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Blues and BBQ Invitational, Memphis, Tennessee. likes. The meet will include a coach party in the suite & gymnast party in the hotel ballroom! Also. Find USA Gymnastics meet scores and results. Find individual gymnasts. Blues And BBQ Invitational. Start, End, Host, Meet Website, Gymnasts. Jan 5 - 7, Blues & BBQ, River City Memphis, Memphis Cook Convention Cntr Feb 16 - 18, Emerald Classic, Jax Gymnastics, Statehouse Convention Center.

Dating back tothis classic diner serves up breakfast staples like Country Fried Steak and Sweet Potato Pancakes. It is a museum capable of reducing you to tears and then building you back up again. You will leave this museum feeling moved. It is the entire museum.

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The daily struggle and acts of heroism of regular black folk. The incredible drive, organization, and strength of both adults… and students. These amazing young people got together to learn to fight, to rebel, to resist, to protest. They were as much a part of the Freedom Rides, of sit-ins in the face of angry mobs of white terrorists, and of mobilizing black voters as the group of fully grown adults led by Martin Luther King Jr. Children as young as 14 signed their wills and chose to participate in dangerous activism activities daily, fully knowing that they risked their lives every single day.

Beam, Blues and Barbeque Gymnastics, Memphis Jan. 2009

They were beatenjailedexpelledand murdered. Let that sink in for a minute. If you only visit 1 place in Memphis, this should be it. My husband is a high school teacher in Oakland, California, and the vast majority of his students are urban youth of color.

We could not help but think of his kids as we read about the incredible bravery and integrity of the students, black and white, who organized and participated in SNCC.

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It is hands down the most important, impactful, meaningful, and powerful thing we did during our entire trip. That visit has stayed with us.

And as anti-racist activists ourselves, it has inspired us and challenged us to stay mobilized, to stay active, to never let our fear or our laziness stand in the way of doing what is right to fight the racism that is still alive and prevalent in the United States of America today.

We all need to do that before we delve into what comes next-another to do list for Some of the items on your list might and probably should include the following: Check your organization plan to order and make sure it meets the needs of your business plan and follows the professional standards and guidelines of USA Gymnastics.

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Review your staff's job descriptions and make sure someone's includes supervising the scheduling of classes, team practices and meets. Make sure you review your written policies for employees and participants concerning the operation of the program.

memphis blues bbq gymnastics meet

Review your procedure of reporting any accident or injury to students or employees or visitors. Check your equipment evaluation records to make sure maintenance records include any new equipment you may have purchased during the past year, and identify any building maintenance problems.

Evaluate your procedures for approving work schedules, sick and vacation leave and assigning employees to work overtime as required. When I was coming up, we had more music. It was in our blood with the Memphis sound, to have more music in a track — guitar, pianos, and all that other stuff.

Keep it really simple. Though Memphis is somewhat of a Mecca for trap, there are many alternatives brewing. While he comes from a family firmly rooted in Memphis jazz and funk his father has played bass with the Bar-Kays, among others, and his grandfather was a well-respected music teacherMonoNeon is self-taught and tuned to the sounds of modern Memphis hits.

The Collective is centered on visual artists, but two of them, Lawrence Matthews aka Don Lifted and Kenny Wayne, are painting with audio tones as well as pigments. We had to just do highlights of his thing for the performance in April.

memphis blues bbq gymnastics meet

It would have taken an hour and half to do all of it.