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The soundtrack of OMG – Oh My God! is composed by Himesh Reshammiya, Sachin - Jigar and Meet Bros Anjjan, whilst the lyrics have been penned by. Loy moved to Bombay, met Ehsaan in and together they composed several ad jingles. Later, Ehsaan and Loy met Shankar when he was roped in by Ranjit Barot to sing for .. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Shankar–Ehsaan–Loy . Mallik, Ankit Tiwari and Meet Bros Anjjan (); Pritam (); Pritam (). $ Nachange Saari Raat (feat. Neeraj Shridhar, Tulsi Kumar). Pre-ordered. Nachange Saari Raat (feat. Neeraj Shridhar, Tulsi Kumar) · Meet Bros Anjjan. 1.

Paroma does so and they earn a lot with the daily matches of SPL. Sharon meets Shashank Datta Indraneil Sengupta who is working in a leading news channel offers her a job as a host for one of their new entertainment show and Sharon becomes a very successful anchor later being promoted by the channel to a nationwide news reader.

Mayuri has decided to sign a film with a builder's son for crores of rupees just to buy a flat through him and later meets Madhur Bhandarkar who also offers her a film. Nandita finds that Harsh is cheating on her and has married her just to keep her as a trophy wife and sleeps around with escort girls.

She tells her in-laws and cries but they explain that Harsh loves her and she is the daughter-in-law of the big Narang family and these things are very common amongst the riches. Paroma gets arrested by CBI on the betting and match fixing case and Pinaki goes absconding leaving her in a lurch. Her brother and father come to give her a bail and tell her how shameful the family is feeling in the society because of her and disown her.

She attempts suicide but stops as she gets an offer to work in a reality show because of her controversial image. Nazneen is feeling shameful about the job she is doing as an escort girl and wants to quit and go back to London.

She decides to do it one last time with a foreign diplomat. But she finds that Inzamam has already dumped her and moved with someone else. Nazneen meets with an accident after escaping from the hotel and dies. After these incidents that happened with the calendar girls especially Paroma and Nazneen, this issue comes in the news on whether calendar girls is a platform for people to make a career in the glamour industry or is it a misuse. The other 4 calendar girls meet at Nazneen's funeral and are very sad that her body was in the morgue for 10 days and nobody claimed it.

They realize how the glamor world is and how you need to live with it. Days pass by, months pass by and it is shown where are the calendar girls now - Paroma is making her entry to the reality show, Sharon is happily getting married to Shashank, Mayuri receives the best debutant award in Filmfare and Nandita is pregnant with a child with Harsh. Now the new year comes and the old calendar is removed and the new calendar is used at various places with the 5 new calendar girls.

Calendar Girls was banned in Pakistan. The full audio album was released on 10 September by T-Series. The site summarized, 'On the whole, Calendar Girls can be watched for its wholesome entertainment value, hard hitting drama and engaging narrative.

Ravindra Jain

Jha rated the film three stars out of five, saying, 'It is fairly engaging and sometimes powerful in its message on how far the ruthless metropolis takes the unsuspecting career girls before dumping them on the derrieres to re-gather their destiny.

Retrieved 6 July Vijay Mallya should sue Bhandarkar! Retrieved 25 September The Indian Express 26 April The Indian Express 19 June Hot and steamy teaser of 'Calendar Girls' unveiled'. Retrieved 28 September Not Bad At All'. What happens next when she is surrounded by obstacles?

Each title is ranked according to its share of pageviews among the items displayed. Pageviews for each item are divided by the aggregate number of pageviews generated by the items displayed. Made in India 5. Calendar Girls 4. They each find a girl with whom they fall head over heels in love with.

Now they just have to get the women to reciprocate. There's Tsunami, a little scavenger boy, there's Nandita Menon Avani Modi Nazneen Malik Kyra Dutt Sharon Pinto Ruhi Singh Mayuri Chauhan Satarupa Pyne Paroma Ghosh Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Palash Bose Madhur Bhandarkar Sharda Nandita's Sister Sanjay Gurbaxani Channel Head Kiran Kumar Tiwari ji Sharad Ponkshe The movie is a voyeuristic peek into what happens behind-the-scenes and what happens after success and fame are attained.

Meet Bros and Anjjan Bhattacharya Performed by: Whereas on the other we have directors highly inspired and in awe of themselves and their own previous works like Ram Gopal Varma and Madhur Bhandarkar who keep churning out exactly similar movies one after the other following a careless attitude.

So assuming you have already seen Madhur's PAGE 3, FASHION and HEROINE, this is the director's 4th film on the same subject portraying it from a different angle, assuming that the viewers have no thinking mind of their own, ready to accept anything and everything coming from a big name served with some attractive, eye- catching toppings.

Also the film surprisingly appears quite close to a typical B-grade project largely depending upon its sexual content and glamorous appeal with noting great to offer in its script, execution, cinematography, background score or even music or lyrics.

