How to meet your spirit guide meditation mp3

Guided Meditations for Working with your Spirit Guides | Explore Meditation

how to meet your spirit guide meditation mp3

In this beautiful guided meditation mp3 you will discover tranquillity and find inner peace This meditation begins by completely de-stressing and. I have created this 40 minute Guided Meditation to take you on a journey to meet with your Spirit Guide. In this simple and soothing MP3 recording, well begin. Guided Meditations for Working with your Spirit Guides. Spirit Guide Guided Meditation MP3 In this meditation, I take you on a journey into a tropical wilderness to meet and receive guidance from your animal guide.

The scenes you see, and the characters you meet, seem more random, and less trustworthy. You may get the impression that someone or something is playing tricks on you, just trying to hold on to your attention.

The experience leaves you with a feeling of peace and, frequently, companionship.

Guided Meditations for Working with your Spirit Guides

At first I wondered what these images meant, and tried to work with them in a deep way, but I realized that the feelings I got from them were that they were trivial and not worth bothering about. In any case, I learned that the best thing to do with them was ignore them, and they would disappear immediately.

how to meet your spirit guide meditation mp3

I was struck in particular by this incident that Kullervo mentions on his blogin which he tried a visualization and ended up with his time wasted by one of those attention-grabbing fear-spirits.

In this meditation, I lead you gently into a relaxed state, and then take you through a series of images designed to help you feel happy and fearless and loving.

how to meet your spirit guide meditation mp3

Only then do I bring you to a place where you can meet a guide. If the meditation is successful, you will have no chance of meeting any awful beasties, and — if not immediately, then with practice — you should be able to establish a good connection with Spirit.

how to meet your spirit guide meditation mp3

You can go into this meditation with a particular guide or spirit in mind that you want to meet with. Alternatively, you can simply see who shows up! If there are guides with good intentions out there who wish to contact you, then they will probably jump at this chance to communicate with you. Kara-Leah met a different kind of guide: The person being guided is usually in a quiet comfortable place when receiving the meditation. What are the advantages of guided spiritual meditations?

Guided Spiritual Meditations

A lot of people find meditation very difficult on their own especially if they are just starting out. A good guided spiritual meditation can guide people on breathing correctly, make sure they are properly grounded and protected from negative energies and then take that person on a journey.

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Most guided spiritual meditations have a theme such as clearing chakras, meeting spirit guides, bringing abundance into your life, finding your life purpose, making a decision, dealing with stress, depression or illness. The range is vast. Should they have music on them?

There is no hard and fast rule. The majority do have gentle background music on them as this aids the relaxation of the meditator and blocks out outside noise and enables a more complete submersion into the meditative state but this is not essential and a lot of people find music distracting and would prefer to focus on the voice of the guide.

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Is there a typical length of guided meditation? A lot depends on the comfort and stamina of the person meditating.

how to meet your spirit guide meditation mp3

A person new to meditating might think that 10 minutes would be their limit but a lot last as long as 30 minutes or longer. The concentration can waiver after a long period of time and interruptions might become more likely if a meditation lasted longer than 30 minutes.

Having said that, there are no hard and fast rules on this.