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meet homestuckshippingnames

Homestuck shipping names. Discover ideas about Homestuck. Homestuck shipping Meet the Instagram Sensation Omar, The World Longest Cat. Homestuck. Sometimes the names don't work together very well logistically either. Therefore, a lot of ships are named in ways that aren't obvious except to those familiar with. Dec 10, Homestuck ships use a mix of portmanteaus and full virgule titles when referring to a ship. It is also popular to come up with joke names for.

Since they are somewhat derived from the characters' names, but still not immediately obvious to people unfamiliar with fandom, this probably qualifies as the half-way point between Idiosyncratic Ship Naming and Portmanteau Couple Name. Gilmore Girls had a few including: JavaJunkie — Luke and Lorelai. Taken literally from the first scene of the series at Luke's counter where Lorelai is enjoying coffee and he calls her a junkie for the stuff. Narcoleptics — Rory and Dean — taken from Lorelai calling Dean Narcolepsy Boy Literati — Rory and Jess — from the two's mutual love for books Nudist — Rory and Marty — taken by how they met, where Rory found Marty passed out and naked in the hallway after their first Yale party Balcony Buddies — Lorelai and Christopher — name refers to balcony of Lorelai's childhood bedroom where Rory was conceived Sophies — Rory and Logan — name taken from a Master and Commander reference made between the two.

The pun doesn't work with other pairings, but they mostly follow the same pattern anyway eg. Kamen Rider Double has a semi-official one.

meet homestuckshippingnames

For fans of shipping Shoutaro and Phillip you might as well call the pairing Doublecest. Several even lamented the fact that it's Wincest but said they didn't really care. Kamen Rider Kiva has Kivacest for Wataru and Taiga, who turns out to be his brother, among other things. Of course, it'd still be technically accurate if it was the pairing of Wataru and Otoya who get to meet a few times via Time Travel but no one uses the term that way.

Of course, Parental Incest is more squicky. Idiosyncratically it's referential to the first season episode "Confidence Men" when Charlie convinces Claire to share some "imaginary peanut butter" with him to satisfy her pregnancy-driven peanut butter craving.

The television show Roswell had shipper names up the ying-yang, a mix of idiosyncratic and portmanteau alike, but the two most prominent ones were the Dreamers and the Candies. This is largely an instance of Idiosyncratic Ship Naminginspired by the fans' shared dream of Max and Liz becoming a couple and living happily ever after in the name of true love. It was also in part a reference to a moment during the first season episode "Blind Date" when Max referred to Liz as his "dream girl.

Run amok on soap operas. Fans are called "Whoufflepuffs".

List of Homestuck Pairings

In a strange development, because the relationship between the Doctor and Clara continued after he regenerated, the ship name branched out two "sub-categories": It has a regular portmanteau pairing name as well, "Cloctor".

On Livejournal and Tumblr, "Timecock" is also popular as their ship name It derives from an exclamation Eleven was known to use on occasion, usually in reference to the Mrs. When the show later paired River with Twelve, some fans attempted to apply Yowzah to that pairing, but it didn't take due to the different personality of the new Doctor. Voyager referred to it as "Jetski", a pun based on the French "J et C". They are also known as "Space Husbands" in some circles due to occasionally acting like a married couple.

There's also an odd example with "Space Wives", wherein the name exists but doesn't seem to belong to any particular ship.

meet homestuckshippingnames

Almost every Glee couple is referred to—both in-universe and as out—by a rather twee Portmanteau Couple Name such as "Finchel", "Samcedes", or "Klaine", but there are Idiosyncratic Ship Names to be found. Battlestar Galactica has the catchphrase "Sine Qua Non" for Roslin and Adama, off the episode of the same name and the phrase's English translation, which Adama actually said aloud during the episode in question.

Because I can't live without her. Where burgundy-blooded trolls are common and fall at the bottom of the social hierarchy, fuchsia blood is exceptionally rare, and its carriers sit at the top of the hierarchy.

meet homestuckshippingnames

Each troll also has an astrological signwhich carries their blood color and reflects their personality. She is a burgundy-blood, the lowest ranking blood color on the hemospectrum with the shortest lifespan of all trolls, but the most likely to have psychic powers. She used to enjoy archaeologybut has mysteriously lost interest in everything she used to enjoy. This happened on the night she lost her lusus caretaker and began to hear 'the voices of the dead' more clearly, and is eventually revealed to have made her a ghost.

He is shy and unassertive, and struggles with standing up for himself, especially to Vriska. He uses a wheelchair after an encounter with Vriska, who has an unrequited crush on him, left him paralyzed. His astrological sign is Taurus. Dante Bascowho played Rufio in Hook, started reading Homestuck because his character made an appearance in it, and he later stated that Tavros is his favorite Homestuck character because of his relation to Rufioh.

Sollux is a gold-blood, a caste known for great psychic power.

Idiosyncratic Ship Naming

Sollux has the ability to talk to the recently deceased, who inform him that Alternia will be annihilated. He also claims that he is destined to go blind before dying, [23] a claim which later proves to be true. His astrological sign is Gemini.

meet homestuckshippingnames

He is quick to anger, loud, and often rude, but has a strong sense of justice, and is good at heart. His blood color is candy-red, which is considered a mutant color outside the hemospectrum, giving him an unshakable fear of persecution, causing him to be self-conscious and leading him to use a dull gray as not to reveal his true blood color.

His astrological sign is Cancer. The name Karkat is a reference to "Karkata" the name of Cancer in the Hindu zodiac. Nepeta Leijon Nepeta is an olive-blood, considered the "middle class" of the hemospectrum. She lives in a cave with her lusus, and is known for acting like a cat.

meet homestuckshippingnames

She embodies an interest in both furries and shippinga combination Hussie described as "for the sake of efficiency. Her astrological sign is Leo.

In many North Germanic languages, Leijon translates to Lion. Kanaya Maryam Kanaya is a jade-blood. She has a great interest in fashion, and is thematically strongly influenced by the Virgin Marywith her taking on a motherly role towards the other trolls, particularly Karkat. Over the course of the story, she eventually becomes a so-called " rainbow drinker ", or vampire. Kanaya's romantic relationship with Rose Lalonde is one of the most popular canon same-sex relationships in the webcomic, commonly referred to as "Rosemary.

She is blind and able to visualize the world through her sense of smell and taste.

Homestuck Shipping Names

She is teal-blooded and portrayed as an avid role-player and has a strong sense of justice. The name Terezi is a reference to the Albanian word "Terezi," meaning "Justice. Her weapon is a set of legendary eight-sided dicewhich, depending on what they roll, can cause devastating attacks.

Her astrological sign is Scorpio. The character is described as "ruthless, manipulative [and] powerful", and was considered among the "most hardcore" eyepatch -wearing fictional characters by The Mary Sue. Gamzee Makara Gamzee is a purple-blooded troll with strong ties to his religious faith, referred to as the "Cult of the Mirthful Messiahs".