Lets not meet again reddit hearthstone

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lets not meet again reddit hearthstone

While related to a real Hearthstone topic, it should not be taken too seriously. is the indisputable winner of the award for "Quickest Way to Lose a Match". Now that is why the card is just bad, but what makes it deserve its place in . But if you can pull off a combo that lets you play both for much less, like. let me finish with an idea (that has probably been suggested a few .. I personally don't give two shits about meeting the voices behind HS. Right now, Wild feels somewhat like Standard but with an elevated They also give players a chance to see and play with cards that they don't own. You'll get to meet Hearthstone developers, enjoy pick-up tournaments on-site, snap we' re tossing a few more treats in the bag this year, and we'll let you.

He was interesting and funny and kept my mind off of where I was at. After a few weeks we would be on the phone every night.

From 11pm till 11am the next morning. I was a night owl. His voice seemed pretty deep for a 19 yo but when I mentioned it to him he said he got that a lot. I really got attached to this dude. DJ lived in Chicago and had kinda strict parents so he would hang out at his uncle Franks house a lot. Frank was a cool dude.

Funny like DJ and also witty and just an uncle that I wish I had. Somehow I started texting Frank too because he was worried about DJ and was asking me questions about him.

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Apparently DJ started hanging around the wrong crowd and smoking weed and drinking, sneaking out etc. A bit before I started texting Frank me and DJ would go on skype.

lets not meet again reddit hearthstone

He would be on speaker and we would have one way cam sex. He was pretty descriptive, tbh it did bother me cuz I wanted to see him too but I was a dumb horny teenager so I overlooked it. First profile that showed up. I added him and messaged him: Who do you think it is? Obviously confused I texted DJ and was like??? He was confused and I told him I just tried adding him on FB but he was acting brand new.

He apologized profusely and said it was his cousin that his family wanted him to marry arranged marriages to cousins are normal in our culture so I was heartbroken but I bought it. He said that she had access to his fb so she and his family could keep tabs on him.

It went with his story and I just stopped using fb to contact him. DJ got arrested with weed and a scale in his trunk so they got him with intent to sell. I was heartbroken again but confused about him having a relationship when his family was strict and wanted him to marry his cousin.

What does make Silverback Patriarch's case unusual is that game has introduced literally more than a dozen other minions that are flat-out superior to it throughout many expansion.

lets not meet again reddit hearthstone

What truly nails it in the coffin, though, is that even from the very beginning of Hearthstone, Ironfur Grizzly was a superior counterpart. Angry Chicken The original "worst minion", Angry Chicken was actually intentionally added by the developers to teach players to recognize bad cards. In its defense, the Angry Chicken's Enrage has the potential to be fearsome in the hands of a HoundmasterMark of Y'Shaarjstitched to a Zombeastor even Crystal Corebut for the most part simply serves to fool inexperienced players.

Giving its name to the lowest possible rank in Ranked play as well as a popular podcastthis chicken has every right to be angrybut in fact appears to simply be as flabbergasted by its own existential impotence as the rest of us.

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Gurubashi Chicken They said it was impossible to improve on Angry Chicken in badnessbut Gurubashi Chicken manages to do that just. Nearly identical to its cousin down to its terrible stats except it gains a bunch of Attack on Overkill instead. But for Gurubashi Chicken, not only do you have to play it and buff it, but you also have to kill something with it.

Outside of nearly impossible cases where it somehow gets Windfury and the opponent is dumb enough to give it stuff to kill and last several turns, Gurubash Chicken is a straight up downgrade. At least it's a Common.

Dear Frank, Let’s not meet. : LetsNotMeet

Warsong Commander Poor Warsong Commander, how the mighty have fallen. Once one of the single most feared card in the game, it is currently nowhere close to its former glory.

lets not meet again reddit hearthstone

In its original state when it gave any minion Charge, this card was absurdly broken. Then it got brought down a notch to only give Charge to minions with 3 of less Attack. For a while, everyone thought this card was just okay Warsong Commander would go on to lead an army of Grim Patrons to charge forward, empowered by a whirlwind of fury and ragewhile their old friend, Frothing Berserkerseething from all the minion damage, finished the job by obliterating the enemy face, all in a single turn.

It seemed Warsong Commander was all but unstoppable, until Blizzard directly intervened by transforming it into a worse Raid Leaderannihilating its viability for eternity.

lets not meet again reddit hearthstone

Now Warsong Commander sits in the deepest reaches of every player's Card Collection in limbo, never to be put in any remotely serious deck yet unable to be disenchanted. Backstreet Leper Players often overlook this distant cousin of Magma Rager. It has the same obscene 3 Mana cost, the same awful 1 Health, but it instead of 5 Attack, it has 3 Attack with a Deathrattle that guarantees 2 face damage. It's slightly less worse than Magma Rager against Mages or Paladins, but nonetheless this pack filler is not worth using at all.

The was only marginally useful oncein a Tavern Brawl, no less, along with its sick brother and a chunk of meat. Arena Treasure Chest You know those egg cards?

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Those useless minions that are otherwise great with Deathrattle activators? This is not one of those cards. Sure there are other similar minions that are also useless on their own and don't create a minion, but those cards cost 1 Mana. This thing costs 4 mana. Arcane Intellect costs 1 less and you get your cards immediately, and even the most aggressive of Hunter decks don't need to create this level of tempo loss to draw cards.

Overall, this card is so abysmally statted for an effect so inefficient that it doesn't belong in anywhere but this list. Not even in Arena, ironically. Totemic Might Although this card doesn't have a long history of drama compared to other crappy cards from expansions, almost everyone agreed this was one of the the worst spell in vanilla Hearthstone. At best, it might let a Mana Tide Totem survive an extra turn when it's played on curve, but Totems were so limited in use that having them survive a little longer meant nothing.

lets not meet again reddit hearthstone