Lab rats meet victor krane

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lab rats meet victor krane

Characters appearing in Disney's Lab Rats franchise, both in the original and For tropes relating to the characters in the earlier DC Comics series see Lab .. Whenever he tries to integrate himself in it, it's met with complete Victor Krane . (Previously titled My Bionic Life) When Katie Gherkin's abusive father, Victor I DON'T OWN LAB RATS OR MIGHTY MED, OR ANY OF THEIR CHARACTERS. Read The Return Of Victor Krane from the story Bionic (A Lab Rats fan fiction) by KoreanGirlie (Sonya) Meet the new girl at Mission Creek High, Jaiden Kim.

A fight broke out between them, with Krane holding the advantage, but with difficulty they knocked him back. However Krane retook the advantage by telekinetically slamming them to the ground. He was about to kill them when he was shot at by Douglas, having really faked his death to fool Krane, saving the kids. Krane managed to again regain the upper hand and tried to kill Douglas with a plasma blast, but Chase jumped in front of him, and using his force field reflected the blast back at Krane.

Holding him at gun point, Douglas was about to kill Krane when Donald returned having saved Tasha and Leo, distracting everyone for a moment while Krane escaped to parts unknown. Then leaking the footage to the world revealing that humans with bionics existed.

She did by causing the celling to break above him, causing a giant concrete block to fall on him, apparently killing him. Then they left together. However Leo survived, but the block only crushed his arm.

Douglas took Leo from the hospital to Krane's abandoned lab, where he bionically enhanced Leo's arm, to save it. However before he could kill them, Donald, Adam, Bree and Chase arrived and confronted them. He managed to hold them off however and the fight was going in his favour, but interrupted when Leo accidentally hit him with an energy ball Douglas had given him.

Defeated, the feds stormed in, but Douglas revealed Krane's evil plot to them. They went to take him, but recovering Krane tried to kill Special Agent Graham. However Bree saved him and Adam knocked him down again with an enhanced laser blast. Douglas gave the Feds several hand cuffs that would block there Bionic abilities and they were taken away. Later in a bionics-blocking cage, in a secret facility, S-1 asked Krane what they were going to do.

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However Krane told her not to worry, as although imprisoned he still had a plan, and with that he activated his secret army of bionic soldiers to further his plan. By the time his bionic army rose, he had planned for them to control the satellite in order to control everyone in the entire world.

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He informs the group about his plan after demonstrating his power to control the president and having him type in the satellite's code. At the site, Victor had personally faced Donald and Douglas Davenport. Just when he had the upper-hand, Adam, Bree, and Chase unified their power together and blasted Victor away into space. This also caused his bionic army to briefly deactivate as well. Legacy However, this was not the last of Krane, as his legacy would continue on in one form or another.

One of his lead soldiers, Sebastian found out about him from Chase Davenport and swore to continue Krane's evil legacy and avenge his defeat. At the same time, Krane took Douglas's pet dog Otis, and gave him the directive to eliminate Douglas after Douglas turned on him.

Later, S-1 came to the island, prompting Douglas to scan her chip. It was revealed that Krane reprogrammed the Triton app to carry a virus which would mean that if anything happened to him, six months later all his bionic soldiers would die, as Krane's ego couldn't allow them to live any life that didn't serve him.

Fortunately Douglas, Chase and Leo managed to find the answer, saving everyone's lives.

lab rats meet victor krane

Return and Final Defeat Contrary to what everyone thought, Krane survived, but barely. Krane crashed back down on Earth and sustained severe injuries. He came across a scientist named Dr. Gaowho saved his life and equipped him with a life support device. Gao became Krane's new partner, and plotted revenge against the Davenports.

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An anti-bionic fence can prevent him from geo-leaping to the location it guards. He also used it again in Rise of the Secret Soldiers twice in his battle against the Davenports. When Bree dropped him with the trapped door, he was able to jump quickly back to floor level. The Triton App works even when contained with bionic signal disruptors, as he was able to awaken his bionic army.

