Meet john brain smell ya later reference

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meet john brain smell ya later reference

After six years, those who began the study with hearing loss severe enough to interfere with cognitive tests probably also apply to other senses such as vision , smell and touch. Another possibility has to do with what researchers refer to as "cognitive load" "It's not necessarily that you're losing brain cells," he adds. This article about serial productions does not cite its references or sources. You can help . Brain: Pinky, after I switch the tapes, I'll met you near Chad. Pinky: I'd . Yakko, Wakko & Dot: Goodbye, nurse! An advertisement for a new one-woman show starring Slappy Squirrel called "Oh, Oh, Ethel" is shown. However, Slappy becomes discouraged when she finds out the show is a tribute to Ethel Merman and not Ethel Mertz like she originally thought.

I'm Elmyra, silly cranky big-head mousie! Hey Brain, is that what they call pounding it into your head? I mean, it's mostly girls, isn't it?

We eat the box? I mean, can we trust him? Huh, what were they thinking? I do not know. I think so, Brain, but then my name would be Thumby.

In a perfect world, your name would be Dummy! It'll never get on the air. But how do we get Twiggy to pose with an electric goose? I think so, Brain. But if I put on two tutu's, would I really be wearing a four-by-four? Why do I even bother asking? Maybe it's all part of some huge, cosmic plot formula!

I think so, Brain! Sprays his breath Brain: Brain, but if the sun'll come out tomorrowwhat's it doing right now? Remind me to tape all our phone calls! But does ' Chunk o' Cheesy 's' deliver packing material? But isn't a dreadlock hair extension awfully expensive? But will anyone other than Eskimos buy blubber-flavored chewing gum? But would the villains really have gotten away with it, if it weren't for those pesky kids and their dog? But let's use safflower oil this time!

It's ever so much healthier! But Cream of Gorilla Soup—well, we'd have to sell it in awfully big cans, wouldn't we?

But if he left chocolate bullets instead of silver, they'd get all runny and gooey! But do we have time to grease the rockets?

meet john brain smell ya later reference

But are these really the legs of a show girl? But this time I get to play the dishwasher repairman! I think so, Brain, but But where would you get a chicken, 20 yards of spandex and smelling salts at this hour? But isn't it cheating to use glue? I think so, BrainPan!

But if running shoes had little feet, wouldn't they need their own shoes? But what if the Earl of Essex doesn't like burlap pantaloons? We'll dress up like biker dudes and infiltrate the " Hades Ladies. The resulting carbon-monoxide buildup will allow you to complete your energy-making device and shortly after, you will rule the world!

Actually, I was thinking of calling the police. But I like your idea better! I don't think they allow that in a book with the Comics Code. But dressing like twins is so tacky. But shouldn't we let the silk worms finish the boxer shorts before we put them on?

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You draw the bath and I'll fetch the alka-seltzers and candles! But the real trick will be getting Demi Moore out of the creamed corn! I think so, Brain, but if a ham can operate a radiowhy can't a pig set a VCR?

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Hoover notice a missing evening gown? But what's the use of having a heart-shaped tattoo if it's going to be covered by hair? Listen, Pinky--Clement's a little tired. Let's go take over the world while he rests.

Hearing Loss Linked to Dementia

Sure, Brain--but aren't you going to ask me somethin'? Wally Llama based on the Dalai Lamathe wisest creature in the world, vows to stop answering questions after being asked too many stupid ones. However, the Warners have a very pressing question that Wally Llama does not know why the fact is that hot dogs come in packages of 10, but hot-dog buns only come in packages of 8.

With one of his new inventions, Brain plans to freeze all the leaders of the world when they are at an international peace conference in the Alps. This episode was based on the Marx Brothers movie, Duck Soup. Inthe Warners arrive at the Paris home of the famous artist Pablo Picasso.

They want to help him paint and annoy him so much that he will let them paint as he relaxes. This is one of the few shorts where Wakko's hat is taken off.

Each received a cochlear implant followed by twice-weekly auditory rehabilitation. While the link between hearing loss and milder cognitive problems has been questioned by some, it is becoming increasingly accepted.

It should be the first thing we focus on. Lin suggests four possibilities. The most obvious is a common physiological pathway that contributes to both hearing loss and cognitive decline — something like high blood pressurefor instance. But he and other researchers used statistical methods to take into account the factors known to be associated with both conditions, so Lin doesn't give this explanation much credence. Another possibility has to do with what researchers refer to as "cognitive load" — essentially, that the effort of constantly straining to understand stresses the brain.

This one makes intuitive sense. Research in Wingfield's lab has documented this effect on a short-term basis.

meet john brain smell ya later reference

The big question, he says, is whether years of drawing resources away from brain functions such as working memory will eventually reduce the brain's resilience. Kathleen Pichora-Fuller, a psychologist from the University of Toronto, is conducting research to test the hypothesis that treating hearing loss in those with dementia will help to optimize communication, with positive effects on everyday well-being for the patient and caregivers. Brain imaging studies, Wingfield says, show that older adults with hearing loss have less gray matter in the part of their brain that receives and processes sounds from the ears.

Certain structures of brain cells can shrink when they don't get enough stimulation. This raises the question, Wingfield says, whether getting clearer speech signals to the brain through use of a modern hearing aid might allow these brain structures to recover their previous size and function.