Meet john smith veronica mars imdb quotes

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meet john smith veronica mars imdb quotes

town of Neptune. Please read Veronica Mars/Format for notes on how to use and edit this article. Meet John Smith, Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang, Witchita Linebacker. The Wrath of A Trip to the Dentist, Happy Go Lucky, Cast. Leave It to. Watch the 'Veronica Mars' Cast Take Our 'Veronica Mars' Personality Quiz! . Love Veronica Mars Quotes, Team Logan, Fandom Quotes, Movie Tv, John Smith. "Veronica Mars" Meet John Smith (TV Episode ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

Weevil As much as I'd love to bestow kisses this honour upon Troy, it's got to be Weevil. Plus, Troy says some gibberish about no being yes but with different letters.

Obvs I love you Troy, but no really does mean no. Sure, Wallace is still not over the flagpole incident, but Weevil was willing to do time for his grandma! And he only lets the PCHers beat Chardo within a yard of his life, rather than an inch.

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Best Reminder That It's I think this category needs a technology embargo, you guys. Or at least a things-a-smartphone-can-do ban. Because wealthy '09er Caitlin has a flip phone, and Weevil only has an alibi due to the connundrum of making online purchases while in internet-free autoshop. Fortunately, this episode is flush with outdated references. Weevil and Chardo are playing some football game on a PS2, and Wallace wants his life to be a nonstop Nelly video. So does Nelly inWallace. And the Snark Award Goes To It's a tie between two Veronica quotes!

Wallace, asking about Logan's browser history, "So is he guilty? There's a Lilly flashback drink! Aaron Ashmore as Troy Troy's first appearance also coincides with the stunt casting of sex tape pioneer, Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton as Caitlin Caitlin rides her pink Vespa without a helmet. So in addition to being snobby, she's also stupid. There's a joke somewhere here, I know it Song for a Spy's Soundtrack: None of the songs really stood out for me. But don't we all want our lives to be a nonstop Nelly video?

Plus, there's a random shout-out to Neptune! And I choose to pretend that Nelly means the fictional one in Cali, because he's secretly a Marshmallow. But for an actual pick, my fave was the one that played during the beach photo shoot.

Although the songs that played at the '09er party and when Veronica's changing her flat tire have grown on me too. And I know those are like half the songs in the whole episode, but this show just has great music, ok?

Dad shares a name with Disney hero John Smith. Veronica hatches a clever scheme to find him because what other kind of scheme would she hatch, if not clever? Even the jerkiest loser would have the decency to reroute that kind of news, right?

Unless he's dead, that is. Yup, Justin's been wasting Veronica's time and postage money! But he's not Justin's dad, either. A woman pulls into the driveway in a classic car. In fact, it's Julia, a frequent customer at the video store that Justin works at, and she's driving the kind of car that Justin's dad likes. As the realization sets in, and the sun sets in, like, record time unless Julia takes a reaaaally long time to get out of her carJustin leaves Julia with bitter, unkind words.

On the long drive back to Neptune, Veronica points out how much effort Julia made just to see him for a few seconds every week. Those words resonated with Justin, and he takes a big step in reconnecting with Julia with a simple and tearful phone call over their mutual love of movies. No flashbacks in this episode! A few Duncan hallucinations, though.

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Including one of Ghost Lilly telling him to clue into something amiss with her murder. She probably should have picked someone else to appear to. No new clues, either! Veronica's still hung up on Duncan -- like, full-on dream make-out sessions and everything. Your sex dreams could use improvement, V. So to help her move on, she finally agrees to go out with Troy. They have a fun, flirty date A few days later at school, Veronica catches up with Troy to explain herself -- with her mouth!

This is all seen by a faraway Duncan, who's been self-medicating or self not- medicating with anti-depressants lately. Side effects include mood swings, hallucinations, and -- oh yeah, doing hand-stands off of bleachers. Veronica takes Duncan to the hospital. Nicest one I've seen in some time.

All that wood paneling. Once again, they're met by Jake, who has a lot of free time for a billionaire tycoon. Isn't there a yacht he needs to be on? Anyway, Duncan has a private chat with his doctor, which I guess is important because it ultimately leads to Duncan going back on meds. But what I really wanted to talk about is the doctor's use of the word 'nauseous'. He keeps using that word; I do not think it means what he thinks it means. After initially refusing help from Neptune High guidance counsellor Ms.