No doubt as a writer-director Madhur tries to put in everything read in the daily newspapers on the screen as usuallike the rich entrepreneur releasing a famous calendar pointing towards Vijay Mallyadeep links between heroines-cricketers and bookies, girls from TV and films getting into flesh trade, the lucky ones getting married to rich industrialists to be their trophy wivesthe clever ones bagging big films with their own selfish ways, the opportunists walking into programs like Big Boss and protests planned by various parties against Pakistani artists performing in India.

But since the viewers have already seen many similar references in Madhur's last films, one doesn't feel like watching anything fresh or thought provoking at all in those 2 tiring hours. Besides, as a viewer you honestly feel like leaving the theater when the director appears in the film playing a cameo as himself and then indicates towards his next project too called AIR HOSTESS, once again talking about the same things so carelessly.

In the novel, the girls get invited for a grand party in Goa after seven years of their initial success and then one of them gets murdered in the resort raising fingers at everyone else attending the celebrations including a young lawyer. The climax of the novel truly shocks you, as expected from a great murder mystery and the revelation once again forces you to think about the proceedings right from the start finding the given clues.

A charming, but cliched comedy reminiscent of The Full Monty. Calendar Girls Photos View All Photos 17 Movie Info The true story of a group of dynamic women who bare all--or nearly all--for charity and become international celebrities as a result.

The Women's Institute in Great Britain encourages the ancient skills of jam-making, flower pressing, knitting and baking. So when a group of extraordinary women start looking for a new way to raise money, they decide to take the annual W. Behind the baked goods, the apple pressing and the flower arranging, the women are completely nude. PG for nudity, some language and drug-related material Genre: Comedy, Special Interest Directed By: Nigel Cole Written By: May 4, Box Office: Administrator 1 Diana Marchment as W.

Lady Beryl Bamforth as Highgyll W. Lady Christine Clancy as Highgyll W. Lady Ros Fawcett as Highgyll W. Lady Lynda Logan as Highgyll W. Lady Tricia Stewart as Highgyll W. January 8, Rating: B Hap ErsteinAtlanta Journal-Constitution Top Critic Amiable enough as a frothy entertainment, with darker overtones rendered with emotional effectiveness. January 2, Rating: Most teens won't care. January 1, Rating: January 31, Rating: September 14, Rating: March 10, Rating: August 31, Rating: August 30, Rating: If you like the greats of English actors and enjoy a good laugh then this is the movie for you!

The release of the rights to amateur groups over an month period has already raised enormous amounts of money for charities seeking to provide support for those affected by cancer, and fund research into beating it. With the play's popularity at an all-time high, now is as good a time as any to revisit the film on which it was based. Ten years on, Nigel Cole's retelling of an incredible true story still holds up pretty well, being slight and a little creaky, but still charming in spite of its flaws.

It positions itself as a whimsical and gentle comedy, which seeks to poke fun at institutions like the church, golf clubs and the WI whilst also embracing them as its target audience. The film is quintessentially British, with any celebration of the characters and their spirit being tempered by self-deprecation and deadpan humour.

Whether you can enjoy or appreciate the film depends to a large extent on your level of entrenchment within this world, and your resulting opinion of its culture and traditions. Calendar Girls has a more interesting and stronger story than Saving Grace, as well as a more stellar cast and a higher budget. But they do have a number of similarities. Both films deal with issues of death and loneliness in a genuine and earnest way, which includes being able to laugh at it and find opportunity for good deeds in bad circumstances.

Both focus on women who are let down or abandoned by men and have to assert their identity - in this case through their sexuality and natural beauty. And both have structural deficiencies which prey on one's mind even as we are being charmed by the characters. If nothing else, the film deserves credit for the positive and engaging roles it accords to women, especially to older women.

Calendar Girls goes to great lengths to flesh out its female characters no pun intendedtreating their age and circumstances with respect and allowing them to speak for themselves. Along with similar entries in Cole's back catalogue, the film has drawn comparisons with The Full Monty. It might seem disparaging to call one a rip-off of the other, since both are based on true stories of groups who would have had no interaction in the real world.

Nevertheless, the similarities go beyond the emphasis on or role of nudity, with many of the character traits feeling like transpositions. But while the make-up of the Calendar Girls does conform to convention the organiser, the shy one, the reluctant one etc. Like Saving Grace, the film is at its strongest when it tackles the female characters head-on, particularly in dealing with their insecurities and their need to conform to or break from designated gender roles.

The character development of each of the main women involves changes in their relationships to men and said men's attitudes towards them. Ruth stands up to her cheating husband, Annie comes to terms with her grief for John, Chris goes through a difficult patch with her husband and son, and so on. But while men play a significant part, the film is very careful not to define its female characters entirely by these relationships. It's not exactly Women's Lib, but they are very much their own people.

The humour of Calendar Girls is very gentle and tasteful. It's the kind of comedy that produces knowing, light-hearted sniggers and chuckles, which in itself is no bad thing. The film isn't trying to pull in younger viewers with darker, edgier humour - it doesn't need to. It knows its target audience and plays exactly to their needs and expectations. Because the humour is so safe and gentle, it gives the sadder moments in the story more time to breathe.

In a very dark or edgy comedy like Heathers or Dr. Strangelove, the comedy is often taken to such daring extremes that any small feeling of sadness is commuted to a deeper or larger feeling, such as abandonment or despair.

