Meet greet sales steps

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meet greet sales steps

The process of selling begins before you even meet a prospect. You must Establish your credibility and trustworthiness from the moment you greet the customer. Categories: Closing, In this week's e-newsletter, Sales. Step 1: The Professional Meet and Greet. auto sales, professional, car sales. Break the old habit of running up to a customer as soon as they. We found that as many as 50% of the people coming to dealerships do not go through the sales process because they are lost in the very first.

Practice smiling in the mirror if you have to, but thinking about the big juicy commission I am going to get from selling them a car always worked for me.

meet greet sales steps

Buying some breath mints or mouthwash and keep it in your desk. When you look good and feel good you will not only have a better attitude, but you will also make a better first impression when you meet and greet your car buying customers. This will pay for itself in the long run because you will sell more cars and make more money.

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Check with your tax preparer because you may be able to deduct the amount you spend having your clothes cleaned and pressed from your taxes. The simple exchange of names and the initial greeting, the rest is covered in the next car sales step.

The car sales meet and greet is critical for your success as a car sales professional.

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With thousands of different trainers there are just as many different ideas on how to properly greet a customer. Before a customer steps on your lot a few things have happened. First of all, they have decided they are in the market for a different vehicle. With the research that is available online today, these customer are probably coming in to look at something specific. So now we know that the customers are looking for a vehicle, usually a specific vehicle, and they chose our dealership because of something they have seen or heard.

Will you please show it to me? It is no different then when the cute girl is setting on the end of the bar.

Step 1: The Professional Meet and Greet | CarSalesPros

Everyone, or at least all of my friends, want to talk to her. They admire her from across the bar but no one wants to go talk to her.

It is because they do not know what to say.

meet greet sales steps

Remember, a customer usually only buys a car once every months. We do this 5 days a week for 50 weeks a year.

Car Sales Meet and Greet - Where it All Starts

That is why the greeting is so important to the entire sales process. If we can get the customer talking this early in the sales process, we have a much better chance of finding the perfect car for each customer and building enough rapport that they will want to buy it from us!

Are you two salesmen? The couple wanted an Acura.

Car Sales Meet and Greet – Where it All Starts

The next closest Acura dealership was 20 miles away. No one was discounting Acuras at the time. Had they been interested in a Chevy or a Ford, though, they could easily have driven six miles up the road to find a salesman who was more interested in their business. Just looking The Acura salesman was lucky. The man and his wife were "laydowns. But he didn't know that ahead of time and it would have been much better if the salesman had seen the couple arrive and walked over to greet them.

The salesman could have introduced himself, handed over a business card, and logged in the prospects.