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Badger Swim Club is the only USA Swimming Level IV Club in Westchester County. Additionally, “the Middies have won the YWCA National Championships for the past 20 Some families choose the Catholic School track which typically includes St. Josephs .. Anthony Vaglica (Explorer Camp ext Bud Riehl. in the V at Cornell, is captain of the swimming team and a member of finally hit pre-flight at San Antonio after waiting eight months for an opening. Gordon Walsh announces his commissioning at the Notre Dame middie school. Swimming Data Archives · The New Walker Pool Page updated San Antonio Locator Maps · Linear Calendar Club Swimming. Meet Information and Data.

Chad has been in San Antonio for 17 years. After being disillusioned with real estate, he decided to take a risk and open The Monterey in Chad says his tank top uniform is casual and unassuming, and meant to be and extension of the vibe of his restaurants. She moved to San Antonio 45 years ago from New Delhi. Despite having thousands of patients, Neera makes it a point to always see each one face-to-face! She has been into fashion since she was a young girl and her mother allowed her to explore that.

Joseph Gonzales Schilo's Joseph has been with Schilo's for 3 years. Dimitrios has worked for 17 years at the full service Chevron on Hildebrand and McCullough. His favorite car is a Pontiac LeMans he had for 35 years.

He returns to Greece to see family every summer, but is happy to have his children and grandchildren in San Antonio. She moved to San Antonio in While finishing High School, she began working at a nail salon after school. She met her husband Tony and shortly thereafter they opened Holly's Nails, a salon that they have been operating since They have been in business together for 17 years and were honored to have been written about by the Express News.

They have loved watching familiar faces come in consistently for 17 years! Tom brought in his archival cotton gloves, a loupe and a photo of San Antonio in that was made from a silver gelatin dry plate negative.

Abe's family sells over 15, hats a year and he's a native San Antonian proud to call this city home. He was born and raised in San Antonio and can't imagine living anywhere else. Angel described building a relationship with his patients and how hard it can be to see some pass away, but he loves his job because many go through this alone and he gets be their support. Angel told me he prays for his patients every night.

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I asked Angel when he decided he wanted to be a nurse and he told me that when he was 16, his mother cut her hand while trying to kill a cockroach and he instinctively dressed her wound and realized he had a knack for personal care.

As Alice is a survivor of breast cancer, she is particularly sensitive to the gift of good caregivers in the San Antonio health system. This is my opportunity. She spent 50 years teaching earth and physical sciences, then decided to pursue a career as an abstract artist after watching a film about Jackson Pollock. Debbie is constantly inspired by the different cultures and backgrounds of everyone in San Antonio. Paul's Montessori "The pink unicorn sweatshirt is my favorite uniform.

She's a 12th generation San Antonian and has ancestors that are buried at the San Fernando Cathedral. She brought several different outfits to her photoshoot - a true pro. After she retired from her career in insurance, she decided to volunteer as an Airport Ambassador.

All of the medals on her vest have been given to her by people she's met through her service. Scharlotte loves being the first representative of San Antonio to many of our visitors.

John Troy Landscape Architect "I'm into how people connect culturally to the landscape. When he was growing up in Scarsdale, NY he had cowboy wallpaper in his bedroom and always dreamed of growing up to be a cowboy. Now he gets to show up to work every day wearing boots, jeans and his cowboy hat.

John moved to San Antonio in and fell in love with the Texas culture. As a landscape architect, John gets to experiment with the diversity and history of all the cultures in the South Texas region and incorporate that history into his landscape work. Tamara Adira Arte y Pasion "I am a warrior and this is my armor. All her flamenco costumes are custom made by Lisa Perello. She creates her own paradigm.

Kirsten is of Haitian lineage and many traditional styles of Africa drive her wardrobe, including her head wrap that she always wears. Kirsten is a proud and fierce single mother, and has been a huge proponent of the Uniform project! Currently, she and her husband are restoring an caliche limestone home in the historic neighborhood of Dignowity Hill with a grant from The San Antonio Conservation Society.

Naomi Wanjiku Sculpture Artist Naomi Wanjiku was a teacher before becoming a full time artist in She is wearing jewelry of her own making composed of crocheted dental wire, beads and recycled can tops. In her large scale sculptures made of sheet metal, she tells the story of the empowering effect of water collection by women in Mombasa. Her garment is a kikoi, the traditional wrap worn by peasants in Mombasa.