When he is taken out, his control over the bionic soldiers is nulled.

lab rats meet victor krane

And Chases override app can shut down the app, but cant controll Krane or give him a headache or knock him out Super Durability: Krane has a superhuman durability, he could recover quickly from the Laser sphere thrown by Leo. He survived several blaster shots and shrugged them off.

lab rats meet victor krane

He also shrugged of a beating from Adam and showed no pain or fatigue standing. Most impressively, he survived blasted into space and falling back down to earth although he was severly injured. It has been shown in No Going Back that Victor Krane can use two abilities at once when he used Super Strength and Super Speed at the same to throw a guard across the room.

He was an expert pilot able to fly a spaceship and shoot down nearly every supply of weapons and radars on Adam, Bree and Chase's spaceship. Equipment Triton App Device: Krane has created a device that can transmit the perfected triton app onto anyone, even normal humans, and he can control his servants who have the triton app on them from his brain.

After he was sent flying into space and crashed back down on earth, he was supplied with a life supporting faceplate that helps him breathe by Dr. He was given a Cyber mask by Douglas, along with a full body cyber cloak, Krane used these devices for disguising himself.

He was given a cyber cloak along with a cyber mask by Douglas, Krane used this to disguise himself as a colonist in Space Colony. Trivia His motives are revealed in Sink or Swim and Taken. When Donald froze Douglas in a block of ice, Krane broke him out. This was revealed in No Going Back.

He is bald and has a mechanical wiring near his chin and on his cheek. This is a result of being implanted with various bionic hardware, not just a normal chip.

Krane probably stole all the money Douglas stole from his brother. He gets mad at Douglas a lot when Douglas fails to do what he wants. Sink or Swim When his identity was yet to be revealed, many fans believed that he was Marcus. Krane has a gasket under his collarbone. Krane does not like Tasha Davenport's news reports. The mask that he wears is the Jabberwocky mask.

He's the main antagonist of season 3, usurping Douglas. Victor Krane gets a new partner in the episode, You Posted What?!? He created an army of bionic soldiers and plans to use them to defeat the Lab Rats. He did this ever since he bought Douglas' tech. Douglas gave him a cyber mask and cyber cloak to wear on Halloween. Taken Unlike Chase, he does not faint when he uses two abilities at the same time.

Krane can control the Bionic Army with his brain. Victor Krane shares some similarities with a character in the game, League of Legendsnamed Viktor.

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They both have evil intentions, are inventors, and use technology and have vast knowledge over it. They both use technology against their enemies and obviously, shares a similar name Victor and Viktor.

Also, Victor has wires on his neck and is comparable to Viktor, who is a cyborg. At the end of You Posted What?!? Darth Sidious' face became deformed when he used too much Sith lightning.

Similarly, Krane has the wires on his face from implanting so many bionics in himself. Both their faces became deformed because they were power hungry. Victor Krane has a choke ability that allows him to choke people from a distance, So it is a reference to Darth Vader using force choke to choke people without touching them.

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However, Krane used it on Chase. Krane was seriously injured and was forced to wear a faceplate to help him breathe. Similar to how Darth Vader was forced to wear a life supporting suit to breathe after being burned alive and how Darth Malgus from KOTOR was forced to wear a life supporting suit to breathe after being critically injured in an explosion by a Jedi.

Krane laughs when he's in combat just like Darth Sidious does. Sebastian calls Krane his father. Krane is the first villain to have ever come close to killing someone onscreen.

The true reason is unknown why Krane wanted to take over the world. Krane believed that ordinary humans are inferior but bionic humans are superior. Krane wanted one great nation state under bionic dictatorship rule. He terrified Otiscausing him to run away. However, he remotely tampered with Otis' chip after he turned on Douglas. It is unknown if Krane ever met Marcus Davenport.