I flirt with my massage therapist

21 Things You Can Do to Get the Best Massage You've Ever Had

i flirt with my massage therapist

Wow, so what happened to your girlfriend that you had a minute ago, your story sure has changed in such a short space of time. As a woman who's been in the spa business as a therapist and a manager for over five years, I've basically seen everything -- the good, the. It's not illegal unless you a minor and your massage therapist is not. But it is inappropriate and you may end up losing a great massage.

A Day in the Life of a Massage Therapist

Not how kind their voice is, what shape they are in, what age they are. Speaking of regular work… 4. Get regular massages or at least do things that will ease your aches and pains, like stretching. Come in already hydrated. You should be drinking around a gallon of water a day yes, a gallon. Wanna make your therapist happy? Most massage places have a bathroom with paper towels. I always keep baby wipes handy for just this purpose. Keep in mind that I am not a counselor.

Sometimes that person is a stranger and you feel you have nothing to lose in sharing the intimate details of your life. Sometimes that person is your regular therapist and you feel you can trust them. Or that their son is using heroin? Or that their spouse just died? Usually, this makes my job harder. If you swing your arm or leg out from under the sheet as I go to undrape you, you risk exposing yourself.

And neither of us wants that. So stop apologizing for those stretch marks and hairy legs. And if you touch yourself or me in a sexual way, I will call the police and you will be charged with sexual misconduct or assault.

Which reminds me… I rely on your tips as part of my wages. However, if it meets or exceeds your expectations, tip.

Although, I do want to make a quick note about this.

When the Massage Table Turns Sexual: 5 Things Every Massage Therapist Wishes Guys Would Stop Doing

I have had regular clients who I knew could barely afford the massages they desperately needed. I did not accept tips from them so they could get more regular work. It could also affect blood sugar and pressure, causing you to pass out or vomit.

I touch a lot of bodies. Most places have a policy that your 60 minutes start at the begin time of your session. This goes for talking and talking before I can leave the room for you to get undressed.

i flirt with my massage therapist

Again, I have years of training and experience. I want to know if you love having your feet rubbed or prefer music with no words or want an extra blanket.

I have to warm up your tissue and apply oil before I can start digging in. And then to add to my misery you want to talk about it!?

These little scenarios I'm completely over. You know what I'm thinking during this game of show and tell? That I want to end the service immediately -- and I totally would if I could! Though, if you make this mistake, I'll offer you the chance to take the hint that this behavior is not OK by placing another blanket on top you, all while silently praying that this is where your shameless peacocking display ends.

If not, though -- we are done. No Table Humping No, really, this happens.

i flirt with my massage therapist

If a male client is aroused and then his position is switched to lying on his stomach, I have observed far too many times that he might start humping the table. Humping or "purposeful wiggling" -- however you want to term it -- is a sexual act that is awkward and disarming. Who knows how it might end?

i flirt with my massage therapist

To be clear, I understand a client's need to adjust himself and possibly rein in his boner if he has one so that the rest of the service can be enjoyed. But please do not hump the table until you are "satisfied. Do Not Touch The Therapist Unless you are having a heart attack or another similar kind of extreme physical episode that renders you unable to use your vocal cords, please do not touch your therapist during your service.

Just because I am touching you in a therapeutic manner and sending you healing energy, this does not mean you can grab my legs, arms or try to guide my hands. This is especially true if you are erect, as this will send me over the edge and I will cut our session short.

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Here's what touching is appropriate: And perhaps, if you are an established regular with your therapist, hugs might be acceptable. But this is it. I know exactly what you're up to -- and I'm not going to do it.

i flirt with my massage therapist

You are fooling no one. Do you think my hand is going to magically start tugging on Little Tommy because you are inviting me to massage around where he hangs out? In such cases, I'm totally disgusted and will likely give you a less-than-average-level massage, just so you don't get the wrong idea.

i flirt with my massage therapist

Masturbate Before Your Appointment Just so no one is confused: This is something I am asking you to do. Listen, to be real, clients do ejaculate during appointments and these are the incidents a therapist retraces in his or her mind over and over for eternity. Was there anything that could have prevented this?

To my fellow therapists: