period in Japan at the time when they were transporting Ch'rell, who then took on the guise of an ancient warrior, the original Oroku Saki.

He faced the Turtles on multiple occasions, often appearing to be destroyed only to return with constantly upgraded battle suits. When it came to the final battle, Ch'rell used salvaged Triceraton technology to build a spaceship to take revenge on the Utroms only for the Turtles to stow away. When the spaceship exploded, an Utrom ship teleported everyone off the ship.

He would eventually return for the TV movie "Turtles Forever" after being freed by the s animated Shredder, and set out to destroy the Turtles by eliminating their Mirage Comics original counterparts.

In this future, Donatello's disappearance led to a rift in the Turtles, which allowed the Shredder to take power. He managed to enslave a number of Utrom scientists and most of the planet, with only a token resistance led by April O'Neal, and was preparing to spread his conquest to other worlds.

Splinter and Casey Jones fell during his rule, and when the present-day Donatello of the main timeline arrived Baxter Stockman, Hun, Leo, Mikey, and Raphael also fell during the final battle. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Temporary Tattoos, 24ct: Beauty

Despite being equipped with a massive, state-of-the-art battle suit, he was defeated by Donatello, and preceded in his demise by Karai.

Ch'rell appeared in an episode of "Fast Forward" due to a time portal bringing him to the year shortly after his first defeat at the Turtles' hands. Had it not been for production of that series being cut in favor of "Back to the Sewer," Ch'rell would have returned by fixing himself to a Triceraton body and becoming known as the Trishreddatron.

The Utrom Shredder utilized a number of armored exo-suits, including an early model equipped with feudal era Japanese armor, a gray version with a waist sash that was his most common form, a silver version of that suit lacking the sash, and a large, four-armed and heavily weaponized battle suit that he donned after departing from Earth.

He typically relied upon the strength and speed of his armors in battle, with his favored weapon being the double-bladed gauntlet associated with all versions of the Shredder.

However, he did also invent and utilize the Sword of Tengu, a weapon created using Utrom technology that could unleash powerful hypersonic waves often mistaken for magic. Tengu Shredder — This is the true and original Shredder that tries to take over the world.

His original form was a giant demon until he tempted Oroku Saki, a former member of the ninja tribunal, to take over the world using his power, and took over his body. He was defeated by the other members of the tribunal, but they were unable to destroy him and resorted to imprisoning him in a sarcophagus and hiding it in separate locations from his gauntlet and helmet. The group chase Null to Maligna's Hive World hidden on the dark side of the moon.

Their ship was used as a distraction while they "time slipped" their way onto the hive world. Present-day Raph leads the way and Slash attacks the hive heart, alerting Maligna of their presence. The hive attacks and they save Candy as the hive slowly plunges into the sun. Slash tells them to leave while he prevents "the insects" from repairing the ship.

Slash and the hive world burn up in the sun as the Turtles escape. Issue 58 While in lock-up, Mike recounts how the Turtles got their colors: Three thugs stole a chip and used the sewers to escape, interrupting the Turtle's training. The thugs shot at the Turtles and the Turtles fought back. After dispatching the thugs, Master Splinter mistakenly scolded Don because they were all wearing red masks, so he couldn't tell them apart. After Mike accidentally broke a vase but wouldn't take the blame, they were all punished.

They came up with a plan to take the tests that they each excelled at. Master Splinter realized their deception and came up with a plan to trick them. In the next test he only gave Mike the perfect score so that the brothers would fight amongst themselves. The thugs came back looking for the lost chip. The Turtles defeated them and turned them in to the cops.

The Turtles came up with colored caps to identify themselves, but later changed to their colored masks and initialed belts. Issues 62—66 Moon Eyes Saga: Issues 67—70 The Early Years: Mighty Mutanimals featured a team made up of the Turtles' mutated animal allies. These books include the three-part Heroes in a Half-Shell! Main characters[ edit ] Leonardo: The leader of the group. He is the most talented fighter and is closest to Master Splinter.

The inventor of the group, Donatello builds most of the turtles gadgets and vehicles. In the future, he wears a purple jacket and is seen without his mask.

The wisecracking jokester of the group. However, as the series progressed, he became more angry and sullen like other incarnations. In the future, Raphael wears a hat and an eye patch. The most relaxed member of the group, he is mostly into pizza and goofing around with Donatello.

Sensei and surrogate father of the Turtles. Former leader of Foot Clan in Japan. Betrayed by Shredder and mutated into a rat-man. Initially reporter for Channel 6 as in TV show, but later becomes free-lance journalist.

Trained by Splinter in ninjitsu and katana. Current leader of the Foot Clan and arch-enemy of the Turtles. Supporting characters[ edit ] Wrestler Turtles, The wrestling costumes worn by the Turtles on Stump Asteroid were designed by Eastman and Laird in and were actually intended as real suits for the TMNT to wear in their self-published comic book series. The idea was quickly shelved, however, and the Turtles were outfitted in their familiar costumes: Creators Brown and Murphy incorporated the discarded costumes into the Adventures title feeling they were an important part of TMNT history, and that they shouldn't be hidden away and forgotten in some drawer.

Most notably, Raphael wore his wrestling outfit, a full body black leotardfor some time after returning from the asteroid. Cudley the Cowlick, An alien in the shape of a cow's head who transported the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the Stump Asteroid where they would fight against several aliens in their wildly popular "wrestling" outfits.

Mirage Studio's staff artist Steve Lavigne created Cudley. Man-RayAn anthropomorphic manta ray the characters met in an adventure and was later spilled over into the "Mighty Mutanimals" comic-book series. Jagwar, As his name implies, he is a jaguar-like mutant the Turtles met when in South America. Another spillover character to the "Mighty Mutanimals". Dreadmon, A hyena-like mutant with superhuman speed and stealth-like capabilities who guarded an Aztec Temple in South America. Once again, placed into the "Mighty Mutanimals" comic book series.

Vid Vicious, a man with a television grafted into his body which was used to hypnotize people. They appeared again in issue 13, where they briefly assisted the Turtles in battle against Maligna's Malignoids. Later on in the series, they joined the "Mighty Mutanimals". A teenage gecko who shares Michaelangelo's affinity for skateboarding, leading them to be close friends. He later joined the "Mighty Mutanimals". Scul and Bean, Two aliens, one with a meteorite launcher in his skull, and both with tremendous mandibles.

They were generals in the army of Maligna. Maligna and the Malignoids, The matriarch of a vicious society of insect-like aliens who attempted to overtake the planet earth. Chien Khan, A dog-like man who controlled a large empire of ninja, whose second-in-command was a young fox-like woman named Ninjara.

She became one of the group for the greater part of the series afterwards and Raphael's girlfriend. Oyuki Mamisha, A teenage girl from Japan who was up to no good until April O' Neil and the turtles showed her that life could be better.

She became April's sidekick for the spin off-comic "April O' Neil" in which Chien Khan returns to his former glory in a battle with a demon who also took control of a large group of Ninja. Nova Posse, A team of space adventurers that hail from Dimension X. They take care of Qark after Sarnath's fate is left unknown in issue Tattoo, A Japanese sumo-wrestler who obtained his name for having multitudes of tattoos.