She is named after Kenitra, Morocco. Her most recent book is Searching for Sycorax: Black Women's Hauntings of Contemporary Horror. Her necklace is by Thierry and her earrings are from a Northwest Ghana Fulani tribe. Brooks showed up with a fresh new tattoo in honor of black women's epistemologies reading "black women be knowin'" Darian Thomas Musician, Photographer "The point is the music, the point isn't you.

But be interesting enough to look at. He has a degree in classical composition and minor in philosophy and plays violin, mandolin, piano, guitar and sings. As a teen, Darian got to perform at the Beijing Opera House where the crowd cheered for a quadruple encore!

Darian showed up looking awesome in outfit styled by Kirsten Thompson and played his violin along to the Classixx record we were playing during his shoot. Darian Thomas Musician, Photographer "The point is the music, the point isn't you. Daniela Riojas Musician, Photographer, Performance Artist "I feel that there is something strong in me that needs to be heard.

USSS Region C Synchronized Swimming Championship April 26-27, San Antonio, Texas

She is the lead singer of Femina X. Daniela was born in Eagle Pass and ran away from home at the age of 18 and moved to San Antonio. She struggled with addiction and began recovery as she got back into school.

Daniella's tremendous personal growth shone through in her fierce studio session!

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She is a 4th generation family member, and the first female president of the company. In Porter Loring will celebrate it's th anniversary. Penelope is Porter Loring's new funeral home dog. She is only 7 months old, and the plan is to train her to become a therapy dog. She is already around the funeral home greeting people. Penelope provides comfort for both bereaved family members as well as staff members. Afterwards he moved to San Antonio and became a short order cook at Olmos Pharmacy.

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He fell in love with cooking and was awarded a scholarship to the CIA. Mixtli is named after the Nahuatl word for clouds. Their restaurant seats 12 people per night and offers a course tasting menu based on a specific region in Mexico. Every 45 days they change the menu to reflect the cuisine of one of Mexico's 31 states.

It's been 30 years since a chef from San Antonio earned this accolade! It never crossed my mind I'd be working here 30 or 40 years later. I'm proud of wearing this uniform. He was in the Army for 3 years working as a mechanic on generators. He continued to work with generators before joining Holt Cat 17 years ago.

He has been working in the Components division, installing external engine parts like water pumps, starters and rocker arms. Rick loves working for Holt Cat because of the people and atmosphere, including some friends that have been there as long as he has.

We were sharing big wheels of cheese and ham. His interest and training in wine began at A job aboard the Disney Cruise Line brought him to America at He began working in Florida with Chef Paul Bocuse. After opening and selling a successful cocktail lounge in Belgium, Fabien moved to San Antonio in to work at the Watermark Hotel.

His resume also includes GM at Dough and sommelier at Bohanan's. Fabien now looks forward to a career with H-E-B. He and his wife Michele have both participated in Uniform and helped the project grow! Johnny Hernandez Chef "I wanted to be the go to person for Mexican food. He grew up around his father restaurant Johnny's Cafe and began washing dishes their for his first job. He got a job the high school work program at Karam's and decided he wanted to be a chef.

He began working at the Marriott Hotel under the sous chef. Upon graduation, his life led him all over. Johnny opened his catering company, True Flavors, in Rico Torres Chef - Mixtili "When we began Mixtli we started throwing restaurant rules out the window.

Rico grew up in El Paso and has early memories of food at his grandmother's house bringing the family together. He has been working in restaurants since he was 14, and continued to do so in college.

USSS Region C Synchronized Swimming Championship April , San Antonio, Texas - PDF

A limited quantity will be available for sale during the meet please pre-order. Please join us for a full Texas BBQ with extras like salads, fruits and gluten-free options and enjoy learning how to Line Dance, get a free gift and step-to-the-music!

Please include payment for the tickets you want to purchase for your swimmers, coaches and parents to the BBQ. Payment should be made to CSA Synchro. We request that each participating swim club submit a short description or article about your club. Please limit this to text only. The article submission about your team is free. This article can discuss the coaching, formation of your club, swim members or anything you would like to share with the other synchro swimmers.

Please limit the length of the submission to words or less. We offer each swim club or attendee the opportunity to purchase small ads, photos, or swimmer accolades to be added to the Program for all to see and to make the Program special for all. Please note that this event occurs during Fiesta and room blocks are limited at this price.

Rooms will fill quickly so please book your rooms immediately. Josh Davis Natatorium Map: N S E W Region: Date Attach complete Proof of Qualification.