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meet literary agents asia china

as a literary interview with Asian Jacaranda literary agent. In part 1 of our series, we meet a literary agent with over 20 years of experience. Jayapriya Vasudevan Representing a riveting Chinese gay novel. 3. Starting a list for. Mar 19, The below list of 19 New Literary Agents aims to facilitate a conversation .. A former Brown University student in East Asian Studies, Sarah continued Your best chance is to go to conferences where you can meet and pitch . China. Parents and grandparents of college-bound students are the market. China, Taiwan, et al – Grayhawk Literary Agency Founder of Singapore, as Told through the. Eyes of His Two We meet a man who lives his whole life with.

Do proof your work and number pages. Do send the manuscript with a synopsis and why you wrote the book. What has been the highlight of your career?

meet literary agents asia china

Again, very difficult to say. Representing a riveting Chinese gay novel.

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Representing writing from Asia. Singapore and The Philippines makes our list quite exciting. Why was this project started? In many countries, education is supported by the publishing industry.

Our ambition is to get good education projects off the ground. Be it setting up libraries, setting up scholarships or training teachers. To be involved in education.

More when we have a little clarity. We recently attended a workshop in Asia where the speaker said that if Asian writers want to get published in the West they need to cater their stories to a Western audience.

meet literary agents asia china

Do you think this is good advice or should authors just write the stories on their heart? Write stories from the heart. We all learnt to read Latin American writing with no footnotes. Sometimes the sense of the book, the beauty of language is all you need as a reader. If a writer writes in a style that comes naturally, the book will read better. I recently sold a book.

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A memoir about a young Kenyan girl who believes she can change the world. How important is the cover letter and synopsis in a submission? Should you have completed your novel before applying to a literary agent?

meet literary agents asia china

To the cover letter. For non fiction, the rules are different. China stories have captivated us and we agent a number of contemporary Chinese writers that will astonish and charm you. Setting us apart from other Agencies is our Zeitgeist Publicity Department. This gives us the capacity to generate unsurpassed media coverage for our writers and their work. Sharon was running a chain of English language bookstores while Benython was on an Asialink grant seeking out Chinese writers to represent in the West.

After signing a number of writers both returned to their home cities; Sharon to Brussels, and Benython to Sydney.

They both continued to grow their lists and agent overseas and domestic writers. In the last year, Emma Nicholas has joined the team in Sydney.

Agenting In China

His start in publishing was as a publicist at Random House championing first time and well known authors. Benython became interested in Asian writing after he attended a publishers' fact finding tour to China.

He lived in Shanghai for 5 months signing Chinese writers to Zeitgeist and was on the committee of the Shanghai International Literary Festival. He now agents around 30 creatives. She has worked in publishing and the book industry for the last 10 years.