Inter iit sports meet 2011 results of primary

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inter iit sports meet 2011 results of primary

The Inter IIT Sports Meet, or just “Inter IIT”, as most students refer to it, is the only event The journey to the Inter IIT translated into fruitful outcomes for the students of the . A social initiative was launched at the opening ceremony of the Aquatics Meet to help the society by improving the scenario of primary April 30, Compiled day-wise results of Inter IIT Sports Meet, Inter IIT Sports Meet is the annual sports tournament of the Indian Institutes of Technology. , 22, Delhi, Bombay, , 47, Kharagpur, Madras. , 23 .

Now the club is also for several other activities viz, movie workshops to be conducted, movie making competition in manthan, screening live sports and games on screen. We also capture all the Interesting Activities happening within the Campus. The most eye catching event of the club is its Annual Photography Exhibition- "Tasveer" organized every year. This exhibition displays numerous breathtaking photographs taken by the members of the club as well as by a number of photographers from the IITG junta whether they would be students, staff, faculty, etc.

The photographs exhibited during the exhibition are then compiled in an Annual Photobook of the club. From its journey from film cameras to the modern digital SLRs, the club has prospered and has been successful in covering various happening and events of IIT Guwahati whether it be the Alcheringa, Techniche, Independence and Republic day or the inter hostel technical and cultural competitions.

The Club has also been involved in organizing various photo walks throughout every year from its start for the photographers in IIT Guwahati junta and has also organized various Workshops.

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Anyone who wants to learn or sink themselves in music can be the part of the club. It is one of the most dynamic and happening clubs in the campus. Comprising of a bunch of solid talented musicians and ever hungry music worshipers, the club with its various bands has been enthralling the IITG junta for years. Aim It aims at promoting the culture of music amongst the IIT fraternity and providing a recreational platform for the budding musicians.

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If you are a person who shares a keen interest in any form of music, this definitely is the club for you. As a club, we have jamming sessions, recording sessions various competitions and performances. We organize various events and contests such as - Karaoke night Unplugged Roof top concert too be held for the first time this year. Aim Photography is our passion as well as a hobby. Celebrating Photographers is what we do.

Our aim is to offer a platform on which Interested People of IIT Guwahati can promote their work to a wider audience and to help People pursue Photography as a hobby and also grow in their career. We want to stimulate conversation around photography and thus Promotion of photography in the campus and bringing like-minded people, interested in photography, is the main motive of the club.

inter iit sports meet 2011 results of primary

We train and form amateur sports teams for swimming and water polo. The club has events throughout the season and conducts competitions at various levels.

inter iit sports meet 2011 results of primary

The club is to encourages love for swimming and provides an umbrella for all the activities in the aqua-sphere. Nonetheless, the execution of the entire event including hospitality and food requirement of the contingents was taken care of by the students, mainly Junior and Senior Undergraduate students.

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The General Secretary Sports Affairs acted as the link between the team and the authorities. The build-up to the Meet saw many informal events being organized in the semester before the meet. Movie screenings and sports competitions within the students of the institute were regularly organized which helped build up a fever of excitement in the student fraternity.

The direct consequence of such events was that more and more junior students volunteered to help the organizing team with the execution of the main-meet. A total of 22 gold medals were up for grabs during the event for men and women of both individual and relay type. In addition, water polo was also a part of the championship.

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The event was graced by the presence of Arjuna awardee Virdhawal Khade who was the Chief Guest of the occasion. One of the finest swimmers in the country, he is the youngest Indian swimmer to qualify for the Olympics in A musical evening by the singer Gajendra Verma added a non-traditional angle to the event. Akshay Sharma also clinched 2 gold medals in the relay events while Nivedita managed a hard-fought bronze. The countdown to the Main-Meet was kicked off with the unveiling of the mascot for the sports meet.

For the first time, the mascot for the Inter IIT is entirely designed by students.

inter iit sports meet 2011 results of primary

The organizing team ensured that the participants would enjoy a pleasant few days during their stay in Bombay. While, the students were kept busy in the pool during the morning time, a series of recreational activities were organized in the evenings for the amusement of students.

The Sports Sub-Committee has the important responsibility of ensuring smooth flow of information between the playing grounds of all 13 sports and the Gymkhana Officials and live updates of scores on the websites.

IT’S COMING HOME!: Inter IIT Sports Meet 2018

Team Activities over the Semester: Zephyrtone headlined the EDM night, which the contingents seemed to thoroughly enjoy. Both the sponsorship and the publicity aspects of the meet are handled by this team. On the publicity front, the team handles the Facebook and Instagram pages, and the YouTube channel. During the Aquatics Meet, the entire Food Arena was set up by this team.

Two cores are in charge of a team of about 4 super-coordinators and 30 coordinators. The team ensures that the Inter IIT as a whole runs smoothly, by provisioning all sorts of requirements, in the form of equipment or manpower. The team also helps organize events and provide logistical and technical support to the other departments.

The Aquatics meet was organized with the Facilities and Requirements team running the backend.

inter iit sports meet 2011 results of primary

The team has been working closely with the other departments, especially with the Hospitality, Media, and Safety and Security. Currently, the design team consists of 6 members. The team fulfils all the design requirements like creating posters for publicity, designing medals and certificates, which are the manifestation of pride presented to every successful participant and contingent. They also act as a medium between the Organizing Team and the potential sponsors and the public, by conveying the proposals and announcements through brochures and posters.

The goal of the Ambience Team is to create an atmosphere for the visitors to feel welcome. The luminous cube placed at the centre of the Himalaya lawns and the lanterns in Cauvery mess and SAC, during the Aquatics Meet are the works of none other than this team.

The ambience team finalized and implemented projects for publicity events, the Aquatics Meet as well as the Main Meet.