James, Keith admits defeat and asks her to talk to Veronica. Plus, Keith thinks Ms. James is a hottie and totally stalks her coffee establishment of choice for an intentional meet-cute.

It's less creepy than I'm making it out to be, but Keith kind of relies on his very particular set of skills too much. But maybe I'd do the same, if I were that badassed. And since Veronica is a do-er, she decides to look for Lianne on her own. Veronica arrives at Lianne's last known address in Arizona, only to discover that her mom is long gone -- all in the name of supposedly protecting Veronica.

Troy Troy finally wins MVP! Of the episode obvs, since it's long been established that he wins MVP of my pants. Although he's persistent -- because, c'mon, who wouldn't want to date Veronica Mars? Troy doesn't let his ego get in the way of following Veronica's lead and whatever she's comfortable with. Honourable mention for the fake-out John Smith, since it's clear that he knows all about Julia's past and seems to be pretty supportive of everything.

Justin works at a movie rental store. Somewhere, the former Blockbuster CEO is shedding a single tear. Veronica Veronica, telling Keith about her date with Troy, "Oh, you know. Let's open the floor for discussion on that one.

I asked you a question. And I ignored it and moved on. So I guess we broke up, huh? What do you want me to say, Logan? So you're saying you want me dead? One word from me and Backup goes for your throat. You'd tear out my throat? Isn't it better like this? This is how it's supposed to be. This is how it's going to be from now on. You have to know. Don't forget about me, Veronica. Normal Is the Watchword[ edit ] Veronica: Got any enemies you know about? Well, there's the Klan.

This isn't really their M. Well, then I guess that leaves everybody that hates you. How was your first day at school honey? I beat up a freshman, stole his lunch money and then skipped out after lunch. What, no pre-marital sex? But don't worry dad, I swear you're gonna like these guys. Now, where is my turkey pot-pie, woman?

Maybe I smoked so much ganja, I don't even remember doing it. What if you did ingest an illegal substance, but it was such a mild dose that you weren't even aware of it? Eat any mystery brownies lately? The day of the back to school athletic banquet, there were spirit boxes in our lockers.

There weren't any brownies in there, but there were cookies.

meet john smith veronica mars imdb quotes

Did you eat one? He's probably impressed with your virtue. I mean, you could be out here with some pretty boy jerk just looking to get laid. Wait, what are you saying? What I'm trying to say is that I'm in love with you. The things guys'll say to get past second base. Wallace is having a little trouble giving me a urine sample. Can't you talk on the phone and paint your nails like other girls? This is a health class project.

Come on, you're a man -- can you give him some pointers? You try turning the water on? Also, pinching your own nipples can sometimes work. I can't even look at you. I'm actually just the hostess, but I ca- Jackie: I don't care if you're the house magician, can you just make me a macchiatto? Ooh, considerably better than fifth period English. Ugh, you need to not remind me you're in high school. There's an 'ick' factor. Unless I'm wearing a naughty school girl uniform. Then it's very hot.

I'm sure it would be, for the ten seconds you had it on. Veronica, it's not your fault. I'm afraid that line only works in Good Will Hunting. Let me tell you something. If I was gonna do a kamikaze, you know, off a bridge with a bus full of kids and stuff, a convenience store would not be the site of my last meal. I'd want to eat something on the brink of extinction, you know, like the last emu. I bet they'd go down smooth. You left her alone in there?! Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang[ edit ] Lamb: So, I guess you know why you're here.

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You want to tell me about it? I have no idea why I'm here. But I'm sure my Dad was interested to know why you hauled his daughter in and subjected her to the crime-busting stare for no apparent reason.

He didn't need to know that you were here. You're eighteen now, kiddo. Well, that makes one of us. So are you gonna tell me why I'm here, or should I just sit back and enjoy your impression of a mildly-constipated David Caruso?

What can you tell me about your relationship with this man? I remember that summer. He was a roadie for Whitesnake. I was singing backup for Boyz II Men. They said it would never work, but - Lamb: I'm glad that you find this amusing. You're exposing your soft underbelly. My underbelly is rock hard. It can go all night. I'd love to have underlings and deputies other than my daughter. She's really no good at wrestling the hopped-up meth heads into the back of the car. Green-Eyed Monster[ edit ] Veronica: Oh yeah, a guy dreams his whole life of a beautiful woman bringing him a sandwich.

My Dad spend the night at your place? He do the A. I heard you took a ride downtown behind the So did you flop for the cops or did the local Wapner hook you up with some ankle bling? You know the deal, cuz. Every time some kitty cries in this town, one-time tries to put a call on me. Speaking of bling, what's up with the hoops? If I rub your head, do I get three wishes?

You rub my head, and you might want to make seeing tomorrow your first wish. Look, should I be expecting a visit from Lamb?

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If I know I'm being brought in, I'll put on my good underwear, you know? You should really do that anyway. Blast from the Past[ edit ] Mr. Homecoming season is upon us Much like the plague. It sounds like you don't need a photographer from the "Neptune Navigator" who knows how to shoot your good side. I got nothing but good sides, baby.

It's weird that you live here. I don't want you going all 'Howard Hughes-y' on me. I am not a shut-in. Though, now that you mention it, I have started bottling my own urine. Why don't you leave the heavy thinking to me, sugarpants? Now go make yourself pretty. I'm slathering up my boobs as we speak. Rat Saw God[ edit ] Dick: I am a total piece of crap.

Better you than the cable guy, I guess.

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And I'd be lying to say if I've never perved on your mom while she was prancin' around the pool in that hardly there bikini of hers. No, she gave me a few. Sheriff would like to have a word with you. And I'd like to be the cream filling of an Olsen twins sandwich, but Will you come with me, please?

If I'm under arrest, then do me the courtesy of making it all official like. You're under arrest for the murder of Felix Toombs. Number four, step forward. Oh wow, I'm stunned. You really like me! Well first, I'd just like to say the other, uh, nominees are all such wonderfully gifted criminals.

And I wanna thank my agent and my publicist for always shooting me from the left side. So, my tax dollars at work. Getting thirds at the Crazy Girls lunch buffet?

Actually, they discontinued the buffet. Some health code thing. Okay, my name is Cliff, I'll be your 'if-you-cannot-afford-an-attorney' attorney. What are you trying to prove? I mean with this 'poor little rich boy' stunt. Having me represent you doesn't make you look innocent. It makes you look like an arrogant jackass. If the witness' story holds, you are going to trial. Now, he comes forward saying he saw you, bloody knife in hand, ranting like a maniac over a dead body.

And what exactly did I say, huh? And the other sweet thing is that I'm in constant video contact with Martha Stewart, right? Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner[ edit ] Veronica: Veronica, you need to stop being The Dude. Stoner Bowler doesn't do it for you? Only because I like the way your lips pout when you do guy voice. I've had them for years, I can't do a thing with them.

I was reading 'The Third Wheel: A Beginner's Guide,' and we should come up with, like, some kind of codeword for when you guys are feeling frisky and don't want to be disturbed.

With the waxy-eared boyfriend. My codeword will be We were making out on the couch and then that happened. Please say "Veronica Mars. You can't buy love. Bored wives of the wealthy, however, can. I'm wondering if they'll sell Sheriff Lamb by the pound. All right, people, pair up. You each have a piece of paper with an STD on it.

You have to inform your partner that you have said STD. All right, Gia, we can be partners, but no glove, no love.

I heard her husband left her for a man. And now we get bitchy and bitter for a year. Isn't this a flower?

Chlamydia is not a flower. Well, we have it on, like, a trellis at our beach house. Your trellis is a whore. When you leave a sleepover early, I'm supposed to put a trench coat over my pajamas and come pick you up.

And I'm not 9. You'll always be 9 to me. Whoa, you two need to be alone? I know we had the smoking talking somewhere between the birds and the bees and the drinking and driving. Didn't your dad say that the cigar store's a front for drug dealers? I mean, that's gotta be something. Sometimes a cigar store is just a cigar store. Well, I'll remember to be quippy when you're looking at 20 to life. Oh, you're being a jackass. It must be an even-numbered day. I do so prefer the odd-numbered days when you're kissing my ass for a favor.

Well, you find out why this plastic surgeon is trying to get me sent away for killing Felix and I will make sure that all even-numbered days are removed from the calendar. Look, I'm just the vice-principal. Anything I say on the subject has to be cleared by the principal, so - Veronica: So you're just a powerless factotum and I should talk to Principal Moorehead?

What's this four-week gap here? Oh, they went on a little sabbatical. Do you know why? I suspect to torture me. Then they came back, and Cap'n Krunk wasn't on anymore and it blew, so I stopped listening. The show's still on? A bastardized subpar version of the show is still on. Any way to find out where they're broadcasting from?

I'd be interested to know if you have the capabilities to track said signal. Look, I'm happy to be the "Q" to your Bond, but crime pays. Technologically assisted mystery solving costs. That's 40 weeks running. If I was his mother, I'd kill myself, too.

Seriously, Cap'n, you name your daughter Roxie, and it's guaranteed at some point she'll be showing her cans for cash. I'm saving up for that very day. Or get a varsity jacket and four liters of wine cooler and you can see 'em for free! Yeah, Becker's a date rapist, but in his defense, he's hideous and stupid, so meeting girls is hard.

It's pretty clear, isn't it? Our favorite plastic surgeon, for whatever reason, seems to be owned by the Fighting Fitzpatricks. Well, as far as I know, I've done nothing to get their Irish up. And I'm working on the connections, okay? If you could exonerate me sometime soon, that'd be great. I really don't want bottom bunk in Fisty McRapesalot's cell. If you want a top, I'm sure it's negotiable. Help me, Mars-Wan Kenobiyou're my only hope. My Mother, the Fiend[ edit ] Mrs.

Since you all had such a raucous good time with venereal diseases, I'm sure you'll be thrilled with phase two of Sex Ed. So that's where babies come from. What took you so long? Well, if I had known you were throwing yourself at my roommate, [wipes lips] I'd have raced home. I brought a surprise for you. I figured you and Duncan could try it. Maybe if you boys play nice, you could share or Duncan's not into that sort of thing, pumpkin.

No, I'm talking about Dick's Maserati. Are you like, sleeping with my little brother? What is he - 13? So, is this your much older sister I've heard nothing about? Oh, yes, where are my manners? Kendall Casablancas, Trina Echolls. Rode Hard, meet Put Away Wet. I'm guessing she's the wet one.

meet john smith veronica mars imdb quotes

Well, I'd love to stay and chat, but I've got places to be. I don't think you'd like it. It's 21 and over. We're hitting an after party at Chuck E. Cheese though, if you're free. Okay, well, I need him in bed by ten p.

Well, the joke's on her - she came over to borrow my video camera. The girl does love a good exit line. I hope that tape didn't burn too much when they ripped it off. I hear that can leave some chafing. You made the wrong play, dawg. I shouldn't let you live for what you pulled. Hang on, compadre, let's recap.

You blasted a shotgun through my car with me inside. You torched my house. Then your masked bandidos played Russian roulette with my hand. Okay, my math says that you still owe me. I thought you killed Felix. Yeah, I pretty much know that now.

Oh, are you waiting for the music to swell before you start the apology? We have something in common now. We both need to find out who killed Felix. So what, we team up? I ride shotgun in the sidecar?

Something like that, but not yet. See, I can't let you leave here looking the way you did when you walked in. Not if I don't want to end up some bald guy with tattoos who rides the school bus. Well, I hope you don't just expect me to stand here and take it. Wouldn't be much fun if you did. So who's going to throw the first - [bell rings, Weevil punches first and they all-out fight] Mac: Pay me in cash, I ask no questions.

Justin possibly recognizes the third picture, and Veronica reports that he is a petty criminal. After school, Veronica and Justin follow his father.

Justin dashes out to "John Smith 3" and realizes that it is not his father, even though the two share the same handwriting. Meanwhile, Duncan suffers from hallucinations of Lilly Amanda Seyfried as a result of his withdrawal from the medication.

Veronica and Justin follow John Smith to his house. Veronica pokes her nose into the house and sneaks into the garage. Although the man denies having a son, a woman Melissa Leo soon pulls into the driveway. In fact, it is Justin's father, who it is revealed is a trans woman. Justin angrily repulses his parent, now called Julia—but Veronica comforts him with tales of her own long-lost mother. Veronica soon enough decides to go try to find her mother in Arizona. Meanwhile, Duncan starts taking his antidepressants again.

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The next day, when Duncan encounters Veronica, he returns to his old, withdrawn self. Keith goes on a coffee date with Rebecca. Justin reconnects with his parent through his video store job. Veronica visits the apartment where her mother stayed, but runs into an old college friend of hers, who does not provide any useful information. In addition, Veronica visits Troy, who embraces her. Cultural references[ edit ] Because several scenes in the episode take place in a video store, several movies are referenced: Justin then recommends Body Heat.

Keith mentions The Cowboys when he is renting a movie with Veronica.