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khr arcobaleno meet

Tsuna, Gokudera, Yamamoto, Haru, Ryohei, and Kyoko soon all meet up. In the background, you can seen Lal Mirch standing on the telephone pole watching. Arcobaleno. Way of Life. I don't own Hitman Reborn. Arcobaleno centric, Mixed P.O.V.'s. All Reviews are welcome. When Reborn met Tsuna. If Tsuna was an Arcobaleno and knew Reborn and the others? He had a very important secret in the world of the Mafia, and if they had discovered that secret.

The Arcobaleno showed hatred against him and were prepared to attack him, however, the mysterious man then tells them that despite how strong they were, they cannot use their abilities because they were in a dream. He then makes a proposal to the Arcobaleno, asking if they want to solve the mystery of the rainbow.


The man then reveals that the Arcobaleno have to fight amongst themselves with a representative, and whoever is the strongest will be reverted to their adult form. Colonnello expresses his disbelief at this, but later, after the man threatens them with being in their infant body for the rest of their life, agrees to a fight between all Arcobaleno.

Later, in his conversation with Iemitsu regarding the request, Colonnello reveals that he's not fighting to free himself from the curse; he wants to remove the curse from Lal, making Iemitsu finally agree to assist him, adding that if it was for Lal, the CEDEF members would whole-heartedly support her. The day before the Representative Battle of the Rainbow, he trains Basil by firing shots from his gun at Basil, the latter having to dodge them.

He temporarily releases his curse with the use of his Rainbow wristwatch and notes that he could destroy all of the battlers' wristwatches with his gun in one shot, simultaneously.

khr arcobaleno meet

Colonnello has been shown to be able to emit his Dying Will Flames with his Rifle, making it extremely powerful. The Rifle charges up power and releases an extremely powerful shot. An attack Colonnello uses with his upgraded rifle.

The Curse of the Rainbow Arc

Colonnello fires a powerful shot that can split up and destroy multiple targets. This bullet allows Colonnello to instruct their students by sealing their memories into a bullet that they fire into them.

khr arcobaleno meet

With the aid of his Animal Partner, Falco, he is able to fly. Trivia Colonnello in his Mafia Land Costume His catchphrase is "kora," which is a slightly impolite way to say "hey" in Japanese. Lal Mirch and Colonnello suddenly engage in combat without the use of their Weapons. Lal Mirch comes out victorious and tells Colonnello to not underestimate his opponents.

Arcobaleno Trial 1,2

Colonnello then flies off, telling them to meet him at the Namimori Mountain after school. Reborn then tells them to not underestimate Colonnelloas he once took out enemy hitmen by himself and he is a combat expert.

Reborn explains that he, as a member of the Italian Bird Watching Society, kept count himself.

  • Arcobaleno Trials Arc
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Lal Mirch acts as the judge and explains that in this trial, only Tsuna and one other guardian will participate. Ryohei and Gokudera then argue as to who will fight with Tsuna.

Colonnello then chooses Gokudera, the Storm Guardian, to fight along with Tsuna thinking 'The duty of the Guardian of the Storm is to always be the center of attack, the furious storm that never rests' Colonnello tells them that they only need to get his badge on his bandana to pass.

He dodges his Attack from his Rifle and breaks a trap with this bombs. However, he fell for another trap that binded him with Ropes.

khr arcobaleno meet

A rock filled with Dynamite then flies towards them. Tsuna, oblivious then flies towards it to Attack it. Gokuderaknowing what Gunpowder smells like, tells him to stop in the nick of time. Reborn comments it still as ridiculously strong as ever. The Maximum Burst hits the ground and causes a crevasse which Gokudera falls in.

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Tsuna saves him and says its no use Attacking him one at a time, and that they will work together from now on. Tsuna and Gokudera go on the offensive and Attack Colonnello. Tsuna gets blown into a hillside and is Attacked by Colonnello's Maximum Burst. As the Trial goes on, Chrome is back at Kokuyo Land speaking to Mukuro who wonders where Chrome had been, but decides to let her keep it to herself.