I power gymnastics meet 2016 masters

Meet the Masters: David Hippensteel – Mastering The Box

i power gymnastics meet 2016 masters

; Circle of Stars Gymnastics Invitational, Indianapolis, Jan. The Elite Team Cup debuted in in Newark, N.J., returned to the USA Masters Games, greater Asheville sports tourism, and the The event includes competition in men's and women's gymnastics, and power tumbling and trampoline. About our Meet ​The I-Power Classic is a gymnastics meet where girls compete for a unified purpose – To support the fight against breast cancer, while raising. Usa Gymnastics Meet Scores. Find USA Gymnastics meet scores and results. Find individual gymnasts. Find gymnastics teams. Find gymnastics events and.

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I laid it all on the line and did what I needed to do to stay on top. I knew that was what I came here for …To prove my fitness level through competition! My whole family was right there cheering me on. It will probably be one of my all-time best memories of the Games. Double-Under Snatch Event What are your strengths? My strengths lie mostly in gymnastic movements, especially muscle-ups both on the rings and barand also in strength movements.

What are your weaknesses? They are a very challenging movement because of limited mobility in my shoulder area and thoracic spine and because I am unable to lock out my elbows. What are your goals after winning the Games?

i power gymnastics meet 2016 masters

The Sprint-Obstacle-Course Who does your programming? I started CrossFit at a local box and learned a good amount there but with my daughter being at Invictus, I quickly latched onto their Competition blog programming.

I tried a few other programs and learned a lot from them but ultimately realized that I knew myself the best. Dan was willing to work with me and he respected my accomplishments enough to know that I understood myself better than anyone in terms of what I needed to be working on.

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He also came to Madison and it was the first Games that I had a coach throughout the entire time I was there. This slideshow requires JavaScript. Can we find you on social media? A lot of the CrossFit greats: What supplements if any do you swear by? Also, I started using Revive RX as a protein and recovery supplement after they sponsored my daughter and really liked it. What advice would you give to a Master just starting out in CrossFit? Train hard and smart! Make it about the lifestyle and keep the balance with family and other responsibilities.

Do you feel that adult gymnastics is dangerous? I think if anything many adults are more reserved than kids because they know how much medical bills cost!

i power gymnastics meet 2016 masters

If you teach them basics and follow progressions then age has nothing to do with the level of danger. What is a good length of time for an adult class? Our workout has to be at the end of the day after the kids have left the gym. We practice about 2 hours at a time. That allows for a warmup and 2 events or so.

i power gymnastics meet 2016 masters

There may be a little time at the end to do extra work on something if people need that. I used to be adamant about making everyone train and compete all 6 events but I have found that we get more results out of having them stick to the events that they actually want to train!

What are three benefits someone can gain from coming to adult gymnastics class? It will improve your reflexes and coordination like nothing else.

i power gymnastics meet 2016 masters

Most of our gymnasts get into the best shape of life while working out with our club. Meeting friends and the social side.

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I have met so many of my best friends through gymnastics. At the beginning of semester, we spend a lot of effort recruiting and getting people to come try it out.

Right now, we have members — a mixture of men and women. The camaraderie between the men and women is great. If an adult who used to do gymnastics is thinking about trying a class for the first time, any words of advice? I remember there was one guy who joined our club at He had very little experience in the sport.

I love having goals and a vision. I just know how defeating it can be to not reach your goal.

Meet the Masters: David Hippensteel

My suggestion is to focus on keeping it fun as the priority. If a coach is thinking about starting an adult class, what piece of advice might you have for that person? We have a full task force that is dedicated to helping people start teams. How do I find out more about joining your club? Message us on Instagram theflippinowls. You can check out club sports at Kennesaw State. You can email ksugymteam yahoo. We take new members year-round.

We pride ourselves on being a division that has a place for everyone! We have over 1, members from over clubs nationwide! Be sure to follow us on social media naigcgymnastics!