Strangelove you weep for the whole or humanity, while laughing at the absurdity of existence. In Calendar Girls the grief is far smaller and more personal, with all the sad moments being well-judged and touchingly executed. In terms of its tone and approach to character, Calendar Girls has its suggestive props arranged in all the right places.

But the composition starts to suffer when we look it as a piece of narrative. In addition to its higher budget, the film is longer and baggier than Saving Grace, and many of the later scenes increase the scale while eroding the emotional intimacy. The stage play is more modest in its number of locations, but it is more effective as sustaining this feeling.

Part of the problem lies in Cole's approach as a director. He is a very good actors' director, someone who understands characters and who knows how to get natural performances out of anyone he works with. As a visual artist, however, he is pretty workmanlike, with conventional choices of angles, fairly standard compositions and colour choices which are effective but not memorable. This film suffers from the fact that he likes montage a little too much, using it well during the shooting of the calendar but becoming overly reliant on it as the story gathers weight.

The film also loses its way when it goes to America.

Hangover hitmakers Meet Bros, Anjjan Bhattacharya part ways

Even if this part reflected the real-life story entirely, it feels like a distraction from both the plot and the emotional development of the characters. The film already risks becoming episodic, due to Cole's use of montage, but this entire sequence could and should have been cut. Cole's familiarity with English culture does not carry over to America, giving us an off-putting, touristy view of Hollywood complete with a gratuitous cameo by Jay Leno.

The problem with the Hollywood section is that it causes the majority of the emotional tension between the characters to be put on hold. The major argument between Chris and Annie still carries some weight, but it would carry far more if it wasn't staged so deliberately, on a stage as alien and far removed as a Hollywood back-lot. Equally, Chris' husband and son have their concerns and struggles needlessly pushed to the back: As it stands the husband problem is resolved fairly generically, and the son's subplot is so underdeveloped it should have been cut as well.

Ultimately the film is a character piece rather than a rigorous drama, and fortunately the performances are good enough across the board to hold our attention. Helen Mirren and Julie Walters are perfectly cast, with the latter playing against type and impressing in the quieter, more sombre moments. Celia Imrie is playing to type, but she brings the same sense of refined mischief that made her collaborations with Victoria Wood so enjoyable.

The supporting cast may be packed with famous faces including John Fortune and Annette Crosby from One Foot in the Gravebut unlike Saving Grace we aren't so distracted by the presence of famous faces that it takes us out of the moment. There's even an appearance by Graham Crowden in his last film role: Calendar Girls is a ropey but enjoyable comedy which charms its way into our hearts even as our heads point out all that is wrong with it.

It's one of the rare occasions where the stage adaptation is more successful than the film, retaining more of the desired character intimacy and being altogether more focussed. But ultimately the film succeeds as a piece of entertainment, delivering a fair amount of laughs and showing quite a lot of heart. The members of the Knapely Women's Institute of North Yorkshire are resourceful and refined -- and they're about to shock the residents of their little English town with a daringly bare philanthropy project.

When one of their own Julie Walters learns her husband has cancer, the group decides to spice up their yearly calendar fundraiser by forgoing the usual images of the Yorkshire dales and gracing the pages in the nude.

They were great in this film. The woman are feisty, funny, inspiring, and strong. Ravindra Jain's father died during the recording sessions of the film Saudagar, however, Jain did not leave the studio until the recordings were finalised giving utmost importance to his work.

Association with Rajshri Productions Jain also rendered beautiful music to many of Rajshri Productions' features starting in the with the film Geet Gata Chal starring Sarika and Sachin Pilgaonkar and continued till He composed music for projects in which included Baromas and Barbareek- Sheesh Danee Mahayoddha based on Barbarika.

Inhe composed music for the Hindi film Vivah directed by Sooraj R. Association with Yesudas Jain is credited for bringing south Indian singing sensation Dr. Yesudas to Hindi movies, in singing in many of his movies in the s and s. Together they gifted some memorable songs like 'Oo goriya re' Naiyya'Beeti hui raat ki' Ayyashand 'Gori tera gaon' Chitchor.

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It is said that Jain was so enthralled by Yesudas's voice, if he ever received his vision, Yesudas would be the first person he would want to see. Jain has worked on songs after his liaison with Yesudas, but he has failed to attain the pinnacle of glory he achieved with the master singer during the s. Most of the songs composed by Jain were immensely popular. The song had a sequence of low, medium and high pitch.

It was considered to be one of the most difficult songs a singer could sing. He had quoted, "There won't be a singer like him in years to come. In s, an album called Guru Vandana was released featuring songs on gurus teachers and saints and disciples. Album Timeless Mahatma based on Gandhi's teachings was released in and was featured in an Indian exhibit in South Africa. InJain released Sampoorna Ramayan-a musical version of the story with simple Hindi lyrics sung by famous Bollywood singers.

Malayalam InRavindra Jain composed the music under Dr. Yesudas's production house Tharangini Audios for the Malayalam album Aavanippoochendu. He did the musical score of the Malayalam film Sujatha [].

Jain Albums Ravindra Jain has written and composed many popular Jain bhajans.